“Clean” vs. Clean

Monday subject: Cleaning and organizing
We are in the process of cleaning out and organizing our entire house. J has lived here almost 7 years (I think?) and I moved in when we married in 2008. In that time we’ve had a “clean” home. I want a clean home.
“Clean” home vs. Clean home: how to differentiate the two
“Clean”: the surfaces and outside appearance of the house/apartment/car/workspace/cabinet/dresser (or any other space) appear clean and organized. The owners obviously vacuum and dust on a frequent basis, and like to keep things looking organized. Unfortunately, if one were to OPEN a closet or drawer, one would be surprised by the amount of junk the owner is able to fit in said closet or drawer.
Case in point:
Wow, look how “clean” our entryway looks. 
Now, open the door and see how it really looks.
  who knew you could cram so much into one closet?
See? Not so clean. This is an example of a “clean” space. (aka not clean) 
Clean: the surfaces, outside appearance and INSIDE appearance of the space is clean and organized. There is no reason to fret if a guest were to open a closet door accidentally, or to search the kitchen drawers looking for a spoon. aka ACTUALLY clean!
That is what I want our whole house to be. Clean and organized.
I started small. Here is our measuring cup/spoon drawer. (yes, we have a measuring cup/spoon drawer. I like to measure. More on that later, if you’re lucky).
  *don’t you love my hard boiled egg slicer?
J and I are slowly working our way through the house, finding things to sell in our garage sale, things to throw, things to donate, etc. Speaking of garage sale, here’s a final look at a “clean” space:  

 eh, not so clean!
One of these days I’ll have to buckle down and organize our stuff for the sale. But for now, I like being able to close the door to our “clean” garage. 
Hmmm. Well, not much for tips in that post, eh? Here’s the best advice for organizing: if you don’t use it, get rid of it. Clothes that you no longer wear, extra sets of dishes, old books that you will not read again, appliances you don’t use, etc. Donate these items or have a garage sale.
TV show of the day: Real Housewives of New Jersey. Is this season crazy or what?!?! Are you a fan? Who is your favorite NJ housewife? I *loved* Dina and her crazy cats, but since she is gone, I like Caroline the best. She seems like such a good wife/mom/sister/friend.


2 Responses to ““Clean” vs. Clean”

  1. Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices Says:

    I’m the same- Dina was my favorite, but since she left, I really like Caroline. She’s so up front about everything & tells it like it is.

  2. couchpotatoathlete Says:

    I kind of wish they would make a show about Caroline and her kids — I think they are hilarious.

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