Hi Readers! 🙂

Today was a rest day and it felt so good to get caught up on things: grocery shop, laundry, wash dishes, RELAX, etc.

Please check out my running tab — I wrote about running my first marathon this year.

Dinner was the always delicious: Salmon and veggies

 I took more veggies after this too.

And some grapes:

 No, I didn’t eat ALL of these, I keep them washed in a bowl in the fridge for easy snacking. 🙂

Question: What do you like to do on your rest day?

Since this is my new “passion”, I figured I should write more about it!
I have done Turbo Jam before

And I loved that it didn’t really feel like exercise. I know what you’re thinking, that I sound like an infomercial, but its true! The music is REAL music, not like some workout dvds where you can envision a guy with a keyboard randomly playing keys that are probably labeled “techno” and “hot beat” or something like that.
But, like other workout programs, I soon became bored and put my poor Turbo Jam dvds back on the shelf. Then I moved onto other things: 30 Day Shred, Biggest Loser dvds, etc. Then I started running Half Marathons, yadda yadda yadda, then a full marathon and then…
Nothing. I didn’t exercise for almost 3 weeks. I needed something. I was burnt out on running and wasn’t interested in anything. Then I saw a post on Fitnessista’s page about TurboFire. I immediately got excited. I immediately called J and he immediately ordered it for me (a surprise! Even though I was going to buy it later that day…)
Here’s what I got:
 dvds, class schedule, meal plan, 5 day inferno plan, hiit info
I already know how to eat (its just a matter of actually DOING it), but it was nice that there were so many recipes, suggestions, etc.
You can see the breakdown of the dvds under my TurboFire tab. But, I wanted to talk a bit about HIIT workouts.
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training
Wikipedia: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprint interval training is an exercise strategy that is intended to improve performance with short training sessions. HIIT is a form of cardio which is beneficial to burning fat in a short and intense workout.
It is effective because it raises your resting metabolic rate, which means you are burning MORE calories than normal when you are just hanging out (or being a couch potato). It also means that you are working out for a shorter amount of time but reaping the benefits long after the workout is complete. TurboFire claims to burn 9x more fat because it uses HIIT.
I think of it this way: would you rather run easy for an hour or hard for ½ hour? Sure, easy runs can be fun, but who has the time? Honestly, HIIT saves me time which I think most people are short on. We are all always on the go, with no or little time to exercise. Make use of your time and make your workouts worth it!
So you’re new to this whole HIIT thing and not sure what it really means?
Here’s an example:
Warm up
Sprint for 30 seconds (and I mean S-P-R-I-N-T!)
Rest (walk) for 60 seconds
Sprint for 30 seconds
Rest (walk) for 60 seconds
Repeat 5-6 times (again, this is just an example)
HIIT makes it easy to go all out because you get time to recover.
For more info on the TurboFire program, check out Beachbody.com.
Question: Do you like to use workout programs like TurboFire or Insanity? Or do you like to mix it up?


11 Responses to “TurboFire!”

  1. Kate Says:

    hey! thanks for stopping by my blog! after struggling to find a fitness routine that i could stick to, i’ve finally gone with a “i’m gonna do what i want!” program. i basically get my bum to the gym or to a running path and do something for about 50min. uncoventional but it works for me!

  2. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com Says:

    lol i ate 2 whole bags of green and purple grapes 2 nights ago. im so addicted!! haha

    HIIT is love!! so good!


  3. Rosey Rebecca Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Totally inspired that you ran a marathon!

  4. bubblegumgymkat Says:

    I do a video a week to mix things up, I also have turbojam, insanity, and P90x. AWESOME!!

  5. Mary (A Merry Life) Says:

    I’ve never used workout programs like that. I think I’m too scared!

  6. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    I’m also a huge fan of HIIT! Its great for mixing things up and you never get bored (it doesn’t give you time). I wish I did it more on the treadmill, but I find it easier to do on an elliptical, as I don’t have to madly push at buttons to change paces.

    Love your blog by the way! We seem to eat in similar ways (Green Monsters, Ezekiel wraps, etc.)

  7. Nicole Says:

    I am so excited to try Turbo Fire…I just know right now it would knock me on my arse so I’m warming up with Power 90. I’m going on vacation in October which is perfect timing for the end of the 90 days. I’m going to order Turbo Fire before I leave so that when I get back, it’ll be on!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and yes, I’d love to be on the roll! I’ll put you on mine as well since I’m always interested in seeing people’s opinions and results with Beach Body products!

  8. eatmovewrite Says:

    My husband and I do P90X. He does it almost everyday. I tend to just pick and choose. Most days I simply walk. My favorite though is P90X yoga and KenpoX. I highly recommend those workouts!

  9. rc1001 Says:

    I like to mix it up. Workout DVDs are at the bottom of the list as far as workouts I like to do. Give me cardio machines, running, or a group ex class anyday.

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