Buddha Belly

Good Evening!

J and I had a BLAST at Khan’s – their food is unbelievable. Have you ever been to a Mongolian Barbeque?

We were greeted by this fellow:

And our server was nice enough to take our photo:

We met up with my parents, sister K, my sister M, her husband T and T’s mom and sister. We started with the standard appetizers:

 Chicken wing, soup, cracker, sweet/sour sauce

 Then it was time to hit up the buffet.  You load up a bowl full of frozen meats, seafood, tofu, veggies, noodles and seasonings. Then your meal is cooked in front of you.

 Here’s my plate:

 It was so delicious.

They also bring out white rice and these delectable treats:

I don’t know what they are called, but they are some kind of donut with sugar syrup/sesame seeds in the middle. I think these are the cause of the Buddha’s belly.  J had 3. 🙂

My fortune: You are very persistent in pursuing your goals in life. <———- not a fortune really, more of a statement, but I’ll take it!

 We’re going to miss you M and T!

 Question of the day: What is your favorite restaurant? How often do you eat there?

16 Responses to “Buddha Belly”

  1. michellestgermain Says:

    I’ve never had Mongolian bbq! Looks good though. p.s. you are so pretty!

  2. Autumn @ Good Eats Girl Says:

    Yes….we’ve eat Mongolian Barbeque….awesome! And such fun!

    I don’t know that I have one favorite restaurant….I love so many of them!!!

  3. Mia Says:

    I’ve never had Mongolian BBQ before, but it looks alot like Japanese Steak house tpe food which is wonderful. What I really love is Thai food-fancy duck is my absolute favorite. I would have a hard time choosing if I had to pick between duck or steak. Super yumminess sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, I can only eat duck once or twice per year as it is as fattening as it is tasty. But, we are going on vacation this weekend…

  4. spabettie Says:

    I LOVE mongolian bbq… I haven’t had it for a while, tho… and I’ve never had the awesome doughnut things !! NOM !

  5. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com Says:

    i had mongolian food a long time ago and i can still taste it, it was heaven in my mouth lol. yay for big buddha statues hehe ❤

  6. kaztronomic Says:

    I’ve never been to a Mongolian barbecue before, but it looks like a really neat place to eat!

    I have two favorites that I keep going back to. There’s this Mexican place that has the best vegetarian fajitas, and despite being gluten/soy/dairy-free and veggie, I can order straight off the menu and know that the food coming to me is real, delicious, and not going to make me sick.

    The other place is this Thai restaurant, and I always order their veggie with rice noodles, hold the tofu, and it comes with this amazing peanut sauce which is the reason I keep coming back for more. 😀

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      Peanut sauce is the best! I love going to a restaurant (like your Mexican place) that serves you real delicious food! J needs to stay dairy-free, I choose to be because it supports him (and because my skin likes it too) and I know some places claim certain dishes are dairy free and they aren’t! Tell that to J’s stomach after we eat there!

  7. spoonfulofsugarfree Says:

    Ha! Buddha’s Belly…sounds interesting! I LOVE Mongolian Grills! Unlimited refills on bowls any way you want ’em! I went to one a couple times called HuHot. SO goood! I love how they have a whole row of sauces and then they cook it for ya right there.

    Thanks for complimenting my header! I made it in photoshop 🙂

  8. fitandfortysomething Says:

    oh the food looks so tasty! i love a tapas place but we do not go too often because it is pricey…..you look great with the boy 🙂

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      It is usually pricey here too, but Tuesday night is “Happy Dinner night” where the price is cheaper because you can only go to the buffet once (instead of all you can eat) — not that I could ever have more than 1 plate of food there, I think I’d explode!

  9. April Says:

    Love that Buddha! I collect Buddha statues 🙂

  10. Heather Says:

    one of my favorite restaurants ever is a sushi place in Boulder called Hapa…they have the best sushi ever, and it’s such a fun environment!

    i LOVE your plate…i would eat that exact same thing 🙂

  11. Beth Says:

    I’ve never been to a Mongolian BBQ but now I want to go! I love that you get to put together your own bowl of whatever you want and then they cook it right in front of you!

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      They have tons and tons of veggies/fruits and proteins to choose from. I was going to snap a pic but the place was packed and I was already getting looks for taking the few pictures that I did!

  12. Stephanie@ avocado nation Says:

    LOVE Mongolian BBQ but I have only had it once! I need to get on that. My favorite type of restaurant is definitely Indian food. Love that stuff!!

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