Follow the Leader

Good Morning!

Did you go to the Healthy Living Summit over the weekend?

I know, I know, I’m tired of all of the HLS posts too – only because I’m jealous of those who got to go! A few weeks ago I was really bummed I wasn’t going. Even this past weekend I was feeling upset and kind of left out. But today? I’m not feeling that way anymore. I’m new to this whole blog world and I’m still learning about everyone through their posts.

I have been looking at my blog more and more and wishing that it was one of the “great” blogs that I read every day. I kind of feel like I’ve been trying to make my blog into something it isn’t – I’ve been trying foods and recipes and workouts that OTHER PEOPLE do – and although that is a good thing (I like to try new things) – I kind of feel like a follower? Instead of a leader?

 One of my favorite blogs to read is Love, Veggies and Yoga. I like Averie because just looking at her lifestyle and mine, you can see we are quite different. I am not a vegan. I do not do yoga. I do not eat a lot of raw foods. I love her blog because it is unique – it is about her life.

Reading the comments in Averie’s blog yesterday led me to this: The Blogger’s Manifesto:

 “The Internet is made of people. People matter. This includes you. Stop trying to sell everything about yourself to everyone. Don’t just hammer away and repeat and talk at people -— talk TO people. It’s organic. Make stuff for the Internet that matters to you, even if it seems stupid. Do it because it’s good and feels important. Put up more cat pictures. Make more songs. Show your doodles. Give things away and take things that are free. Look at what other people are doing, not to compete, imitate, or compare . . . but because you enjoy looking at the things other people make. Don’t shove yourself into that tiny, airless box called a brand — tiny, airless boxes are for trinkets and dead people.”

If I had a cat I’d show you cat pictures. 🙂

I am going to focus more on what I want to write about – not just the “popular” things: overnight oats, peanut flour, turbofire, hot yoga, larabars, etc. Those things are great and believe me, I’m not trying to tear anyone down who likes those things. It just seems to me that there are a lot of redundancies in blogs. And I don’t want my blog to get lost in the crowd. I want to focus more on the things that make me happy: relaxing, tv shows, movies, reading books, saving money, budgeting, organizing, drinking tea, cooking, baking, etc.

So expect to see some changes from this Couch Potato Athlete – and all will be changes for the better. Starting with:


The nice folks at Raw Crunch sent me some bars to try out. They are delicious. Check em out:

Here is the unwrapped Cranberry one. Look at all the big seeds and nuts!

They are crunchy and so delicious. They reminded me of Clif Mojo bars. Raw Crunch bars are organic, handmade, uncooked and unprocessed. They are also soy free, gluten free, dairy free and peanut free (except the chocolate is only wheat/gluten free and dairy free). Check out the ingredients in the Goji Berries bar:

There are 4 flavors – and I will give one lucky person one of each flavor to try!

To enter:

  1. Go to Raw Crunch’s website and then leave me a comment telling me how much you love my blog telling me which flavor you would like to try.
  2. Subscribe to Couch Potato Athlete – and leave me a comment telling me you did!
  3. Add Couch Potato Athlete to your blogroll – or let me know that it already is!
  4. Send me $100 Link back to this giveaway on your blog – and leave me a comment letting me know you did!

You can enter up to 4 times, but please submit separate comments (instead of writing “I did them all!”).

I will announce the winner on Thursday August 19 in the morning!

Good luck! Oh, and I might throw a few more goodies in there too. 🙂


83 Responses to “Follow the Leader”

  1. Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down) Says:

    I love that you shared your feelings and thoughts about blogging and staying true to who *you* are. I think it’s so important to enjoy the whole process of blogging, and to just have fun with it while staying true to yourself. 😀

    I’d love to try the RAW bar someday. It looks delicious! 😀

  2. Ryan G Says:

    Definitely chocolate, raw and unprocessed.

  3. Jordan P Says:

    I feel like I’ve been INHALING blueberries lately, so I’d have to go with blueberry flavored, but Goji is intriguing…..

  4. michellestgermain Says:

    I know how you feel and I love that Blogger’s Manifesto. Just keep doing what YOU’RE doing. That’s what’s authentic and real.

  5. 40apples Says:

    Great post, Holly! It struck such a cord with me. I see so many redundancies – not just in blogs but in the LIVES behind them, like everything we eat, all our workouts, how we schedule our days, what movies we go see… are influenced by other bloggers! I was starting to really sense that, too, and I noticed that for me one side effect was that I was spending more money on expensive food products. Can’t make a habit of that! Just because everyone else is obsessed with this or that doesn’t mean I have to try to like it too. I know what I like, and that’s what I should share with others. I love blogs that are unique and interesting too – that’s what can be so great about the blogger community! I don’t want to just read the same thing over and over.

    WHOO – thanks for letting me vent for a sec. You seem to be on the same wavelength 🙂 So anyway, those bars looks pretty darn good!! Therefore:
    1. I would love to try the goji berry (as I actually don’t think I’ve had goji berries before!)
    2. I’ve been wanting to subscribe to you anyway, so this was a good reminder to 🙂
    3. you are already there on the ‘roll, my friend
    4. The link will be in my morning post!

  6. SohdaLex Says:

    Hi there ~ 😉

    So I just checked out Raw Crunches website and it was a hard toss up between the organic blueberry or dark chocolate flavor………. But I think I would go with blueberry 😀 They look SO good, and the ingredient list is a major plus!

  7. SohdaLex Says:

    I subscribed to your blog last week 😉

    and you are on my blogroll under ‘reads’ [!!!]

  8. SohdaLex Says:

    OH, and a link for this contest will be in my next post!

  9. carly Says:

    I love your blog, and I love your style! I can’t wait to hear more about your fave TV shows – and budgeting, because I am hopeless with my finances.

    Um, girl, you know I’m all about the chocolate! Although I also am intrigued by the cranberry variety.

  10. carly Says:

    You’re already on my blog roll. (See? Separate entries. I can follow directions.)

  11. The Very Hungry Caterpillar « 40 apples Says:

    […] wrote a wonderful post this morning about how blogging can turn into a game of “follow the leader.” I totally […]

  12. Alycia [Fit n Fresh] Says:

    First of all, I love this post and what you wrote – the manifesto struck a particular chord. Unique blogs are ones that I LOVE to read and I am constantly reminding myself to just be me. 🙂

  13. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    You are already on my blogroll 🙂

    And you aren’t alone in your feelings.. I think everyone goes through a blog identity crisis (I have!) and it’s totally natural for your blog to grow and change as you f ind your voice. Trust me, take it from someone that has been blogging for 3 1/2 months 😉

    Looking forward to continuing to read yours!

  14. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    I adore your honesty here! I think we all need to stop thinking, “I wonder what they will want to read” and replace it with “What do I want to write about?”. I cannot wait to read about television, budgeting, and the other ideas you have! Your blog is unique and fun to read though – regardless of changes and I enjoy every visit! Bring on the cat photos!

  15. kaztronomic Says:

    Good! Be yourself, girl! You’ll just wind up unhappy if you try to cram yourself into a niche that doesn’t fit. =)

    Okay, the peanut flour thing throws me for a loop. I’ve been eating that stuff for years, and had no idea it was trendy. o_O As a veggie with limited protein sources, I grab it where I can find it.

    Already subscribed! 😀

  16. kaztronomic Says:

    And you’re already on my blogroll!

  17. kaztronomic Says:

    And, Blueberry looks yummiest! They all look good, actually, but Blueberry looks best to me!

  18. mostlyfitmom Says:

    Really like this post! I, too, am trying to find my “voice,” but I also am using my blog as an online journal for my workouts and eating. That may make for some kinda boring posts to read, but I think I have to try and stay true to what I originally set out to do with blogging.

    Can I enter your giveaway all the way from Canada? Those bars ALL look great, but chocolate is always my first choice 😉

  19. Nic Says:

    Hi! I just found your blog this morning! I am also new to the blog world and I love this post! Until now, I hadn’t really thought about MY voice in MY blog, so thank you for opening my eyes and encouraging everyone to just be themselves!

    BTW, chocolate raw bar sounds fantastic! Mmmmm…..

  20. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    Wow, love what you said today about blogging. I try to stay true to me, and always post what I want. I post what I want people to know, what I know…its why I started blogging, I was SOO sick of constantly backing mysef up and fighting for what I believed in..I thought, let me write it, provide the back up to what I am saying, and people can read it, absorb it, and not form opinions before I even finish my sentence. Now, I have been able to reach out to a broader audience of people that WANT to hear what I say..not the amily and friends that want to eat cheesburgers and roll their eyes at me, lol. It was also for my clients that listen to what I say, goes in one ear and out the other…and than wonder why they shouldnt of bought “I cant believe its not butter” when I told them 500 times why its bad for them. Yikes…enough about that…haha

    Great giveaway!

  21. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    subscribed in reader 🙂

  22. Nicole @ Getting Back to the Basics Says:

    I’m torn between the Cranberry and the Chocolate! They are both flavors I love!

    And, as many have already stated, I’m working on finding myself in my blog also. My previous blogs have always been about my running endeavors so it was really easy to know what to write about…running! Now, I’m struggling to figure out if I want to be a food blogger or a fitness blogger…or just an overall health blogger. As I move forward with my fitness *dreams*, I think it will start to become more clear! It’s nice to know I’m not alone 🙂

  23. AllieNic (Frisky Lemon) Says:

    I would totally try either blueberry or chocolate– those organic, wild blueberries sound sooooo good! Thanks for share this stuff–the company and products look amazing!

  24. TheHealthyApron Says:

    Oh how fun! Its a toss up! Blueberry or chocolate look yummy! I am really excited about this giveaway! They look really tasty!

  25. rc1001 Says:

    Good for you! Blogging should be fun and make you happy. 🙂

  26. Tia Says:

    That was refreshing to read : )

    Those look so delicious! A friend of mine is a Celiac and has a hard time finding foods like this she can enjoy, I’ll have to forward the info on to her. I keep telling her she needs to join the blog world cause there are SO many great blogs related to Celiacs and Gluten free but she’s just not that internet savy I guess. Have a wicked day : )

  27. lisaou11 Says:

    I love what she wrote. Its true–I read blogs because I like the peopl ebehind them–not what or how they eat or exercise.

  28. Paj Says:

    Good for you for being true to who you are and what you want to write about.
    p.s. Blueberry all the way.

  29. Stephanie@ avocado nation Says:

    I love that you wrote this because I have been having a “blog-istential” crisis lately as well. I love your blog and I think you’re a pretty awesome person so I would love whatever you right. I understand you’re conundrum though. It’s east to “compare” ourselves to the big blogs and emulate what they do in the hope of becoming popular just like they are. However, if it is at the expense of who you are, then it isn’t worth it.

    My problem is that I keep thinking that my life is boring and I couldn’t possibly understand why people would read it. I guess what I had to realize is that I am keeping it for myself. I am keeping it to meet like minded people and have fun. I also had to realize that I will eventually settle into my blog and it will kind of organically grow into what it needs to.

  30. theemptynutjar Says:

    I really like this post girl.
    My last 2 posts have touched on this actually.
    It seems actually that I have seen on A LOT of blogs lately either a) re-evaluation of blogging/worth, or b) a desire to be “themselves”…to stop comparing and driving eachother all crazy.

    I would love to try these. RAW CRUNCH are you listening…send to me please 🙂 Would be great crumbled in a big yogurt mess I think.

    Any flavor!

  31. theemptynutjar Says:

    You are on my reader.

  32. Jessica Says:

    I just found your blog through the Fitness Dish! Looks great! Then I saw a giveaway and I’m a sucker for winning prizes and trying new things. I’d of course try any of the flavours but of course chocolate would be the best!

  33. Emily H Says:

    woah, those bars looks incredible! i’d try the blueberry.

  34. Wendy @ Seriously Sassy Says:

    SO with ya on the be-yourself thang, Holl. And I really do appreciate your honesty too. Awesome! The blogosphere is an amazing place and the best part is each blogger’s uniqueness. Blog about whatEVER you want, girlfriend. I love your blog and will be a faithful reader for as long as you keep writin’!
    Hope you don’t mind that I wrote a little bit about this topic tonight in my blog. You totally inspired me!!

  35. Tina Says:

    I think it is so important to just share what suits you. I never try to follow the trends. I blog about what brings passion to me and write in a way to fulfill myself. I hope it pleases others and they get something from it, but that isn’t #1. Enjoying it is! Love that blogger mantra and the changes you plan on making for YOU.

  36. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    first – girl, i love your blog!!! why do you think i keep coming back 🙂

    but i totally agree, you gotta be true to yourself. write about what you love, what interests you. it’ll make the process that much more enjoyable. i know when i first started blogging (not like i started that long ago…) i thought i’d be cooking more. yeah….didn’t happen. it interests me, but not nearly as much as….whatever i’m writing about (lol!)

    and i’m totally looking forward to the subjects you’re pursuing. (especially if it includes Top Chef 🙂 )

  37. Jessica @ Fit & Clean Says:

    I would definitely like to try the chocolate, I am a chocoholic!! 🙂 I’ve been eating Larabars but the new flavors are hard to find, and they can be expensive to eat all of the time.

    Funny thing about my blog, is that it was supposed to be more of a fitness blog, and it turned into a food blog. I used to hate cooking…but now it’s tolerable because I know I’ll be sharing with others, and that kind of makes it fun! I was surprised at one point when I saw it under food blogs on a blog roll, but I don’t mind, because that’s what it IS.!

    It’ll all workout, as long as you write from your gut 🙂

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  39. Healthy Coconut Says:

    Thanks for posting the Blog Manifesto, it’s definitely got me thinking more about the blog world.

    I would love to try the Goji Berries flavor. I’ve never had goji berries but I heard it’s pack with nutrients.

  40. Healthy Coconut Says:

    I’ve subscribed to your blog thru google reader 🙂

    I would add your to my blogroll but I don’t have one and I’m still figuring out how to do it.

  41. andi Says:

    I love Averie’s manifesto, and I really like what you do with your blog. 🙂 but ultimately, the blog is yours, so writing about what’s important to you may even draw more readers ’cause it’s honest. just my $.02

    also, I think the chocolate Raw bar sounds awesome, but I am partial to anything chocolate. 😉

  42. andi Says:

    also, you’re on my blogroll! 🙂

  43. it’s business time « Andi on the go Says:

    […] in giveaway world, Holly is giving away RAW bars and Kristie is giving away a CSN giftcard! go check out both lovely ladies for your chance to win […]

  44. Me Time | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] you so much for all of the great comments yesterday. Yes, I am still working on figuring out my blog voice and I know that with time it will […]

  45. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    I’m definitely a follower in the blog world too, but I don’t mind.. it’s clearly my nature because I’m also working FOR a leader 😀

    I checked the page and would love to try Goji berry bar!

  46. School Year Fear, & a Giveaway at Couch Potato Athlete « Mostly Fit Mom Says:

    […] at The Couch Potato Athlete is giving away Raw Crunch bars, and they look really tasty.  Click here for the […]

  47. Heather Says:

    The blueberry sounds really good and so does the dark chocolate, it’s a tie.

  48. Heather Says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  49. Heather Says:

    I posted a link to this giveaway on my blog.

  50. Heather Says:

    I added you to my blogroll.

  51. glutenfreemuse Says:

    I would love to try the Goji Berry Bar!! Looks awesome! Love GF/Vegan/Raw bars 🙂


  52. glutenfreemuse Says:

    I’m already subscribed to your blog 🙂 Woohoo!


  53. Kristy Says:

    Really nice post, Holly! You have to do what IS right for you and FEELS right for you! Whatever you want to right and share with others is what is ultimately best for You!! Best of luck!!

    As for the Bars, of course I’d have to pic the chocolate as my fav!! 😉

  54. Kristy Says:

    I am a subscriber of your blog!

  55. glutenfreemuse Says:

    You’ve been added to my blogroll!


  56. Holly @ Self-love and Running Says:

    Well, you’re already on my blogroll and I am already subscribed but I will check out the other 2 ways to enter your contest.

    I think this was a great post. (And it totally brought my silly kitty litter box post to mind. LOL) It’s important to remember what’s important to us. If you have passion for something, other people will be interested, if only to learn more.

  57. Twig’s Bistro « Gluten Free Muse Says:

    […] Check out Holly’s Raw Crunch Giveaway! Totally Awesome! And GLUTEN […]

  58. glutenfreemuse Says:

    I linked your giveaway to my blog 🙂 Check it out!


  59. Kristy Says:

    You are in my blogroll!! 🙂

  60. Becky Says:

    Your blog is your space. You are the reason I keep coming back! I can’t wait to read more.

  61. Jen Says:

    Im now a follower 🙂

  62. Jen Says:

    I will link your giveaway on my blog too 🙂

  63. Jen Says:

    On my blogroll….

  64. Jen Says:

    and last but not least, will check out Raw Crunch and comment there; WOW! Those bars look amazing too. YUmmmmmm will have to see if my local HFS carries those or can get them.

    • Jen Says:

      they all look SO good but I think either blueberry or cranberry would be my first pick~then goji, then chocolate! What can I say?? I love berries

  65. spabettie Says:

    yeah… I was totally bummed to not attend HLS either… (I did get to attend an amazing wedding tho!) but while I’ve been reading blogs for a while, I’m only 3 months in myself, and there’s always NEXT year, right?? we can both go then, and be new together 🙂

    I want the blueberry… actually I want to try them all, but blueberry looks best 🙂

  66. akalife4me Says:

    oh I’m all over cranberry gf anything!!!

  67. Roxanne Says:

    Hi there! Cranberry, please!

  68. Ellen@FirednFabulous Says:

    Really like the blog advice…especially the part about not talking AT people and trying to sell yourself. I hate when people feel the need to constantly talk about how smart and amazing they are. I’m like, really? I’ll make the decision for myself, thank you!

  69. mostlyfitmom Says:

    I posted a link to this post 🙂

  70. mostlyfitmom Says:

    I am subscribed to your blog (and love getting those e-mails) 🙂

  71. mostlyfitmom Says:

    You’re on my blogroll 🙂

  72. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    chocolate please!

    and thank you for the touching, awesome things you just said about me…holly, you’re awesome! i just posted tonite another hot topic LOL and about staying true to what you believe in type thing and posting what you want, even if it may be shunned, ridiculed, or chastized. anyway girl find your voice…lord knows i found mine 🙂

  73. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    i put you in my reader AND my blogroll, how’s that 🙂

  74. Winner Winner Beet Lunch | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] First I’ll announce the winner of the Raw Crunch Bar giveaway! […]

  75. Shayna Says:

    I love Love LOVE this post!! I’m a new blogger and sometimes feel like my life looks NOTHING like my favorite blogs. Which is great, I guess, because then I’d be just a cookie cutter image of all those other people and not me. I’m so happy to see that Manifesto and find your unique corner of the universe 🙂 Thanks for writing a great blog!

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