Winner Winner Beet Lunch

Good Morning!

First I’ll announce the winner of the Raw Crunch Bar giveaway!

And the winner is  The Empty Nut Jar! You left the 35th comment! Please email me at with your name and address and I’ll get those Raw Crunch Bars shipped ASAP!

I got in a great workout last night, I did some FBB strength training and some TurboFire HIIT – I love when I feel my blood pumping!

Katie’s post really influenced my decision to do more strength/weight training. I love cardio, but I really want to be STRONG. Thanks Katie for the push in the right direction!

I made a really simple lunch today. My sister L made it for me when she was visiting last week. We picked out some lovely beets at the Farmers Market. I boiled them up, let them cool a bit and then peeled and sliced them. My hands didn’t get too pink from the beets:

I added some goat cheese and dressed the salad with this:

Who could not love Paul Newman dressing? Ok, who could not love anything with Paul Newman’s face on it? Then I sprinkled the salad with some walnuts, and ta da:

I’m going to add this to a bed of greens, but it looks so purty on its own!

Speaking of purty, check out what I got in the mail:

I’m pretty sure there will be a giveaway involved with this as well. Maybe Saturday?

I’m working on a series of posts about budgeting, specifically budgeting for food and meals. I’d like to use you all as research 🙂
1. About how much do you spend on food/restaurants each week? Is this just for you or for you + spouse/sig other/roommates/etc?
2. What dietary needs do you have? (example: we are a dairy free household)
3. Do you plan meals/snacks ahead of time or do you decide each day what to eat?
4. What is your favorite meal to make at home?

Have a great day!


34 Responses to “Winner Winner Beet Lunch”

  1. Becky Says:

    Ahh…the evidence of beets! Haha.

    I am not a great meal planning. I usually keep certain staples on hand and plan my dinner in the morning. By staples, I mean chicken, ground turkey, beans, brown rice, pasta, frozen/fresh veggies, sweet potatoes, cheese. Never know what I’ll come up with!

  2. theemptynutjar Says:

    No freaking way!
    Wow, I have never won a giveaway before. This is so neat. Thanks so much! I will email you.

    I have no exclusions …so I have no dietary regime in my place!

    I spend WAY TOO much on food — but I complain about it..and it doesn’t change.
    So, I am going to stop complaining about it and live with it.

  3. Gretchen Says:

    Mmm, beets and goat cheese together is just heaven. One of my favorite flavor combinations!

    As to your research questions:

    1. I would say that prior to my new diet endeavors I spent probably almost $100 a week on food for myself, because I bought my lunch at work every day and went out to eat a lot. Some of that money did go to feeding my brother too, I guess, but he does his own thing most of the time so I don’t even have that as an excuse. Now that I’m trying this whole healthy cooking and whatnot thing, I’d say maybe $100 takes me 2 weeks or so? I mean, Whole Foods is still expensive, haha.
    2. No dietary restrictions for me, personally (other than being on a diet in general right now!)
    3. When I go grocery shopping I try to have specific meals in mind as I buy things so I don’t end up overbuying things. I do take exactly what I eat or make each day pretty much on its own. So I might buy ingredients to make chili, fajitas, pasta, whatever, but when I actually eat each dish will vary simply on what I feel like.
    4. I love making pasta dishes! I feel like they go such a long way and are easy to make, and easy to make delicious! I’m trying to experiment with more whole grain pastas and portion control now so that I can actually still EAT pasta without feeling guilty. 🙂

  4. katie Says:

    Awww i love you!! this made me smile so big!!! Sorry ive sucked at commenting AND blogging.. i am so busy getting into the routine over here!! Still thinkin about you tho!!

  5. michellestgermain Says:

    This is one of the things I’m working on – our spending on food. I probably spend an average of $80-100 for my husband and I at the grocery store. How much we spend on eating out each week varies but I’d guess it’s an additional $50-$75. It’s a lot and it really adds up. I’d like to shave my grocery bill down to about $60 ideally. My planning for breakfast and lunch happens in the morning when I’m in the shower 🙂 But it doesn’t vary too much so it’s easy to shop for that. Dinner is whatever I can create with the stuff left in the house 😉

  6. Jen Says:

    Congrats to the winner!! I still have to check out those bars-they look SO yummy.

    We spend about $125/week on food for a family of 3 (2 adults/1 toddler) we do not eat out very often as we prefer our home made goodies! 🙂

    Our dietary needs are simple; I eat clean 90% of the time-hubby eats whatever he wants (clean or “dirty”). We do organic produce and dairy most of the time as well stay with all natural beef/chicken/fish. We spend a majority of our food budget on produce and proteins.

    Yes, we plan most of our meals a week at a time; however life happens and sometimes we stray from the plan.

    Our favorite meal at home? We just love turkey burgers on whole wheat buns with oven baked sweet potato fries!! We make so many variations of turkey burgers too; California /Taco/Hawiian/Pizza/Asian etc.

  7. 40apples Says:

    I would love for you to do a Nuttzo giveaway 🙂

    Food is, definitely, my largest weekly expense. I try to do one big grocery trip early in the week, at about $60, and later in the week I’ll usually go back to restock/fill in the gaps, around $20. I also go out to eat/get something on the go about 4 meals a week, but only usually one real dinner out (which ends up being more spendy). I guess that would bump me up another $60-70. Ugh! NYC is expensive, in general, and it’s such a “going out” kinda town – that’s what socializing revolves around, be it restaurants or bars – so it’s definitely a challenge staying within a budget.

    OK moving on: my only real restriction is no meat, though I don’t do a whole lot of dairy either. I do try to plan one or two dinners for the week, something that’ll provide leftovers. My lunches are usually the same to keep things simple.
    My favorite meal to make on my own is something involving roasted or steamed veggies, quinoa, and hummus or chickpeas.

  8. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    They don’t call it BEET RED for nothing 😉

    I am not anything “free” in my household..I don’t do dairy, but occasionally my hubby does do cheese…no milk though. I don’t do meat….but my hubby does, occasionally. I don’t really buy eggs anymore..and thank goodness for that after the BIG recall this week!!

    I spend MOST of my money on food every’s sad..I rarely eat out, my huibby LOVES eating out…so he goes out with his mom on Tuesdays and drags me out Fri and Saturday and I want to cook Sunday, but he whines like a little baby bc he wants to get take out..usually I make my own din and let him pick something up form himself since hes SO friggin picky!! Love him though…he just drives me nutso with the food 😉

  9. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    Orange Ginger?! I totally haven’t seen that kind- yum 🙂

    1. Weekly grocery budget- $100 for me & Hubbs (plus some eating out :))
    2. As much FRESH as possible!
    3. Plan only dinners
    4. Soups & Chilis! … c;mon FALL!

  10. Holly @ Self-love and Running Says:

    We just had fresh beets from the farmers market last night. Yum! The husband even tried them and he has a professed beet hatred.

    1. We don’t have a set budget though we usually spend between $20 and $50 at the farmers market. We don’t go to the grocery store on a weekly basis. We just get staples like pasta, brown rice, baking supplies, etc. at the store. Much of what we eat comes from the farmers market. We only eat out maybe once or twice a week and usually we spend less than $30 for the 2 of us for a meal out.
    2. Hubby eats dairy free.
    3. I don’t plan much ahead of time right now. I just try to keep staples and fresh veggies on hand and make whatever strikes us.
    4. We have WAY too many favorites. Stromboli, lemon pepper chicken and brown rice, stuffed loaf, halupki and on and on.

  11. mostlyfitmom Says:

    Have no idea how much I spend at the store, I’m afraid! But I do meal plan. With my busy schedule, it’s a necessity – otherwise, we end up at McDonald’s. Not so good.

    We don’t have nuts in our house, unfortunately. Our niece has a severe allergy, so it makes me feel more comfortable that we don’t have them around. I miss peanut butter and almonds so much, though!

    I don’t think I have a favourite meal. If you want a few simple recipes that I enjoy, though, I can e-mail you some links!

    P.S. I think beets taste like dirt. Eww.

  12. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    Beets always make me think of Dwight….

    1. We probably spend $15-35 dollars eating out a week (usually it’s just once or twice). This is for two people.
    2.No restrictions here – though I limit my dairy a bit
    3. I’ll plan maybe a day ahead, but that’s about it. Everything else is spur of the moment.
    4. Fav meal at home is definitely chili, though we enjoy making almond meal chicken nuggets, steamed shrimp, and spaghetti a lot too.

  13. tia Says:

    Food spending can sometimes be hard, I didn’t realize how much we actually spent until I added it up one month and just about passed out! It was ridiculous, between buying groceries (that sometimes we didn’t even eat) and eating out it was over $500 a month for two people, which is outrageous!

    1. We end up going out to eat a lot more than we should, and it’s usually a minimum of $50 a pop, where we live dining out isn’t cheap by any means, unless you hit the fast food places. We probably spend $400 a month on actual groceries, sometimes a bit less depending how much meat I have to buy.
    2. My boyfriend is diabetic and he loves junkfood so I don’t buy it, if its there he just eats everything. I have to buy like low sugar cookies, and the low sugar/no sugar icecreams and what not, it’s better anyways though. I don’t really like cookies or icecream really so it’s not a big deal. I’ve done a lot of test bakes with splenda and stuff, sometimes it turns out delicious, sometimes..not so much lol.
    3. I use to stand in the kitchen before dinner and be like Hmmm, what to have? But now I try to plan things out, I don’t always have a set meal per each day but when I shop I think ok, one night we’ll have this, one night that. Lunches are pretty planned, boyfriend operates equipment during the day so he’s limited on what he can actually take. Usually salads, or wraps, sometimes sandwhiches.
    4. I like to make Chili 🙂 and Lasagna Roll Ups.

    To answer your other question: I don’t really stick with a true taco salad list when I make mine, they usually have romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, shredded cheese, ground beef, sour cream and some salsa with the taco crumbled on top. Perdy Yummi : )

  14. Tina Says:

    Weights are where its at! They do great things for your body.

    We spend about $100/week on average for groceries. That includes toiletries and household items besides food as well. It’s also for a family of 3 (since M eats as much as me!).

  15. Kristy Says:

    Looking forward to your post!! We roughly spend about $100 for groceries and all household items that I may need, not just food for a family of 4. Since we are on a strict budget, I take a lot of time to plan out our meals for the week, I try to plan my meals around what’s on sale the the grocery store for that particular week.

  16. Nicole @ Getting Back to the Basics Says:

    I’m caving and buying Turbo Fire early, I just want to do it NOW! Haha!

    I would say I spend about $50 a week on food for myself…that can vary depending on if I’ve made it to the grocery store that week or if I’m all about the take-out. Unfortunately, that does not include the zillions of dollars I spend on my morning mocha 😦

    I’m a vegetarian and rarely buy dairy.

    I don’t plan my meals right now. I got too obsessive with that in the past and thought it was actually becoming a negative behavior so I’m trying to just listen to my tastebuds day by day.

    My fave easy thing to make is my Gardein chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries!

  17. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    I would be so stoked to win the PB giveaway. Should I make it my quest to try every PB ever produced? Yes, Yes I think I should 🙂

    I hate fish being cooked in my way no how. Anything living under the sea is persona non grata in my world!

  18. Katie Says:

    Beets are SO good but SO messy!!!!! I am loving that dressing, it sounds amazing! Newmans Own does have some great products!

    Oh and you are a doll! I know you would always give credit for recipes and such : )

    THose nutbutters I heard are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy them for sure!


  19. eatmovelove Says:

    I am INSANELY jealous of the winner! Can you get these in Canada? Never mind…it won’t be in my small, small, small…did I say small? town.

    I can’t answer your questions because I’m afraid to know my own answers LOL – I SUCK at budgeting and I know it’s really necessary so I am clearly in hard-core denial…

  20. Emily Says:

    1. I spend about $70 per week on food (mostly coffee bevs) out and $50 at the grocery store. $20 of that eating out money probably goes toward my boyfriend, who is a poor poor student.
    2. I don’t eat a lot of red meat.
    3. I have general ideas when I go grocery shopping, and usually I jot down a few meals, but mostly we keep a lot of staples in the house. We get a CSA, though, so sometimes it’s hard to plan without knowing what our produce will be ahead of time.
    4. Stir-fry with sticky rice!

  21. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) Says:

    Ah beets! Love them! I am definitely dairy free and soy free, while my husband is gluten free. I haven’t tried Nutzo but I definitely want to. It sounds very interesting. My husband is all about a stocked pantry, but I like to plan meals. This is a constant discussion here! My go to meal on a whim with nothing else planned is an omelet. Quick easy and delicious!

  22. Jessica Says:

    Haha, love the beet fingers! Always happens to me, too (of course). 🙂

    1. How much my boyfriend & I spend each week on food varies, but typically, we spend about $60 on groceries (mostly all organic!). We rarely go out to eat, so that saves us some money.

    2. We are an animal product-free household. Only live animals are welcome here. 😉

    3. Just recently I got into meal planning, and I absolutely LOVE it!! I used to wait until the day of (usually mealtime) to decide what to make, but in an attempt to be more budget-conscious & buy only the food we need for the week, I started doing weekly menu planning. It’s turned into an activity I actually look forward to. Our meals are much more balanced, and we’ve cut our grocery bill down by about 40%!!! I’m sure it’s because I no longer go to the grocery store without a list & grab what I think looks good or buy something because I “might” use it that week; nope – just the ingredients needed for what’s on the menu that week goes in the cart! It’s awesome, and makes mealtime so much less stressful, too!

    4. Gee, where to start? I love making soups, stews, salad dressings, pot pie, smoothies, casseroles, chili… Bread… Muffins… Just about everything!

  23. Megan @Healthy Hoggin Says:

    I love Paul Newman dressings! I’ve never seen that flavor before, so i’m gonna keep my eye out for it!

    Not sure exactly how much we spend on groceries each week… it always seems to change! I eat mostly raw and vegetarian, but my husband does eat meat every now and then… I usually buy it already prepared so that I don’t have to do it! 🙂

  24. Mary (A Merry Life) Says:

    1. About how much do you spend on food/restaurants each week? Usually around $25 for just me.
    2. What dietary needs do you have? None, I eat everything.
    3. Do you plan meals/snacks ahead of time or do you decide each day what to eat? Roughly decide on options for the week but allow for creativity each day.
    4. What is your favorite meal to make at home? Easy stir fry.

  25. erika @ Dr.TriRunner Says:

    Ahhh – I NEED that post!! Starting with a fresh school year, I want to be FIRM about sticking to a grocery budget. A *reasonable* grocery budget!! I’m willing to spend more for quality food, but the amount I spend per month is ridiculous! Here are my answers to your Qs:

    1. Truthfully? ~ $150
    2. Gluten free. But do not really use GF “specialty” products.
    3. Both, but I would like to be better about cooking in larger quantities and then saving leftovers for later meals.
    4. Stir fries.

  26. erika @ Dr.TriRunner Says:

    And I [hate to] have to add… that $150 is for moi.

  27. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    awesome, looking forward to your budgeting post!

    – okay, i won’t tell you how much i spend on groceries because (unforunately) Australian prices are RIDICULOUS and you really can’t compare. let’s just say, a teeny tiny packet of blueberries right now is $7.
    – dietary needs: my husband and i are both pescetarian (eat fish, but no other meat.) and neither of us eat cheese.
    – because we don’t have a car, i walk to the grocery store 4-5 days a week to buy what we need for the day (or whatever i can carry.) so i plan meals about 10 minutes before i leave 🙂
    – my favourite meal to make is potato pizza! not because it’s so darn tasty (although it is) but because i can buy the ingredients ahead of time and not worry if they’ll go bad. plus it only has 5 ingredients and cooks for 10 minutes. too easy!

  28. Kickass TGIF | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] Blogroll ← Winner Winner Beet Lunch […]

  29. Heather Says:

    1. We shop for the month and spend about $500 for a family of 5. We don’t eat out except for special occasions.
    2. We have no special dietary needs.
    3. When the kids were in school I started doing batch cooking for the month; I would take one day and cook all the meals for a month and freeze them. I work full time and this would give me more time after work to spend with the kids.
    4. fovorite meals to make…Pasta with veggies, spanish rice & quesadillas, chili.

  30. rc1001 Says:

    1. About how much do you spend on food/restaurants each week? Maybe $25-30 tops. We probably go out maybe once or twice, and I buy lunch at work once or twice.

    2. What dietary needs do you have? I am a pescatarian. So no red meat or birds. But I do eat fish.

    3. Do you plan meals/snacks ahead of time or do you decide each day what to eat? Sometimes I plan, sometimes I play it by ear. I like cooking a big dinner and taking leftovers the next day.

    4. What is your favorite meal to make at home? Anything super filling and healthy: stir fries, roasted veggies, big bountiful salads, whole wheat pastas.

  31. Alyssa Says:

    Here are my answers:

    1. ~$50 for me and my Hubby
    2. I’m GF, but my Hubby eats that way for convenience as well
    3. I plan ahead my meals every day. I pack a lunchbox the night prior.
    4. Favorite easy dinner would be roasted veggies with broiled fish and quinoa/brown rice/sweet potato

    Good questions!


  32. Janna's Keeping it Real! Says:

    1. I would say i spend around $40 a week on food (whether groceries or eating out). This is just for me.
    2. I am vegetarian
    3. I decide the night before what my meals will be
    4. Salads! I absolutely love salads!

  33. kaztronomic Says:

    Now that both my fella and I are working, we dine out more than I want to admit. No idea the budget, but eating out in California is unholy expensive. =P

    I’m always eating on my whims. My moods and cravings change day by day, so when I go grocery shopping, I pick out a mix of what sounds good at the time as well as stuff I know I already like, so I can try out new things or just go to fall-backs if needed. =)

    I’m gluten/soy/dairy free, and vegetarian. Yikes. =P Uber strict, unfortunately, to the point where I may go back to eating meat, since my body is reacting to *everything* these days.

    My current favorite meal is either roasted sweet potato with almond butter, or a huge bed of brown rice with chickpeas and kale, or a big pile of steamed veggies with hummus. Not very balanced, but so very yummy. 😀

  34. Myra Says:

    if you want to make THE BEST beet salad ever made:
    hit it up. it took me like forever to make and the ingredients were expensive… But seriously it is SO DELICIOUS.

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