Celebrating 101: Make Fruit Burritos

Hi Friends 🙂

Thank you everyone for your comments yesterday! Although I wish no one had to deal with lack of self-esteem or self-worth (or my Holly Monster as I referred to it yesterday) – it is somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone in those feelings.

What helps me is taking care of myself. When I am eating well, exercising consistently and getting plenty of rest each night I feel better about myself. My goal this week (and every week!) is to keep those three points in focus. When I take care of myself I feel better about myself. Sounds easy, and yet I have such a hard time doing all three at once. I know I am just too hard on myself and expect perfection.

Ok, enough of this sad blogging! Moving on…

I was reading Angela’s blog yesterday and saw her amazing creation: Easy Apple Pie Burritos. They looked delicious! I had to give them a try. Check ‘em out:

I followed the basic recipe, with the exception of using oat flour instead of spelt flour. I also made half of my pies with apples, and the rest with blueberries.

The crust was very crumbly, but it tasted great and it tasted just like sugary pie crust! Thanks Angela for yet another wonderful recipe!

The reason for making those little apple pie and blueberry pie burritos? This guy:

That is a picture of Jason on our wedding day! You can tell he was pretty excited about it! Yep, 3 years ago yesterday was the day that Jason proposed. I thought we deserved a little treat in order to celebrate. Here’s my favorite engagement pic:

Have a great weekend! What are you up to today?


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27 Responses to “Celebrating 101: Make Fruit Burritos”

  1. eatmovelove Says:

    I really need to start doing those things to start feeling better myself…(says while sleeping in and watching Will & Grace and staring at empty pizza boxes – blah)

    Cheers 😉

  2. glutenfreemuse Says:

    Your pies look glorious 🙂 So glad you are feeling better! Sleep really helps me too 🙂


  3. SheFit Says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate! This look so good. Happy 3 year proposal anniversary!

  4. dmcgirl37 Says:


    Not much planned for the weekend..Thanks for sharing the give away

    Dana xo

  5. Michelle @ Chasing Ambulances Says:

    You guys are adorable! I love the blueberry one… looks great. Happy proposal anniversary!

  6. Wendy @ Seriously Sassy Says:

    Looks like your burritos turned out awesome!! I saw those on her blog yesterday too and am gonna make them soon!
    The engagement pic of you and Jason is PHENOMENAL. Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words! What a gorgeous couple!!
    Today we are heading to a market up in Kenosha and then I have piles and piles of clean laundry to fold. Have I mentioned that laundry is my LEAST favorite chore ever? Oh I hate it so!!!

  7. kaztronomic Says:

    I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here and comment!

    First off, you are so lovely! I hope you are able to vanquish your inner Holly-Monster and emerge happier and victorious! I struggle, too, with low self-esteem. But seriously, you have a brilliant smile and you’re so pretty and the Holly Monster is a LIAR. ❤

    Happy proposal anniversary! 😀 That looks like a delicious celebration to me! Did you have fun at the fair? =)

  8. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    Oh that’s so wonderful 🙂 I hope your proposal was magical, personal, and romantic!

    Your fruit burritos look so good. I saw them on OSG as well and thought they looked amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Dorry Says:

    Adorable pic of you two! And those apple + blueberry burritos look perfectly delish. We have a bunch of errands to run today and heading to a wedding shower for some friends this evening. 🙂

  10. mostlyfitmom Says:

    LOVE the engagement pic. You both look ridiculously happy. 🙂

    I’m doing some life planning today to help manage my stress! Yes, I will be making a to-do list – a super long one. 🙂 I’m also going for a bike ride.

    Have a great weekend! And remember that perfection is an illusion. 🙂

  11. Shayna Says:

    I definitely feel the same way as you – it’s like laws of nature that I can’t cram all three of those things at the same time too 😉 Congrats on your engagement day, you guys look so cute together!

  12. Becky Says:

    Blueberry pie! Yum, yum, yum! I hardly ever bake, but everything looks sooo good.

    Congrats on a celebratory occasion!

  13. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    Your engagement photo is incredible cute! There’s no denying lots of happiness there!

  14. mia Says:

    Holly! This pic of you and Jason is BEAUTIFUL!

  15. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com Says:

    im DEFINITELY going to be checking them out! theyre like little baked pies.. kinda like mcdonalds has just without all the gross stuff haha. wow they OOZE in the centre too!! ❤

    mid laughing photos are the best, especially when the two of you look completely beautiful!


  16. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com Says:

    ps. the plate was totally from pier 1 🙂 love that u noticed that!

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    your last post and believing what you wrote..i think we all have moments where we doubt everything about ourselves. you are brave to write about it and share b/c others no doubt feel the same from time to time.

    congrats on this 3 yr milestone!!!

    MN state fair. MEMORIES of my childhood!!! The midway, the mini donuts, the blue ribbons and 4H kids, omg..that was my childhood!

  18. carly Says:

    Aww, you two look so pretty and happy in your engagement photo!

  19. Kristy Says:

    Your little baked pies look amazing, perfect portion size!! Great pic, you two look very happy! 🙂

  20. SohdaLex Says:

    fruit burritos, now that sounds delish!

  21. Baking Serendipity Says:

    Love this post! Awesome engagement/wedding day pictures…you both look so happy! And a fruit burrito is ingenious! I’ve never heard of it before, but it looks delicious 🙂

  22. Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    What a fun picture of your husband 😀

  23. I Love My Potbelly | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] Blogroll ← Celebrating 101: Make Fruit Burritos […]

  24. 40apples Says:

    I was definitely ogling those fruit burritos too. Yours look great!

    Such a sweet picture of you and your husband!!

  25. Holly @ Self-love and Running Says:

    Aww. 🙂 What a lovely occasion to make a tasty treat.

  26. Stephanie@ avocado nation Says:

    Love that cutie pic of you and Jason! You guys look over the moon!

  27. spabettie Says:

    those pies look DELICIOUS !! 🙂

    what a great photo of him on your wedding day – and a beautiful one of you two… 🙂

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