Dino-mite Banana Muffins

Hi Friends 🙂

 Ok, so, I had big plans for this long weekend, including cleaning out the garage, exercising every day, tidying up the house, reading books, etc. Well, lets just say I haven’t gotten much done due to this:

Ever since Jason and I upgraded our basic cable I have been watching way too much tv. I used to mostly watch Bravo shows like:

Well, lets face it, I watch any of the Real Housewives shows. Except I can’t get into the newest DC episodes. I just don’t like any of the wives!

Now I have HGTV, Lifetime, A & E, TLC and a bazillion other channels. The time I used to spend reading? Now its tv time. So needless to say, I haven’t gotten much done this weekend. But I have been relaxing and feeling less stressed. I figure my mental sanity is more important than household tasks, so I guess I am ok with my choices 🙂

I was quite productive in the kitchen though. I made Averie’s Vegan Banana Nut Muffins a few days ago and I read Eat Move Love yesterday and saw a wonderful recipe for Banana Nut Butter Muffins. Jen your recipe looked lovely, but I decided to make my standby banana nut muffins. But your post definitely inspired me to bake! This recipe comes from Cook Right For Your Type. I change it up a little, but I basically follow that recipe. I had to make the muffins because of these:

Dinosaur muffin liners! They were so adorable! I topped some of the muffins with chocolate chips. The muffins turned out DINO-mite 🙂

Oh these are so delicious! Jason will have to take these to work on Tuesday, I can’t be trusted with them 🙂

 Tina is having a blog bake sale next week, check out the details here.

Alyssa is hosting a giveaway on her blog: Artisana goodies!

Averie is hosting a giveaway on her blog: Kroeger Herb Supplements!

Lindsey is hosting a giveaway for Barney Butter on her blog!

And be sure to check out Tina’s 30 DRSL if you haven’t already.

Question: On the weekends (or whatever days you have off from work or school) what do you like to do? Be productive with tasks or be lazy and relax? Or do you do a bit of both?

Have a great day!


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25 Responses to “Dino-mite Banana Muffins”

  1. Carly (Swim, Run, Om) Says:

    GIRL! You can NOT hate on my D.C. housewives. I love Mary, she’s my new soul sister. Although I can’t STAND Michaele and that British lady, whatever her name is. They are horrible. I can’t wait for the Atlanta housewives to come back!

    I do watch a lot of TV, mostly because I keep it on for background noise for Bowser. And if the TV is going to be on, it might as well be on something that I like, right??? But I also make time for reading, writing – and my kitchen and living room are pretty much the same room, so I can multitask with cooking and cleaning and watching TV. Win-win.

  2. eatmovelove Says:

    Oh my God – I am SO making your recipe now…all my muffins are gone – and they taste JUST LIKE BANANA BREAD so I want more – and yours look crazy good…

    I am never productive. Never. And this weekend was no exception :(…yeah, I am just a step “up” from Basic Cable, I should just cut the channels cause it’s a lot of crap I don’t even watch. I do have the Food Network now and never did before. I wonder if going back to Basic Cable won’t give me much in the way of watching things at certain times though…but I guess I would save some money. Decisions.

  3. eatmovelove Says:

    Oh darn, just realized I’d need that book to make the recipe. Ah well, as long as there’s bananas and sugar, there will be muffins 😉

  4. mostlyfitmom Says:

    I LIKE to be lazy and relax, but usually I do both, because my week is too short as it is.

  5. TheHealthyApron Says:

    I always have plans to be productive but sometimes life just gets in the way! If something is clearly going to be more fun then cleaning my bedroom, I usually opt for the other! haha Don’t beat yourself up!

  6. Beth Says:

    I’m always into a bit of both… I find I can’t really relax that much until the chores around the house are done (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc) even though I’m not really that clean of a person.. ha. I do like to take a lot of time to just kick back and relax when I can though!

  7. Ellen @FirednFabulous Says:

    Din-o-mite, indeed! Those little muffins look yummy. On the weekend I like to be lazy. Other than a little blogging and getting a couple good workouts in, I like to catch up on my reality TV and just relax and meet up with friends. Butttt, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes I have to work work work all weekend long! I’m working on this last beautiful day of summer, too! 😦

  8. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    Those muffins look awesome!! Definitely dino-mite! 😉 Love the muffin liners lmho..they’re even cooler than Hello Kitty bandaids! I’ve seen these banana muffins everywhere lately, gotta see for myself what all the hype is about!

  9. No Time Newlywed Says:

    I also can’t get into the DC wives…holy yummy muffins — love them!

  10. Baking Serendipity Says:

    Those muffins look amazing! Clean out the garage was on my to-do list this weekend too. We managed to get most of it done. I think I like balancing my weekends out with work and play. There’s always a project to be doing around our new house!

  11. Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum Says:

    I most certainly like to be lazy!! Although I went in to school today to get my classroom all ready for the first day of school tomorrow. But generally, lazy is my style.

  12. Becky Says:

    Fun lines and yummy muffins!

    I love lazy weekends. I hardly watch TV during the week, but I can waste some time in front of the tube on the weekend. I always get some good workouts in during the weekend, but they rest of the time if just for moi!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the long weekend!

  13. Melinda Says:

    The new Real Housewives ladies are kind of strange- I definitely don’t like the British lady Cat- she is MEAN! Btw those muffins look delicious! 🙂

  14. leashieloo Says:

    Those Housewives are my downfall! I can’t help but get totally sucked into their drama, it’s horrible. But during the weekend, I love to combine productivity with absolute sloth. So for a couple hours I’ll veg out and be a lazybug but then a might clean my house or something to make up for it. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

  15. crispandverdant Says:

    HGTV is very soothing to veg out to. And… I feel like I’m also doing research, for any somewhat distant future (hopeful!) real estate purchases 😉 So I can justify it like that.

    I try to keep my days off pretty open, by getting the bulk of my chores done during the week… It’s nice to know that there will be that window of available time at the end of the week!

  16. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin Says:

    Weekends are usually when I do my grocery shopping and cleaning (and catching up on studying!), but I also like to have plenty of time just to veg out! Sometimes a night in front of the tv is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. 😀

    Those muffins look great. I love fun muffin cups like those!

  17. Kate Says:

    i usually get stuff done on the weekends go into them having a “plan.” nothing of the sort happened this weekend! i too fell victim to the television 🙂

  18. Wendy Says:

    Yummy yummy yum-o! Those muffins look good enough to eat! And the dino muffin cups are adorable. 🙂

    On the weekends (or whatever days you have off from work or school) what do you like to do? Be productive with tasks or be lazy and relax? Or do you do a bit of both?
    *** I like to do a bit of both!

  19. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) Says:

    Haha, I have been on a muffin baking frenzy this weekend! Yours look delicious! I definitely like to do a bit of both. Sometimes you need to give in to some down time! Glad you got a little rest!

  20. lizlivingvegan Says:

    I like to stay busy!!! Otherwise I’d go crazy 🙂 I love filling up my weekend with social activities 🙂

  21. Steph@stephsbitebybite Says:

    What awesome muffin liners! Those are so cute!

    I myself am also a huge Real Housewives Fan! I cannot get enough of those women. I don’t know what it is, but they crack me up…and somethimes keep me on the edge of my seat with all their drama 🙂

  22. Michelle (Delightfully Dietetic) Says:

    Ah LOVE top chef!! 🙂 Padma is so gorgeous!

    And I mean, it depends. When I have a lot I should be doing (for school, work, etc) then I get to work. But if I don’t really have much going on, I like to chill out. Go to a yoga class… and read blogs 😛

  23. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    thanks for mentioning my muffies again….you’re too sweet 🙂

    and these dinosaur liners, too cute! i have to restrain myself not to buy the seasonal muffin liners in everything from easter bunnies to jackolanterns to santa stuff…b/c i think cute muffin liners are pretty much the end all be all!

    RHW’s of DC…ok suppppper behind on my DVR and i havent started that series yet. I am done w/ Bethany and have to watch the reunion/Andy show on the NJ HW’s, but DC is next up! I love the HW’s series!

    Donating your stuff…great call girl! 🙂

  24. Seglare Says:

    Your muffins look amazing! 🙂

    On my days off, I often have to catch up on work (I naturally study during the week, but often let the housework pile up for the weekends). However, if I can afford it, I really love to relax with a good book – preferably out by the sea or in a park – or take a long, leisurely walk in the nature.

  25. 40apples Says:

    Yummy muffins!
    I mostly like to be active and productive on the weekends, but certainly with a healthy dose of relaxation… like staying in Friday nights to just be laaaazy, and carving out a long afternoon of movie/tv watching. It’s necessary! If Monday comes and I don’t feel like I’ve really had a break over the weekend, the work week is all the more painful. :p

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