Beloved Treasures & Cinnamon Chickpeas

Happy Thursday!

Thanks for all the nice words about my POM Quinoa Parfait – I still want to work on it a bit to get the right flavors, hopefully next week all will be revealed! And if you missed Thintervention this week, check it out! I really enjoyed the show.

Last night Jason and I sold one of my beloved treasures:

My Pier 1 dishes! I worked there all through high school and college and I bought that set as a college graduation gift to myself. For the last 5 years it has sat in my cupboards or in a box. Jason and I are planning on selling our townhome/buying a new house over the next few years and that is why we are trying to get rid of stuff. But it was still sad to pack them up and sell them. BUT, the buyer was totally “worthy” – she found my ad on Craigslist and drove 2 hours to buy the set! I know the dishes are in good hands 🙂

Dinner tonight was swiped from Becky: Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas! I didn’t have honey so I subbed maple syrup and they turned out wonderful:

I appreciated the comments yesterday about living in the moment vs. dwelling on the past or future. It seemed like there was a good mix of responses. I definitely dwell on the past and wonder if I’ve been making good decisions, if I “should have done this” or “could have done that” and I also think about the future: how are my decisions affecting my life later on? That’s why I wanted to focus on reading more this month:

Dancing with Fear was recommended to me and I am enjoying it so far. It brings me a sense of peace to know that I am not the only one who feels this anxious about certain events, certain people or situations. I think that understanding anxiety will help me gain control of my emotions and thoughts. If you have any other book recommendations for me, I would love that!

Oh and I *loved* reading which Team you love: Edward or Jacob. Here is more proof I am Team Edward:

My lovely sister in law gave that to me last year. It is the type of gift that I will probably never get rid of!


  1. Have you ever sold something that meant a lot to you? What was it and why did you sell it?
  2. How do you feel about social events? Are you extroverted or introverted? Do you enjoy the company of others?
  3. When you are feeling nervous, how do you calm yourself down? (or do you never feel nervous?)


29 Responses to “Beloved Treasures & Cinnamon Chickpeas”

  1. Di @ Says:

    Never thought about using chickpeas in anything but savory dishes & snacks. Will need to give this recipe a whirl. I’m intrigued.

  2. glutenfreemuse Says:

    I’ve actually done a really good job disassociating feelings with things. I used to feel connected to items and then I realized, they are just things! I can replace all of them. What I can’t replace are the people I love. I at one poit in time got rid of over half my clothes and felt so liberated. Getting $50 from platos closet wasn’t bad either 🙂

    I’m completely extroverted, although as I get older I’ve become more reserved…interesting!

    Only recently have I started getting nervous in front of groups. I literally have panic attacks! I just have to make it a joke and then I calm down. Usually I will make fun of myself in front of the crowd and say something like, oops give me a second, I’m having a panic attack 🙂 they usually laugh and I calm down!

  3. gingerbreadcake Says:

    Hi Holly! I wanted you to know that I picked a 2nd place winner for the Barney Butter giveaway and you won! 🙂 Please email me your address at

    Now onto your questions. 😉 I’m more of an introvert when it comes to social events. I used to be extremely shy and would feel somewhat awkward around tons of people. But although I’m an introvert I handle social events much better and really enjoy other peoples company.

    When I’m feeling nervous, I just take a deep breathe. It seems to do the trick.

  4. carly Says:

    I’ve sold a lot of things that I hated to part with (like DVDs of fave movies, jewelry) but nothing with sentimental value. They were sold to get some extra cash and to “downsize” a little. 🙂

    I love social situations, but I have horrible anxiety attacks. If I begin to feel an attack coming on, I excuse myself to the restroom and run cold water over my wrists. Sometimes I just have to wait for it to pass. :-/

  5. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    i saw that “Dancing with Fear” in the bookstore, it looks like such a good read. you’ll have to tell us all about it!

    i’m not sure if i’m an intro, or an extrovert. somehow i’m both 🙂 i know i’m shy but i force myself out of it in social situations. when you move to a new country and don’t know anyone, i guesss you gotta learn. 🙂

  6. Kate Says:

    oh yum! the chicks sound yummy!

    i am extroverted in new social situations. i wanted to be an investigative reporter when i was a kid. i love asking people questions and finding out about them!

  7. Kelly Says:

    The chickpeas look delicious! 🙂
    I have a hard time in social situations too, but some personal development in the new job of mine and the book So Long Insecurities by Beth Moore have helped me more than anything else!!

  8. 40apples Says:

    I bet those chickpeas were goooood.

    Social events – it totally depends… on both the crowd and my mood. If I’m totally out of my element – say, accompanying a friend (or significant other) to an event that’s all their people, no one I know (or know that well) I can be pretty quiet. But if I’m somewhere with my friends and the vibe is good, I can be pretty extroverted.

    To calm nerves: it’s tried and true – deep breathing. Yoga has really helped me develop that calming skill.

  9. Beth Says:

    I still have not made roasted chickpeas but have been wanting to make them for ages… TONIGHT!!!!

    And I tend to be pretty extroverted in social settings as long as I have one or two anchors – people I know I can fall back on if my mingling isn’t working out!

  10. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    At least you know they were going to good hands 🙂 that always helps whenever parting with something that’s dear to you.

    I’m sort of introverted when it comes to social events. I mean, I love meeting new people and spending time with friends..but after a night out, I need time to recharge my battery. 😛

    And I calm myself down with yoga, talking to family/Michael, blogging, or exercising (perfect frustration release)

  11. Jessica (Fit and Clean) Says:

    When I exercise, it helps me get rid of my stress. It’s the only thing that truly works! If I go into one of my classes in a bad mood, I usually walk out smiling. It helps clear my head, too 😉

  12. AllieNic Says:

    Those chick peas look so good! I’ve been on a huge cinnamon kick this week: I’ve been putting it in my coffee, in pancakes…in ground beef…everything…weird? Maybe.

    I kind of dread certain social situations– like parties where I don’t know a lot of people, or networking events. With my friends, I’m fairly outgoing…you’d never guess that I get anxiety about having to make small talk with people I don’t know. It takes a while for me to get comfortable with new people…I’ve been told I have a “mean resting face” so people are sometimes tentative to approach me…but I’m actually pretty nice…

  13. Katie Says:

    Pahahaha! I love the Team Edward action figure doll!

  14. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    I love roasted chickpeas! I often season them with cumin and garlic salt and throw them into my lunch salads for the week.

    Have a great day!

  15. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    Wahoo for selling the plates! I am so bad about letting go of stuff… but I’m trying to get better.

    And I usually consider myself an extrovert, but I have a tendency to get nervous in certain social situations… especially if I don’t know anybody.

  16. Joanne Says:

    Love chick peas. They look great.

    What I usually find is that things that meant a lot to me years ago, don’t mean as much to me as new memories are created and new treasures are found.

    As for social events, I’m an introvert. I like to stand back and people watch.

    Calming my nerves: I have little credos that read to give me courage and faith. But my all time favorite is “this is just a small amount of time in the rest of your life. It will pass.”

  17. Matt Says:

    I actually just sold my tennis racquets and I almost cried. They mean so much to me, but I needed to money and they were collecting dust. I hope I play again some day!

  18. eatmovelove Says:

    I’m a nervous wreck LOL. Great questions…and I’m lovin’ the doll 😉

    Oh my God – I edited my post – I think your right about Toy Story…I said you pointed out my stupidity…but I kept up the Monsters Inc. Meh…it’s still a good movie and about “friends” ;).

    I’ve had to sell a bike and stuff in the past I guess…but you win some, you lose some.

    Great books – I have a couple of reviews I did on some that are about Anxiety and Fear as well that I’ve read alittle…”Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyways”. Hah – yeah I need that one…

  19. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    Aww, your plates are so pretty!! good for you for letting go!!

    I sold a Louis Vuiton large vintage clutch on ebay that I LOVED, but my business was really slow with the economy, and I had no choice but to start selling off some stuff… my ultimate plan was to buy a Vitamix, which I did…but I do miss it sometimes 😦

    I am pretty shy, I get anxious in social situations where I don’t know anyone, and people usually come up to me, but I hate the pressure of keeping the convo going….i like when others do all the talking, haha.

  20. Wendy Says:

    Sad that you parted with those beautiful dishes, but I completely understand the need to purrrrrrge!

    1.Have you ever sold something that meant a lot to you? What was it and why did you sell it?
    ** Not that I can remember.

    2.How do you feel about social events? Are you extroverted or introverted? Do you enjoy the company of others?
    Very extroverted most of the time. I love talking with people and finding out what makes them tick.

    3.When you are feeling nervous, how do you calm yourself down? (or do you never feel nervous?)
    I received counseling about ten years ago for my severe anxiety disorder. She taught me SO many useful things. The one that has stuck with me the most and helped me out LOTS of times is just to focus on my breathing (make it nice and deep and slow) and tell myself I’m in control.

  21. Michelle @ Chasing Ambulances Says:

    Roasting chickpeas is always a good move in my book! I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is pretty good. I’m moving on in the trilogy to the next one!

  22. Becky Says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the chickpeas! They’re great for snacking, too!

    When I sold my first car, it was like a lost a piece of myself. It was a 1984 Camry (I was born in ’84), but I loved it. It was only a short time after that it died. The buyer didn’t put oil in it and blew out the engine. I’m not over it. My poor baby!

  23. Crystal Says:

    This is a bit weird, but as I am looking over food blogs I am eating dinner and one of those items happens to be roasted chickpeas! I wanted to comment to give you the recipe I use.

    1 can of chickpeas, drained, rinsed
    about 1-2 tbsp olive oil
    chili powder
    Spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, shake them around, then bake for another 10 minutes. Turn up the heat to 400 and continue to bake for about 5-10 more minutes until crispy. 🙂

  24. crispandverdant Says:

    Sweet chickpeas – interesting! I would never have thought of that combo

  25. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    The dishes are so pretty (not what you want/need to hear now that they are GONE!) but i can see where the pattern is very intense and you may tire of them and since they have been sitting 5 yrs, good call on rehoming them…to a great home no less (2 hr drive!)

    Books. Too ironic. I am posting about reading/books in I think tomorrow’s post. I need book suggestions since i havent read a real book in ages!

    Fear, calming down, just talking myself down and saying this too shall pass, it’s just temporary.

    In social settings i am an extro but i think at my core, i am intro. If that makes sense. A good front can be put on i guess 🙂

  26. Michelle (Delightfully Dietetic) Says:

    Haha ohhh my an edward doll >_<

    And i am a loud mouth! haha. Totally extroverted. To the extreme. Eh either you like it or you don't.

  27. sophia Says:

    Wow!! 2 hours just for dishes!! I’m sure she’ll be a fabulous, loving owner of them dishes!

  28. Katie Says:

    Team Edward!!!!! Love it!!!!

    Oh these cinnamon chickpeas look so yummy!!!!

    Those plates are so pretty, but very nice they went to someone who really will love them!

    xoxo Happy Weekend!

  29. Revenge of the Introverts | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] week I asked a lot of questions about whether you are introverted or extroverted, if you like social gatherings, how you talk to someone new, etc. I am definitely introverted and […]

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