September Update & Office Sabotage

Hello Friends!
Can you believe that September is half over already? No wonder if feels like Fall!
I thought this would be a good time to check out my September goals and see where I’m at:
1. Exercise consistently: Incorporate TurboFire, running and FBB workouts throughout the week, including at least one rest day and lots of foam rolling.
*I have been working out using TurboFire and FBB workouts pretty consistently, and as of a few days ago I was running as well. Now that I’m not focusing on running, I can add other activities instead. I’ve been foam rolling and resting regularly as well. GOOD
2. Continue to eat well: focus mostly on lean proteins/produce at each meal, with a sprinkle of healthy fats and carbs and a small indulgence here and there.
*My food intake has been good this month – I don’t post much of my daily food each day, mostly because that would be incredibly boring for you as a reader and me as a blogger. I’d rather write about life and other subjects! GOOD
3. Participate in Tina’s 30 Days of Reflection for Self-Love. I have been loving her series so far and I can’t wait to see the rest of the topics to unfold.  I have battled with low self esteem and self image as long as I can remember, and any guidance is appreciated!
*I have been loving Tina’s posts! The daily reflections on having confidence, appreciating our bodies and changing our perspectives have truly helped me in gaining more self confidence. When I look in the mirror I now see some good things before I notice the imperfections. I can’t say I ONLY see the good in me after only 15 days, but each day I feel a little chunk of my poor body image is being chipped away! GOOD
4. Read at least 2 non fiction books. I read plenty. Unfortunately, I have only been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books (trash!). Here are my two books that I plan to read: Dance of Fear and Love & Respect.
*I have been reading…more Sookie Stackhouse. I am halfway through Dance of Fear but I have yet to start Love and Respect. I also picked up The Highly Sensitive Person on Monday, but I will get to that book once I finish my first 2 choices. OK…
5. Attend church. I haven’t gone to church in months. I think I have a strong faith in God, but I am missing that weekly dose of worship. I plan on attending church every weekend in September.
 *To be honest, I haven’t gone to church once this month. I’ve made excuses every weekend to not attend. This is my #1 focus for the rest of the month – I feel so much better and more connected to God after attending church. I definitely need that weekly worship! NOT GOOD
6. Clean and organize. You’ve seen my garage. This month it goes away. I’m either donating or selling stuff. I need to get my car back in the garage!

*I have sold a few things on Craigslist (woohoo!), but my garage is still pretty full. My mom is coming over this weekend to pick through for good items for a work fundraiser (Hi Mom, Thanks for reading!), and then the rest will be picked up by a “we will pick up your junk” person from Craigslist. GOOD
7. Stay within our budget! Jason and I are in the process of building our savings, and that means not spending a ton of money at Target and Trader Joes. We’ve made our budget and now we just have to stick to it.
*Our budget has been great this month! We are well on our way for having extra money at the end of the month to go to savings. I encourage you to check out Dave Ramsey if you are looking into how to budget. Following his plan has helped us get on the same page with money, how to save, buying insurance, saving for retirement, saving for anything! GOOD
Everything seems to be going well this month, except I need to pick up a BOOK instead of turning on the tv and I need to get to church.
Did you make goals for September? How are you doing?
So…we had this sitting in the cupboard…
I know, I know, they are processed junk with empty calories and hydrogenated oils. But they taste great. I baked them up and they will make an awesome treat to bring into work tomorrow. I used to think that my coworkers were trying to sabotage me by bringing in treats — but I have always been able to say “yes” or “no” without any backlash. I think as long as you stick to your answer and not let yourself be swayed into saying “well, maybe I’ll have a little, ok a whole piece”. If you don’t want any, say “no thank you” and thats it! Stand your ground! I understand there are people out there who will literally shove the food in your face, or bring it to your desk, etc. When I don’t want something (either while I was in “losing mode” with Weight Watchers or if I had already had too many “treats” that day) I take it and bring it home to Jason. I usually took a picture and sent it to him to keep myself  accountable and not eat it! Worked every time 🙂
  1. How do you feel about office treats? Do they annoy you? Do you wish people would only bring in healthy foods? Do you feel pressure to eat what other people bake? I used to dread office treats, but I don’t mind them anymore. My coworkers are nice enough to not shove them in your face. Some people eat them and others don’t. We respect each other. I like to bring in treats for the warehouse employees – they love whatever I bake for them! So it’s a win-win for me, I get to bake (which I love) and I get a self esteem boost listening to the guys butter me up about my excellent baking!
  2. If you could go anywhere in the US for a vacation, where would you go? I’ve asked you all this before, but I love hearing more and more ideas. Jason and I are planning a vacation for next Spring. We have never taken a true vacation together and I’m excited about the planning!
  3. Are you going to watch the Top Chef finale tonight? Who do you want to be the winner? I hope Ed wins it all! I recently watched an episode of Iron Chef and Ed was Cat Cora’s sous chef – it was so funny to see him on another show!
Enjoy your Wednesday!

41 Responses to “September Update & Office Sabotage”

  1. Di Says:

    Nice work with making progress on your goals!

  2. thejoggingconcierge Says:

    My husband and I follow Dave Ramsey’s tips for budgeting too! So far, we’ve been doing great.

    For a vacation in the US…wow…so many actually! Philadelphia, Charlotte, Savannah, Denver, Seattle and back to Napa Valley where we honeymooned. 🙂

  3. Alex @ IEatAsphalt Says:

    I always loved treats at work. We got catered lunches once a week if not more, and those got annoying. But something that someone made was always appreciated. I personally think you should vacation to Philly or DC, but I’m a little biased. I would actually love time to just travel through Virginia. It’s a really beautiful state with a lot to do but you dont get to see much of that up north.

  4. theemptynutjar Says:

    I’ve struggled with a lot of self esteem stuff too. And I still do.
    I sometimes read the “self-help” books…and sometimes I get on a spurt where I feel they help, or I want to read more of them…and then other times I become “meh” abou them..sometimes thinking so hard on it all can be detriment. I try to let it go and stop focusing on hard on all the crappy and negative things..all the sources of my resentments and harsh words, etc.
    Its hard because when you’re at rock bottom, everyone (compared to me) has a lot (like a LOT), I have a long long hill to climb in terms of every single aspect of my life. But I think I stop thinking so so hard on all the bad or making myself out to be this bad, bad person…then it can be good.
    Treat yourself better, and life gets better. I try to NOT overthink now, just live and let go. Sometimes I think we sabotage ourselves because we create drama and crap in our heads that don’t need to be there.
    Maybe it is a sign of being too “sensitive” or deep…maybe..

  5. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday Says:

    I’m a few weeks behind on watching Top Chef.
    …at least now I know that Ed is in the finals! Don’t say anything else about it (or at least give a spoiler alert!)

  6. leashieloo Says:

    Thanks for that Dave Ramsey link. I need to start saving up for Christmas!

  7. Tina Says:

    You are rocking those goals!!!! And I’m so happy to hear that the 30 days is doing positive things for you. Look for an email from me later today. I have something special to ask you. 🙂

  8. Wendy @ Seriously Sassy Says:

    What a great list of goals, Holl! You go!
    Those brownies. Yum!!! Today I’m gonna be bakin’ cupcakes for Lissy’s party. Gonna smell awesome in here. 🙂
    I hope alllllllll my meal and food pics aren’t boring!!

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      Wendy your posts are anything but boring.

      I only meant *my* food pics would be boring. The same bowl of oatmeal every day, the same salad for lunch every day, etc. You are actually creative in the kitchen!

  9. Tanya Says:

    Love your list of goals – I think I’ll share mine on my blog in October, totally inspired by you. I love Top Chef – I kindo f want Angelo to win – I thought he was a douche at first, but now I really love how passionate he is and he’s calmed it down a notch.

    I don’t mind office treats. I might have a small piece and move on or don’t eat any. My attitude to food these days is that I’m not going to spend time obsessing about it – neither eating too much of it, or thinking about it too much (whether something is healthy or not).

  10. Anne Says:

    nice mid-month reflection on your goals! made me think about what is important to me to accomplish.

    I did not usually have problems with work snacks – I worked with males in a high school science department. these guys do not tend to bring stuff in, thankfully.

    I want to see more National Parks – great smoky mountains, shenandoah, everglades, all of them out west that I have not seen, alaska. oh and a quiet getaway weekend for husband and me…would be wonderful.

  11. TheHealthyApron Says:

    Great progress on your goals! Seems like they are all coming along, although church is a diffucult one, especially when you are young. My husband and I NEED to get better about that as well!
    As for office treats: they do not come in very often (maybe once every 2 months) so I don’t typically mind them, but after a splurge night last saturday, I was trying to eat really healthy this week. The perfect week for an office worker to bring ini donuts right? Ug. I savored my chcoolate frosted sprinkled donut. It was amazing. I have no regrets 🙂 I’m just upset that I’m also going out for Mexican for lunch. Must keep healthy!!

  12. Heather Says:

    i’d say the biggest goal has just to been to eat well, and when i don’t to not get hard on myself. and i’ve been doing well with it! last night was a super-indulgent night, but i woke up this morning and had yogurt with raw oatmeal and coffee and felt much better!

  13. Alyssa Says:

    I never thought i would be thankful for celiac disease, but when it comes to office treats, it is an easy out! Sure when people make treats or me i feel pressured, but that’s a rarity!

    i would do a california coastline trip!

  14. Katie Says:

    Love the box brownies! Its actually my sons fave kind and my lover’s fave too! I get that same mix here and there to make brownies for them!

    Hope all is well love! xoxoo

  15. Michelle Says:

    Great job on all of your goals! Office treat days can be hairy. At the office I am at now, we rarely do that much and frankly I don’t mind. At my old place of work, they would have a potluck or birthday potluck every couple of weeks and after a while I started to dread them. 😦

  16. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    I agree about the posting what you eat all the time.. I don’t do it anymore, how many times to readers want to see a green monster, and overnight oats??? Boooooring.

    If I could go anywhere in the US, I’d go to California (San Fran) or Hawaii

  17. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    Great work on your goals – I wanted to start going to church as well, but it seems that every Sunday I’ve had something or another going on. I guess the first step is the hardest – find a church I enjoy. Still, good luck with the rest of the month!

    My coworkers LOVE when I bake for them too – if they don’t want it, then I take no offense, but usually it’s gone within minutes.

  18. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday about September being half way over already- it’s crazy! Glad to see you’ve been keeping up with all your goals 🙂

    As for the vacation question..I’d love to go back to NYC, but San Francisco was *so* much fun!!

  19. eatmovelove Says:

    I really must check out Dave Ramsay…the only thing is I can’t start saving for Retirement or even have an RRSP when I have enormous student loans/debt…it makes no sense. The sad part is I don’t even have a house or mortgage. Blah.

    LOVE the brownies! I’m doing a post on this soon too 😉

    The only thing that bothers me about office baking is when people bring in “un-healthier” treats for everyone else – but then won’t eat them themselves because it’s not “good for them”…so why is it okay for everyone else then?? :(…

    Your doing great with your goals BTW!!

  20. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    Luckily my office is at home… so there are no treats unless I buy them…. which I usually don’t. Occasionally some chips ‘n salsa will work itself in for an afternoon indulgence 🙂

  21. Matt Says:

    I think office treats are fine. I don’t like when people try and force you to eat them, but there is nothing wrong with doing something nice for coworkers.

  22. Shanna, Like Banana Says:

    I like Ed too 😉

    Office treats don’t bother me too much..they make others happy so that’s a good thing!

    I just have to deal with my own willpower!

  23. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) Says:

    I do not set goals like that. I always feel like I will let myself down if I don’t accomplish them. Sounds like you are doing pretty well though! I don’t feel pressure to eat things, but that comes a lot from that fact that I can’t eat most of what people make. I guess that could be considered a good thing when you want to stay on track. I will be watching Top Chef, but I really like all of them this time so I don’t really have a preference.

  24. 1970kikiproject Says:

    i love how you revisited your goals, and rated your success. you have a great variety in what you are focussing on!
    on new year’s, i set my goals and on the first of every month, i do my “monthly report card” to see how well i did that month in accomplishing my goals. a regular check-in helps stay on target!
    let us know how things progress! 🙂

  25. eatmovewrite Says:

    1. They annoy me. Well, if it was a veggie tray, it wouldn’t, but let’s get serious here. :p
    2. The Pacific NorthWest or Hawaii.
    3. I don’t really watch much tv.

  26. Kelsey Says:

    i love the idea of office treats.. a little ‘brain food’ to get everyone pumped to work 😉
    altho i dont have a place i can bring treats into, i bake and give stuff for my mom to bring to her work. she’s a librarian at an elementary school so all the teacher get to enjoy my muffins. i baked a whole bunch 2 days ago to send them. im pretty sure its the reason my mom is fairly popular at work lol


  27. 40apples Says:

    I think you’re doing VERY well on those goals! Go Holly!!

    Office treats are way too enticing for me. Not that I’m really complaining all that much – we don’t get ’em often and I always – ALWAYS – want a cookie or brownie 🙂

    I wanna go to the South, like Georgia, Louisiana… I’ve been to N.O. before and I love it. Would love to see more!

  28. muddy Says:

    you’re welcome for my reading. i enjoy your website very much, holly. and thanks to the blogpal who, on september 11, wrote about how she could identify with my incredible, indescribable (really) feelings about knowing that my family was safe after everyone came home from school. she wrote that now that she is a mom, she has those intense feelings, too. there’s nothin’ like ’em. and for ALL the blogpals who write about how proud they are of your many accomplishments, holly, may i just say: I WAS THERE FIRST! i have the honor of being the person who has known holly longer than anyone else. (how cool is that?) and when i DO read, i’m so happy to see that you have all these friends from all over the place! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  29. Becky Says:

    I have no problem with office treats. I work in a school, so it’s always easy to share with the kids if I end up with things I don’t want. Usually people just leave things in the faculty room and you can indulge if you feel so inclined.

    I love travel! I have so many places on my list of destinations. I want to go to Hawaii, Alaska, the California coast, and the Grand Canyon. I also have friends all over, so most of my travel involves visiting them.

  30. Jessica (Fit and Clean) Says:

    Wow, you’ve gotten a lot accomplished this month! Holy cow! We’re having a garage sale on Saturday (the whole subdivision is!) We can’t even get our cars in the garage!! Haha

  31. leashieloo Says:

    Hey lady! I have an award for you on my page:

  32. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin Says:

    Nice work with all your goals! You’ve done so well with sticking to most of them! 😀

    My only goal for September was to let loose and have fun back at school. Weird goal, I know haha. But I’ve been doing well with it!

    I used to hate when people made treats to share because I felt like people were judging me when I always turned them down. But now that I allow myself to indulge when I want to, I feel more comfortable when I occasionally say “no” to a treat.

  33. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    omgoodness, i better watch the finale of Top Chef before reading your blog post!! lol….we download the episodes so i’m always a bit behind 🙂

    i used to work in an office where the girls would eat junk food CONSTANTLY. it never tempted me, but they always tried to peer pressure me into it! lol….why do women do that? guess it’s a social thing.

    good job on your goals! that reminds me, i should start some. (eat less sugar, eat more protein!!)

  34. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    “I don’t post much of my daily food each day, mostly because that would be incredibly boring for you as a reader and me as a blogger. I’d rather write about life and other subjects!”–GOOD and thank god and thank you!!! If i have to read one more blog with apples, oats, and nut butters as their mainstay of content every single day, i think i may just stop reading. LOL. Sounds harsh but honestly, I love that you post about life and other wayyyy more pressing and interesting things. I try to do the same yet get asked DAILY to do a “daily eats post”. Umm boredom.

    Office treats, or for that matter *any* food that I don’t want to eat on account of ethical issues, i.e. vegan or on account of health issues, i.e. vegan, gluten, too much soy, dairy, shellfish, fish, processed ingredients, etc etc. I just say no thank you. And repeat. As many times as necessary to get the point across. No, i dont want that, thank you, but no. Etc. Sooner or later, it rubs off and people “get it”

    Thanks for telling me about your moms 9/11 follow up comment to mine 🙂 she’s a true midwestern MN mom…love it!!

    Vacay ideas…give me your budget, your luxe vs. roughing it parameters, your days gone, your idea of a great vacay, seeing stuff vs. doing nothing. And I could be wayyyy more helpful 🙂 And are you married to the US? Mexico or the Carribbean can be cheap if done right 🙂

  35. Katie Says:

    I used to hate the office treats, because I couldn’t say no! Now, I just say no and move on. I get why people bring them in though – mostly out of guilt or not wanting to eat them all themselves. I love baking, and live alone, so I do it too. But mine are always healthy! 😀

    Hmmm, vacation in the US? Not sure. I tend to think outside the US for vacation. Maybe SoCal? Or anywhere warm? I think I’d pick central american countries over US vacations.

  36. Purple Dinosaur | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] Blogroll ← September Update & Office Sabotage […]

  37. Holly @ Self-love and Running Says:

    I really don’t mind office treats. People usually bring in treats as a nice gesture and I appreciate that. And no one here seems to mind if you partake or decide not to. I like a treat now and then!

  38. Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    Anywhere? I would totally go back to San Francisco! or New York! or Miami! or.. San Diego… too many choices 😀

  39. The Secret Power of Shame | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] productive, but it was! Rest is so important and I take what I can get! I also worked a bit on my September goals too. I organized the stuff still in the […]

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