Candy Pizza, Carved Pumpkins, Obi Wan & Princess Leia

Hi Friends 🙂


Jason and I got home late last night, but we had a nice time carving pumpkins and then going to the costume party. Here are a few pics:

Check *here* for recipe.

(Jason carved Darth Vader and I carved the huge spider)

$40 for homemade costumes (including a $12 lightsaber!), not bad, eh?

Happy Halloween!


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Halloween Cookie Pizza

Hi Friends 🙂
Happy almost Halloween! I am finished with our costumes, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures. Today we have a pumpkin carving party at Jason’s mom’s house and then we have a Halloween costume party later tonight. It should be fun! I’m making cookie pizzas for both events. Before I baked, I whipped up some Almond Butter Chili that I cannot get enough of. I finally had a waning AB jar to eat it out of:

As always, it was delicious! And the AB jar had about 1 tsp of AB left — just enough to get a little swipe with each bite! Seriously, you need to try this chili!

I have everything I need for my cookie pizzas:

And I have the “crusts” baked and ready to go (I used 2 rolls of premade dough for each crust)

Now I just need to decorate my pizzas! *You’ll see the finished product tomorrow!
The recipe is listed on the Pillsbury website. Basically, bake a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and top with peanut butter, candies, peanuts and a drizzle of ready made frosting. Like yesterday’s recipe, this is not a “health” food – I needed something cheap, easy and fun to make for these parties. 
I’ve made fruit pizzas before and they are similar to this – only they have sugar cookie crusts with cream cheese/sugar frosting. 

I bought a bag of candy and a bottle of booze to bring to the pumpkin carving party as well:

Pumpkin Spice Kisses — I had never seen these before! And Hot 100 to mix with hot apple cider! Usually we get Hot Damn! (same thing, a cinnamon liqueur) because it has a much better name 🙂

1. What was (is) your favorite candy?
2. Do you get many trick-or-treaters at your house/apartment? 
3. What has been your favorite Halloween costume? Here is one of my least favorites (sorry Mom I know you worked hard on it):

But my sisters Myra (dice) and Kim (bunch of grapes) look adorable!!! I am supposed to be a headless person carrying her own head…
See you tomorrow!

EZ Pumpkin Muffins

Hi Friends 🙂
Happy Friday! Jason picked up our pumpkins to carve on Saturday:

It is pretty cold outside (30 degrees at night!) so we get to keep them by the dining table for now 🙂

Last week I wrote about my passive aggressive coworker, and I wanted to give you all an update on how that’s going. I’ve had to work with him on a few things and you know what? He’s been civil and dare I say KIND? I’ve been making an effort to ask him more questions and try to get to know him, and to be honest it seems as though he’s been doing the same. I have no idea what really changed, but it seems to be changing for the better. Although we will probably never be best friends, we can at least respect each other at work and have a decent working relationship. Woohoo!
Speaking of work, I made these babies for everyone:

Easy Pumpkin Muffins – and yes they are super easy because it uses this:

I found this recipe a while ago on the Weight Watchers message board – by no means am I claiming these as “healthy” – the yellow cake mix doesn’t have the best nutrition 🙂

1 yellow cake mix, boxed
1 15oz can of pumpkin
2 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla
2/3 cup cinnamon chips — you could use chocolate chips instead

Mix all of this together and bake according to the cake mix box (as muffins or a cake). The batter seems kind of thick for muffins, but they turn out really fluffy. I was able to get 24 muffins out of the dough.

Need more pumpkin desserts?
Pumpkin Banana Bread
Pumpkin Pie Cookies
Vegan Pumpkin Blondies

Pumpkin Peanut Pudding
1. Do you have a Pumpkin dessert to share? Provide a link if you like!
2. What is your favorite scary movie? Last night Jason and I watched the second half of The Strangers – that movie creeps me out! I think I find it so scary because it “could” happen?

3. What are your plans for the weekend?

Enjoy your day!


Costumes Fail & P.P.Pudding

Hi Friends 🙂
Well, do you have a costume picked out for this weekend? What are your plans?
Jason and I have a pumpkin carving party to go to on Saturday and then later that evening we have a Halloween party to go to. My costume making skills are not the greatest, and as I work more and more on our costumes I am getting more and more frustrated 😦

Here is the lump of fabric that SHOULD BE a nice long cloak for Jason to wear as Obi Wan Kenobi.

So after hours of work, it doesn’t really fit right — and now I just want to throw the whole thing away. I have 2 days to really get that thing put together! Wish me luck!
Workout of choice for Wednesday night was my beloved TurboFire 45EZ:

It isn’t EZ, let me tell you that much. As silly as some of the moves are, it gets my heart pumping and I can always feel it the next day.
For my post workout meal I had some Pumpkin Peanut Pudding. I got the idea from Katie, on her blog Making Food and Other Stuff.

The recipe calls for a mixture of pumpkin, peanut flour, pumpkin pie spice, ice and a bit of sweetener. I used a sprinkle of brown sugar and it seemed to do the trick! It tasted like cold pumpkin pie — without the crust obviously. Thank you Katie!
I *love* pudding. A few days ago I made this Chocolate Avocado Pudding for Jason:

I don’t remember which recipe I used, but I’ve tried both Averie’s Chocolate Mousse and Gina’s Chococado Pudding and they both taste amazing. I think I used a mixture of these recipes? Jason loved it.
1. Are you a pudding lover? What is your favorite flavor?

2. Did you watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday? Or have you ever? Do you find it to be motivating or are you just sick of it? I personally find it motivating to see the contestants working out and losing weight – although I wish it were in a more healthy way and not so drastic. I also *hate* the game play – the alliances, lying, etc. I wish the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss each week was kicked off. Keep it simple and keep the drama out of it. But then maybe no one would watch it. And don’t get me started on the product placements…those are super annoying.

3. What are your plans for Halloween? Do you hand out candy or do you go party?
Enjoy your day!

Easy Guac Rocks!

Hi Friends 🙂
Thanks for all the nice wishes for Jason, I think he’s feeling much better! I swear, Potbelly chili is the ultimate healing food. It works every time!
It has been super gloomy here in MN. Raining off and on, cold, windy and gray. We have a high wind warning! It seriously sounded like the house was going to blow away last night — the wind whistled the entire time!

So instead of going with the regular hot soup/sandwiches (our go-to meal when it is cold and gloomy out) we went with Tacos! I had also read Averie’s blog yesterday and her quick guac recipe had me craving tacos 🙂 

I love that sticker!

I chose to have mine in lettuce cup form: romaine leaves held salsa, bell pepper, ground beef,  pinto beans and avocado. The salsa made it pretty messy, but it worked.

Usually I just go with mashed up avocado as our “guac” – but I tried Averie’s suggestion and mashed it with some seasonings. I used some Garlic Gold nuggets and Mrs. Dash spicy seasonings. It sure made it taste wonderful!

I had Jillian help me with my workout today:

This is definitely one of the better dvds I have – it is less than an hour long and it really “feels” effective. I like that she uses some Jane Fonda floor moves at the end. It brings me back:

1. Do you still have a VCR? Do you use it?

2. How do you make your guac? Or do you just use the quick method (mashed avocado) like me?

3. How is the weather near you? Is it still really warm or is Fall and Winter slowly moving in?
Happy Humpday 🙂

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Fancy Salad & AM Workouts

Hi Friends 🙂
How is your day so far?
Poor Jason stayed home from work yesterday – I wonder if he got the “change of season” bug? I usually get it around this time of year but (knock on wood!!!) I have avoided it so far. Since I’m a nice wife I brought home Potbelly for dinner: 

I swear their chili has healing properties. Any time one of us is sick we usually go get a bowl of their chili – I think it burns all of the germs right out of your body!

I had one of their salads –I usually get their roast beef sandwich, but their salads sounded (and looked) good!

I had the Uptown Salad <— so fancy, right? 

Rewind to earlier Monday morning (much earlier…) – I had planned on getting up early and working out. I thought that would help with my sleep schedule (since I have been having trouble falling and staying asleep). Well, friends, the alarm went off at 5:45am and I got my workout clothes on (I had them sitting next to my side of the bed) and proceeded to stay in bed. I could not bring myself to get out! It was much too warm and cozy.
I figure I made some progress, since I was AWAKE that early and I was dressed. Next step: getting out of bed and exercising 🙂

1. Are you an AM exerciser? Tell me your secrets! And describe your schedule: when do you need to be at school, work, etc.

I’m sure I could force myself to get out of bed — but does it get easier? (please tell me for the love of God it gets easier…) I know I don’t *need* to exercise in the AM, but I think it would help me get to sleep at night. When I workout in the evening I’m just too energized to sleep!

2. What do you do when you start feeling sick?

I try to get as much rest as I possibly can. I also drink lots of water, drink Emergen-C ( I love this stuff — no idea if it actually helps or if I just *think* it helps)

and I try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But extra rest probably makes the biggest difference for me (and for Jason too — I think he slept the entire time I was at work!)

Enjoy your day 🙂


Wunderbar Hemp Protein

Hi Friends 🙂

I spent a few hours with my mom yesterday – and one of the things she said was “is it just me or is time just flying?” And isn’t that true? I swear the past few months have gone by so quickly – and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and then soon after 2011 will be here! It is truly amazing how fast time seems to be going. Makes me want to focus on enjoying each day!

I started Sunday with a Pumpkin Smoothie:

In the Big Mac glass! My favorite 🙂

Instead of my normal protein powder, I used this Hemp Protein sent to me from Manitoba Harvest.

They were kind enough to send me some other samples to try:

Along with some Hemp Seed Butter – which I will be trying later this week.

Thanks Manitoba Harvest 🙂

I spent the afternoon with my mom putting together some party favors for her job. She works for an Assisted Living Facility as their Activities Director, and this Wednesday is their Oktoberfest Party. Check out the wunderbar favors (they are little bags of pretzels)

Cute, huh? I had time to help her because Jason was gone for most of the afternoon. He is currently back in school (along with working full time). His school is undergoing some sort of accreditation program and he was asked to be interviewed by the accreditation evaluators. Basically he gets interviewed for an hour and gets free dinner 🙂

But he sure looked nice for the interview, right?

I put those roses there – I’m such a good photographer, right? You better be shaking your head “yes”…

I didn’t get super far on our Halloween costumes, but by the middle of the week I should have some good pics for you 🙂

*Best part of your weekend?

*Do you enjoy crafty stuff like putting party favors together or scrapbooking? I love crafts and I’d probably enjoy scrapbooking, but some of that stuff is super expensive – all the papers, stamps, stickers, tools, etc. I’d rather use my money for something else!

*Have you ever tried Hemp Protein products? What did you think?

*Don’t forget to submit your entry for the Great Blogger Pumpkin Carving Contest (open to anyone, not just bloggers!)

Enjoy your Monday! ~Holly

Whodunit, Howdunit and Whydunit

Happy Sunday 🙂

Last night we had a great time at a Murder Mystery Dinner. It was held at the Zuhrah Shrine Center in Minneapolis in one of the banquet halls. We showed up in our Gangster Era clothes and had a great dinner and a fun night! The food was catered by Buca’s — Twin Cities readers will hopefully recognize that name 🙂

Dinner started with some appetizers: bruschetta, cheese/salami with crackers — we don’t have cheese in our house very often since Jason doesn’t eat dairy, but I sure enjoy it once in a while!

A salad with gobs of dressing. I had a few bites and had to call it quits! But the crusty bread sure tasted good!

The main entree was Pesto Penne with Chicken and Broccoli: (the other option was spaghetti and meatballs)

and for dessert, a Cannoli:

After one bite I decided I didn’t like it — This was my first cannoli and it sure didn’t taste very good.

All in all the night was fun — I didn’t take many picture because it was just a lot of talking between the actors who walked around and acted while we ate. They’d go from table to table and we could ask them questions to hopefully figure out who killed Tony and Louie. I tried to pay attention but I gave up pretty quickly 🙂

Jason participated in the best costume contest. You can see him on the far left (and those are the actors on the stage):

The guy next to him (with the big cigar and fake gun) won! We should have had props! I had spent too much time of Saturday trying to make a flapper dress for myself and ended up wearing some of my regular clothes. I added the pearls and had fishnet stockings to at least show an effort in dressing up!

Needless to say we didn’t “win” — Jason and I each guessed the wrong person. It was so hard to keep track of who said what — the rum and cokes probably didn’t help…

*Would you rather see a movie or a play?

*How did you spend your Saturday?

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Hugh Jass Burrito

Hi Friends 🙂

How is your weekend so far? Anything fun going on?

Tonight Jason and I are going to a Murder Mystery Dinner  — We are supposed to dress in Gangster Era dress (what will I wear???) and we will be figuring out who killed “Tony”. I am looking forward to it and will have (hopefully good) pictures to share tomorrow.

Last night Jason and I each had a Hugh Jass Burrito from this place:

I had already snarfed mine down before I could take a pic. I was a hungry beast! We had picked up Jason’s mom from the airport (she’s been in Italy for 2 weeks) and we grabbed food on the way home. Chipotle is the best and they opened one literally blocks away from our house.

Picking up my MIL and being at the airport made me super excited for our Vegas trip. We did change plans though, no Bellagio. Instead, we are going with the Trump Hotel:

The price was better which gives us more money to play with. But I’m still getting that hand/feet/scalp massage! I’m surprised that we didn’t think of Trump right away – I *love* The DonaldThe Apprentice is one of my favorite shows (I’ll be getting caught up on that this weekend hopefully) and Jason has a gazillion of Trump shirts and ties, so we feel like we know the guy 🙂

Plans for the day:

*Figure out what to wear tonight…Jason has a pinstripe suit to wear tonight and I don’t know if I should wear some sort of “suit” with a pencil skirt or if I should have flapper type clothes? Any suggestions?


*Read Bree Tanner

*Murder Mystery Dinner!

*What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

*What has been the best hotel you have ever stayed at? What did you like about it? I haven’t stayed at too many fancy schmancy hotels, but my favorite so far would have to be the little cabin we stayed in for our Honeymoon.

If you click *here*, scroll down to the Beach House to see more pics. It doesn’t look like much, but it was so sweet and adorable — and it was nice to be completely secluded for a few days.

*Don’t forget to check out the Great Blogger Pumpkin Carving Contest — you have until Monday to submit your entries!

Enjoy your day! ~ Holly

BBQ Sweet Onions & Peaches

Hi Friends 🙂

Thanks for all the advice on my passive aggressive coworker…I know I need to talk to him and I *will*, I just need to wait for the right time. I want to do it correctly and effectively. It’s a good thing I really only need to talk to him twice a week or so – so I get to do what I do best: AVOID him!

Jason and I are starting to plan our Vegas trip a little more, I think we decided to stay at the Bellagio:

This place looks so beautiful! And we are definitely getting one of their spa packages – one of them includes a 50 minute scalp, hands and feet massage. I.cannot.wait!!!

We’re thinking of seeing a show as well, maybe Cirque du Soleil?

Any suggestions on where to eat? I need to look up any Top Chef contestants/guest judges who have restaurants there – it would be neat to eat their food 🙂

Speaking of food, check this out:

BBQ Sweet Onions & Peaches

This is super easy to make and a portion can be eaten alone or over a chicken breast, salad, roasted veggies, etc.

Chop one sweet onion and sauté until soft – add 1/4-1/3 bottle of BBQ sauce (I used a low sugar kind I found at Trader Joe’s) and some water (I used apple juice since I had some) to thin it out. Add some sliced peaches (you could use fresh, I used a drained can) and stir to combine. Keep on low heat until everything is mixed well and heated through.

I don’t usually care for onion, but these sweet onion slices are the best!

I ended Thursday with some Project Runway and a little of this:

My sister in law lent it to me and I have to read it. I look forward to being done with it and moving onto something more mind stimulating 🙂

*What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun?

*Any tips for me for our Vegas trip? If you are looking for travel tips in general, check out this post by Averie. It is jam packed with good tips!

*Monday is the last day to submit your carved pumpkin in to Carly for the Great Blogger Pumpkin Carving Contest – there will be some great prizes, so check it out!

*What is your all-time favorite scary movie?