Pumpkin Tofu

So, will you believe me if I say I’ve never prepared tofu? I’ve eaten it in restaurants, but I’ve never bought some and eaten it at home?

Well, its true, but for some reason this past weekend I picked up some tofu. I remember seeing a Pumpkin Honey Tofu recipe on Averie’s blog and I knew that would be a good one. Averie’s recipes have never let me down!

I didn’t have pumpkin butter so I used canned pumpkin instead and I didn’t use as much honey as the recipe called for, but the marinade tasted sweet enough for me!

I have nothing to compare this to, since I eat tofu maybe once per year, but this tasted pretty good! Next time I will let the tofu sit in the marinade overnight — I wish the flavor was throughout the tofu instead of just on the outside. It was almost cake-like and the pumpkin and honey flavor was nice! Jason ate a few pieces and could not figure out what it was — he asked “this isn’t bread, I don’t think, so what am I eating?”

I bought more Fall things for the house:

I love foaming soaps from B & B Works – and doesn’t Creamy Pumpkin just sound amazing? Yum.


Thanks for the suggestions on the Spaghetti Squash yesterday:

Sorry I had to throw the little beaded pumpkins in there! I’ve got dinner planned for tonight and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!



1. Going back to my Jenny Craig post yesterday, there were a few comments about eating “real food” and not having to diet. But is it really that simple? Do you think that one could easily overeat on “real foods”? I for one have little to no control when I eat nut butters – which is why I limit the amount I eat per day. It isn’t about deprivation, it is about knowing myself and keeping myself in check. I need to keep my portions in check, which is what the JC program is supposed to do – teach you portion sizes. So is using processed foods to help you learn portions sizes such a bad thing?

2. What is your favorite scent? It could be a perfume, lotion, shampoo, spice, candle, etc. I love vanilla myself, it just brings a sense of home whenever I smell it – in cooking or in a candle or lotion. My favorite perfume is Flowerbomb – I just love the fresh, crisp smell. For shampoos I like coconut even though I hate the flavor of coconut.

3.  What is your favorite way to prepare tofu? And if you don’t have a tofu press, what do you use? I had my tofu covered in paper towels underneath my spaghetti squash — it worked pretty well!

Have a happy hump day!


45 Responses to “Pumpkin Tofu”

  1. Alex @ IEatAsphalt Says:

    I press tofu with an old brick, it works pretty well. I really like tofu with soy sauce and a little bit of thai garlic chili sauce. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin recipe!

  2. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    My favorite scent is pumpkin actually ha. 🙂 Your tofu looks really good and the recipe looks simple enough, I may have to try it.

  3. Matt Says:

    Never made tofu!? You have been missing out 😉

  4. carly Says:

    So, is it sweet? What would you eat it with? I have to admit I’m intrigued, but I’ve only ever made tofu as part of a savory dish.

    I used to work at Bath & Body Works, and can tell you without a doubt my fave scent should be out in stores soon (if not already) … Winter. Candy. Apple. OMG. I stock up every year, and every year I’m usually out by April/May. I look forward to it as much as I look forward to pumpkin spice lattes. Which is a LOT.

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      It has a sweet pumpkin flavor — hard to describe to be honest! I have no idea what to eat it WITH, since we ate it on its own! And I love winter candy apple too! I still have a bottle from last year!

  5. leashieloo Says:

    I love the smell of cupcakes, particularly vanilla. Wood Wick makes a delish smelling vanilla candle that has the bonus of a crackling wick. LOVE it!

  6. Alyssa Says:

    Nut butter is definitely dangerous! I limit myself as well. Although it is real, too much of a good thing can be bad!

    Favorite scent is definitely coconut! Hubby and i are from FL and belong in the tropics!!

    I love pan seared tofu with sweet and sour sauce!! I occasionally eat it raw too 🙂

  7. GetHealthyWithHeather Says:

    Oh that pumpkin tofu sounds wonderful! I’ll be trying that next time I pick some up. Our favorite way to eat tofu is when it’s crusted with peanut butter… PB makes everything taste better 🙂

  8. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    I’m with you girl…love the vanilla scents. And I just bought all the same soaps at B&B too!

    I don’t use a tofu press, but I always buy extra firm and I tend to saute it with tons of spices. It gets great flavor that way 😉

  9. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    Ah, I haven’t been to B&B Works in sooo long – I would have never known they had fall scented soaps! They sounds amazing!

    My favorite scent is anything citrusy, like lemon or grapefruit. Flowery scents and I don’t mesh well, for some reason, they give me a headache.

  10. Beth Says:

    Wow that tofu looks AWESOME!! I love the idea of pumpkin anything right now so I might just have to try it…

    And in terms of question #1, I think its easy to go overboard on real or fake foods, but if you don’t learn what triggers you going overboard and how to deal with it by eating your own food, I don’t know how you can make the changes longterm.

  11. Sherris (lungs quicken) Says:

    Honestly eating whole foods is the best thing you can do. While i would agree that portion size is important if you are eating a piece of meat about the size of your palm and filling the entire plate with veggies (you will be suprised that you will always feel full but not the gross i over ate full, you can eat an almost infinite amount of veggies, then you add fruit in, in moderation.) you will increase your energy in 2 weeks after the sugar shock wears off. I would argue that in any instance processed foods are bad because they still cause inflammation of the body. the most processed I get is the almond butter you can buy at wholefoods that is fresh ground there and is just almond and salt. While it is easy to “crack out” on nuts in general in moderation they are super good for you. I like to use a bit of almond butter on a pear for dessert. that way it becomes more of a treat. as far as good fat goes I like to eat olives, avocado, and use coconut oil to cook some of my meals. I think jenny craig give the wrong message overall this should not be about dieting but making a healthy lifestyle choice. It is not something you do for a little while and then go back to your old habit’s. The biggest problem i see with processed foods would be the additives and hidden sugars… honestly when i cut them out i thought it was going to be the hardest thing ever and the first 2 weeks sucked but 4 months later I was down 60 pounds and Pr’ing ever workout i did… they say that abs are made in the kitchen i couldn’t agree more it is def 80% diet and 20% exercise if you are not getting the results you want it is more than likely linked to diet.

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Sherris! I don’t think JC’s message is to lose weight on their program and then go back to old habits. From what I understood, you eat the portioned meals to get your body used to eating that volume of food — and as you lose weight you eat more and more of your own food — real food. You are training yourself to SEE what a “real” portion looks like. To be honest I go back and forth about whether this is a great idea or not.

      Congrats on losing 60 lbs — that is wonderful! And it seems like you did it in such a healthy way. Good for you!

      • Sherris (lungs quicken) Says:

        Im sorry Holly that post was all over the place. I just get really excited about nutrition haha. Anyways, I know its not JC’s intention to have their clients go back to previous eating habit’s however it does occur more often than not because of the diet vs lifestyle mindset. Even when people transition to “acceptable” portions sizes it doesn’t work like that in the real world because everyone’s body needs different nutriants. From my experience I eat A LOT more now since I changed my lifestyle than when I was eating junk. I actually have a hard time eating enough, and I eat 3 meals, 1 pre workout meal, 1 post workout meal and 2 snacks. I would argue that portionsize isn’t an issue if you are eating real foods. The problem occurs when you introduce foods that have sugar, gluten, lectins ect.. that cause not only inflammation but also insulin resistance in a lot of people. To be honest I never thought I could live a life without bread and other grains, but when i took a step back I realized I was replacing good amounts of protein and good fats with these types of carbs. that’s why i personally felt sick all of the time. It has been the same way for most of the people I work with. Now is that the case for everyone no but I would venture to argue that the majority of people in the US who are over weight or unhappy with performance would see explosive gains in as little as 2-3 weeks. It is not an increase of portion size as a whole but an increase of portion size of the wrong things.

      • couchpotatoathlete Says:

        Sherris I really appreciate your thoughts on this. Out of curiosity, how did you figure out “how to eat”? I only ask because in my JC experience (and Weight Watchers experience) — many people didn’t know how to eat. They “didn’t like vegetables” or thought a FiberOne bar was a good choice (myself included!). I know for me, it took time to figure out what works best. When I started the WW program I was eating Lean Cuisines every day for lunch, FiberOne bars for snacks and I would save points all day long for some ice cream at night! With time I realized (like you did too) that i can eat so much more if I choose the right foods: vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, unprocessed whole foods, healthy fats, etc. But I know that I need to watch portion sizes on healthy fats, fruits and some proteins. I watch those portions because I can overeat on those foods, because I have in the past. I’m not trying to say that everyone is this way and that I’m doing it right — I’m saying this is my experience.

        Now I feel my response is all over the place. I do think it is easy to go from JC (or any weight loss program) and go back to how you were eating before. I can’ t tell you how many WW clients I met in my meetings that have lost and gained the same amount of weight 4-5 times. (same with Jenny Craig clients!) I definitely don’t think that everyone who has a weight problem needs to hop on the JC wagon, but I do think it has some positives that could possibly help a few people out!

      • Sherris (lungs quicken) Says:

        Thank you for the great response Heidi.
        I will admit I learned to eat through trial and error. While I had tired diets in the past nothing seemed to work. I also suffer from PCOS which has made balancing my diet even more of a task. I don’t this i knew how to eat until I started to eat paleo. Even then I would crack out on fruit or nuts. I know I didn’t leave my eating up to someone else I became an active participant in my own journey.

        By this I mean I don’t rely solely on what other people say I should eat. Even my doctor thinks my diet is redic. I did the research read tons of books, looked at labels, talked to others who have been successful and most importantly I changed my view point about food, it went from something i relied on for comfort to fuel. I realized I wouldn’t want to fuel my car with a lower grade of gas so why would I do that for my body.

        I think more often than not myself included people resort to a quick fix… but we didn’t get fat over night and it will take longer than a week to lose the weight that has taken years of unhealthy eating to pack on. All I know is that when I did start eating the change started quickly. I was sleeping better, workouts got easier, and I had tons of energy that wasn’t there before. The thing is I also tried to “Zone” my paleo by weighing and measuring and I wasn’t getting the same results I was eating too little and it became a chore to eat. It is all about finding balance so for now I use my plate as a guide. i take a piece of meat the size of my palm and fill my plate with veggies. I try to eat some nuts and protein before I workout, then complex carbs and protein after.

        Yes I agree with your assessment that some people need to be taught how to eat but I don’t think teaching with processed foods so you get “rewarded” with clean foods is the healthiest way to go about it.

      • couchpotatoathlete Says:

        “I realized I wouldn’t want to fuel my car with a lower grade of gas so why would I do that for my body.” I loved this sentence!

        I think you have a great attitude towards food as fuel and I really commend you for that! To be honest I hope that to have a similar attitude one day! And how you phrased your last sentence is really good: “I don’t think teaching with processed foods so you get “rewarded” with clean foods is the healthiest way to go about it.” — I agree it shouldn’t be set up as a reward, as in “you’ve been a bad eater so you have to eat this junky crap and if you lose THEN you get real food.”

        Thanks for the discussion!

  12. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    LOVE this pumpkin tofu recipe! I’m definitely trying this one. My favorite way to eat tofu is thin n’ crispy on a grilled sandwich with lots of veggies. The most frequent way I actually use it though is in desserts–I sub it in often in brownies and even cookies. One of my favorite frosting recipes is actually just whipped tofu and melted chocolate chips mixed together.

    Have a great Wednesday 🙂

  13. Heather Says:

    i so wish i could do the tofu thing, but i just can’t. i’ve had it every way possible and the texture still grosses me out! too bad too because this makes it look and sound so yummy!

  14. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun Says:

    For some reason I rarely try tofu with sweeter ingredients. It’s always either Asian inspired flavors or BBQ/Buffalo. I should give it a go though.

  15. pjsweightloss Says:

    I will be back to steal all your recipes 🙂

    This one sounds delicious!!!!!!

  16. Koko Says:

    This tofu looks great! I saw that recipe on Averie’s blog, mmm I bet it’s great!

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    I realized I read your JC Post yesterday and in my brain fart of a day I was having, never commented…so on that matter, one has just got to find what path works for them and then do it. Try a zillion things and keep throwing arrows up until something sticks, and works. For me it’s high raw vegan with no gluten and I dont count grams of anything. For others it’s meat and potatoes and 3 squares and counting everything. Whatever helps the person stay on track, do it!

    The tofu…glad the marinade was sweet enough even using less sweetner than I use…I have a sweet tooth 🙂 But yes, freezing the tofu first will totally give it a bread-like texture! And confuse our men in the process apparently 🙂 Glad you liked it and just marinade overnight to get the flavor more infused. Plus I think pumpkin butter is slightly more concentrated than pumpkin puree so that may help…or add pumpkin pie spice to jack up the pumpkin flavor even more.

    Glad you liked it and thanks for the linky love 🙂

  18. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    I’ll definitely be trying this!! I like tofu but it needs a lot of work to taste good..it’s so incredibly bland otherwise.

    I try to eat real food as much as possibly but still find myself slipping into some processed stuff..I mean, I’m a cereal lover and I have to have milk that’s been treated (like Lactaid). And that’s just a small example.

  19. Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) Says:

    Very interesting tofu!!
    I think that packaged meals can certainly help teach people portion sizes, but I just don’t think it is something you can sustain for very long. You are going to want to go out to eat with your family, or have a meal with them once in a while….(In my opinion) 🙂 Also, once you take those prepared meals away, it is easy for people to fall back on their old habits since they didn’t really “fix” the problem….just covered it up for a while

  20. Nic Says:

    Interesting post about JC and processed foods. I will have to give that some thought, but if I had to fly off the cuff, I would say to each their own. It might work for some and it might not work for others.

    I think my favorite scent changes with seasons… summer and spring I like mint and fall and winter it’s pumpkin spice, pine trees… you know those fall/wintery smells.

  21. Laury @TheFitnessDish Says:

    The pumpkin tofu looks great! I don’t have a tofu press, but I make my own “press” with a plate, paper towels another plate, and cans of beans…lol.

    My favorite scents are lavender, pumpkin, cinnamon, and fresh linen! I love Clinique Happy and Dolce & Gabbana The One for perfume 🙂

  22. Lauren @ 40Apples Says:

    I think the point of JC is the portion control – and for a lot of people they can only really get the hang of it with pre-assembled foods. So yes, as difficult as it would be for me to eat only packaged meals, I could be sure my portions were correct (and probably way smaller than what I currently eat!!), which is quite valuable.

    Favorite scent: I love natural lavender – fresh or dried, or the essential oil. I also love the smell of pine – again, only the real stuff – it reminds me of home and Christmas… 🙂

    I am so not a tofu expert… though my favorite thing I’ve made (and probably that I’ll ever make) with it is chocolate tofu pudding. Mucho decadence 🙂

  23. eatmovelove Says:

    You are TOO popular! Too many replies here :). I love the “marinating” tofu thing…when I have it, it’s usually just grilled/sauteed – then smothered in pasta sauce and cheese…;)…yeah.

    Um – YES – you can totally overeat on “real” foods…are you kidding? Now I eat more cookies or ice cream…but yeah, I eat a tub of hummus in 2 days…nut butters – let’s not go there…I do/can make myself sick…and yet – I can’t stop…

  24. 1970kikiproject Says:

    that tofu recipe sounds GREAT! so far, i have stuck to just pan searing my firm tofu, then dumping it on salad – luuuuv it that way, but i am open to new ideas, too! i love making tofu because it’s so quick and easy to work with.
    fave scents: cinnamon (for around xmas), vanilla (spring/summer) and REAL cookies baking in the oven! 🙂

  25. Healthy Coconut Says:

    Great discussion on the comments section 🙂

    I love adding tofu in my stir-fry and it’s my favorite so far but that might change because I was given recipes that includes creative way to cook with tofu. I will be experimenting in the kitchen soon.

    My favorite scent…you’ll never guess this…it’s coconut or any tropical smell. I do love the pumpkin candles that are in during fall season 🙂

  26. Becky Says:

    I like coating tofu in a simple soy, honey, and garlic marinade. I cube it up and bake it for easy dipping. I also love stir fried tofu.

  27. Kristen @ That Hoosier Girl Says:

    I looooove fall scents from the first “hoodie day” all the way through winter, but on that first nice, spring day…I’m all about the fresh, sweet, citrusy scents!

  28. Katie Says:

    I don’t really like tofu, and I have never been able to get flavors to go past the outside, no matter how long I marinade it for. I think there is some invisible forcefield. 🙂

    I think you can overeat on “real foods”, of course, but I don’t think the effects will be as detrimental. Unless we’re talking nuts or oils, which are obviously real food. I think that saying has more to do with veggies and fruits though.

    I say to each his own. I don’t really like the packaged meals, myself, but I know a lot about nutrition. For people who want to lose weight, but don’t have the information or now about serving sizes, I think they work. The problem is when people get too reliant on them.

  29. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    I’ve never made tofu mysel either.. maybe someday 😉

  30. Sava Says:

    Favorite Scent: Anything that smells like: Cake, cookies, chocolate, coffee, pie, etc 🙂

    I just got some shampoo that smells like cake and I love it to pieces!

  31. Bones & Bread | The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] Blogroll ← Pumpkin Tofu […]

  32. kbwood Says:

    pumpkin TOFU!?!? that is insane! I bet it was awesome tho!

  33. Holly @ Self-love and Running Says:

    I love the foaming soaps from B&B. (So does the husband! Hee!)

    I have never actually prepared tofu ever. I’m not sure I could convince the husband to eat it as he had a traumatic tofu experience.

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