Yoda Dunkers

 Hi Friends 🙂

Thanks for all the compliments on my Yoda Pizza! I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The best part was lopping off his ears and eating them for dinner first. We were left with this:

We ate the rest of Yoda for dinner last night– and I ate him “Italian Dunkers” style.  Yoda Dunkers:

Did you eat Italian Dunkers (or something similar) in your school lunches?

It was definitely one of my favorite meals: cheesey garlic bread with marinara for dipping. Tons of gooey calories and grease! My other favorite school meal was the big pretzel and cheese:

If I were to eat either of those meals I’d probably feel sick!

I was in pain Sunday night and most of Monday – I think I pinched a nerve in my upper back. I did that a few years ago and I basically laid in bed and cried all day – it hurt to move, to breathe, to drink, to do anything. This time it isn’t as bad – but I think if I were to move my arms too quickly it could quickly turn into horrible horrible pain. I will get it checked out if the pain persists or gets worse.

I’ve been using lots of Icy Hot which actually helps!

Also, a hot bath seems to help my muscles relax as well.

But one thing that has helped the most is my foam roller: NOTE: I am not pictured below 🙂

This thing was dropped from Heaven – it hurts like the dickens but it hurts so good!

1. Did you eat school lunches when you were younger or did you pack your own? What was your favorite meal?

2. Do you have a foam roller? What is your favorite way to stretch?

3. Did you go and vote today?



26 Responses to “Yoda Dunkers”

  1. Kate Says:

    art has a foam roller and has gotten me hooked! it stays out in our living room and one of usually is on it while we watch tv. i love rolling my IT bands. again, it hurts like the blazes but feels so good when you are done.

  2. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    ouch- hope your back feels better soon!!

    I voted early 🙂

    and I always eat pizze ‘dunker’ style… I love marinara!! mm!

  3. Sara Says:

    I pinched a nerve in the same spot last year on my birthday. I am with you. I cried, laid in bed, sobbed … I couldn’t move. I drove myself to the doctor (not smart, I couldn’t turn my head or really move) and the doctor pulled me in different directions which hurt SO bad. I hope to never experience that again. Luckily, the medicine they gave me helped. But it was a good three days before I was back to normal. Awful! I hope you feel better. I def. feel your pain.
    I bought my lunch ONCE and it was disgusting. So I always packed. But my lunch was pathetic as a kid. I was never good at packing one (I’m still not–I basically eat healthy snacks all day) I plan to go vote later, but I’m really not well informed, so maybe I shouldn’t. We’ll see what I can dig up on who’s running in my area. I think the person is running unopposed.

  4. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    I was a meal packer for the most part and we only had healthy stuff so my lunches were sorta lame (compared to the other kids) 😉

  5. Heather Says:

    i used to do a pb&j, carrot sticks, and an apple every single day…never got tired of it!

  6. Beth Says:

    I always bought school lunches and I remember a cheese bagel was the cool thing to have. A plain bagel microwaved for 30 seconds with a slice of american – very well rounded meal… 😉

  7. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    My mom always packed my lunch: turkey on wheat, cucumbers, carrots, raisins, pretzels, and sometimes a treat 🙂

    I had that packed lunch through high school – no lie!

  8. Candice @ ChiaSeedMe Says:

    Haven’t used a foam roller before, but when I was marathon training I used one of those stick things – what are they called? I can’t remember, but it felt so good to use it after a long run.

    I honestly cannot remember school lunches at all…kind of weird.

  9. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    Oh yes, I absolutely voted today!

    I always packed a lunch in elementary school (lots of Jell-O cups, and peanut butter crackers), but in middle school and high school I always got school lunch. My favorite school lunches were pepperoni rolls (yikes!) and chicken sandwich day. Amazing how tastes change, isn’t it?!

  10. leashieloo Says:

    I mainly got the hot lunch at school. I always looked forward to pizza day, pizza lasagna, and chicken and mashed potatoes. With my allowance I would also get treats like Hawaiian Punch, frozen yogurt (nothing’s changed!), and Fudgecicles.

  11. Dorry Says:

    We really need to get a foam roller! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    I loved lunches in the cafeteria all through school. In high school, I’d always have bagels and cream cheese, baked potatoes or turkey sandwiches. And an ice cream snickers for dessert. 🙂

  12. Katie Says:

    I used to eat those pretzels for lunch every day. EVERY DAY.

    I’m voting on my way home from school today!

  13. Jen Says:

    1. Did you eat school lunches when you were younger or did you pack your own? What was your favorite meal?
    Yes-I did hot lunch (as they called it) and it was pretty good! They were also pretty balanced. Fruit/veg etc. My favorite had to be pizza day-those small rectangle pizza’s.

    2. Do you have a foam roller? What is your favorite way to stretch?
    No FR 😦
    Depends on what is bothering me but bending at the waist and just letting my torso hang with my hands crossed over my chest always feels SOOOOOO good.
    3. Did you go and vote today?
    YUP 🙂

  14. Tina Says:

    School lunches always creeped me out so I never ate them.

    Hope you feel better! I hate back/neck pain. It’s the worst.

  15. spabettie Says:

    I LOVE my foam roller! It WAS dropped from heaven! I also love warm Epsom baths… sometimes I take TWO a day!!

    we voted!

  16. Allie Says:

    Foam rollers are my absolute favorite! My IT band gets so tight from running!

  17. emily (a nutritionist eats) Says:

    My mom only allowed a few hot lunches a month, my favorite was french toast sticks!

  18. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    My Foam Roller is my favorite thing on the entire planet. My favorite is the upper back and neck stretch, heaven.

    I VOTED!!! And I can not WAIT until tomorrow…no more negative TV ads….Grrrr.

    The “cool thing” was to buy your lunch when I was in school. I was not much of an eater, I remember getting a soft pretzel and a diet coke most of the time….SO healthy, YIKES!

  19. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday Says:

    Our grade schools didn’t offer lunches or have a cafeteria. You had no choice BUT to bring a lunch.
    In high school there was a cafeteria but I never ate there. It was all junk food.

  20. rc1001 Says:

    Wow my best friend is home from work today with a bad back too! Crazy!

    I can’t believe what they serve to kids in the lunch room. I hope when I have kids to send them with a packed healthy and tasty lunch every day. Those cheesy breadsticks don’t even look like food!!! (But I bet they taste delicious)

    2. My favorite way to stretch is right before doing a dance class! And then dancing. 🙂

    3. Yep! Went and voted during lunch time with my fiance. 🙂

  21. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) Says:

    I hate pinched nerves and I swear I get them all the time. When I get them, I sleep with a pillow rolled under my neck to elongate my neck. It isn’t the most comfortable way to sleep, but it does help relieve pressure. I don’t have a foam roll and have never used one, but it sounds handy. I hope you feel better soon!

  22. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    Yummy, those dippers look good!

    I love my foam roller (perhaps a little to much ha).

  23. grocery goddess jen Says:

    I hope you feel better soon! And that you never look like the person foam-rolling in that picture 🙂

    I mostly packed lunches, but if I got school lunch I always went for the mashed potatoes or tater tots. Um, that doesn’t sound like much of a lunch.

    I voted early a couple of weeks ago. Yay for getting it over with!

  24. Naomi(onefitfoodie) Says:

    def love hate with the foam roller! i love it on my quads and IT band but it hurts so bad!! i love stretching my hamstrings with dynamic stretching (warm up while i stretch!)

  25. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    ok school lunches, my god, our schools were probably 100 miles from each other and yes, served the same food. Dont even get me started that they’re STILL serving it to kids, ie. childhood obesity, diabetes, etc…not that some things are “awful” but really. Seeing the pic of the fake cheese, gluten city, and dairy. Well, not exactly music to this GF Vegans ears 🙂

    I have never foam rolled in my life. But I actually love massages so hard that they hurt. CAll me a little S & M i guess 🙂 But really, I can write you more about it but I have terrible, terrible knots in my back and neck. Awful. Always.

    Things that help include massage, acupuncture and for you, this is huge…anything acute like a pinched nerve, get an acupu treatment. Call a local school if you cant afford full price. Worth it and will clear you up in a heartbeat. Or a chiropractor.

    And make sure you have enough Magnesium in your diet. Google Peter Gilham’s Natural Calm magnesium. This will prevent muscles and nerves from getting in a little wadded up ball. Order it from iherb.com (i have a code if you need one) but if you’re desperate, just buy it from WF’s. MAGIC for muscles and sleeping. Truly. the best!

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