That Damn Bear

Hi Friends! I hope you’re having a great morning so far.

Around Holidays or special occasions (anniversaries, etc) Jason and I usually sneak out to buy each other gifts (or we buy online!). Before Christmas, Jason had cleaned part of his office at work and brought home a few bags of stuff.

I naturally thought my gift was mixed up in the bags, so jokingly, I reached for the bag and asked “is my gift in here?” and Jason replied “nope, go ahead”. I reach in the bag and find

I said “what is this?”

Jason obviously looked bummed and I could tell that the bear was a part of my gift. He told me he forgot he had it in one of the bags. And I know I sound totally ungrateful, but never in a million years would I guess that Jason would get me a stuffed bear for a gift. It just isn’t my thing!

We don’t really have stuffed animals (they drive me nuts because where do they go? On the bed? On a shelf?) Stuffed animals from my childhood are stuffed in this bin:

Out of sight, not cluttering up my house!

So back to the bear. What do I do with this? At first I told Jason to take him back to work (jokingly, but I was kind of serious too!)

But he’s still here. And Jason keeps “hiding” him in my car each morning before work:

He is always someplace new every morning when I leave for work.

And then when I get home from work I return the favor:

I finally found a great place:

That way Jason will see him as soon as he parks his car (he backs his car into the garage)

I really hate that damn bear, but I’m starting to like him more and more 🙂

Have a great Thursday!


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21 Responses to “That Damn Bear”

  1. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle Says:

    That’s hilarious that you guys keep moving him!

    I am with you though, stuffed animals are so not my thing, and I too, keep my childhood stuffed animals in a crate not cluttering up the house.

  2. bakebooks Says:

    WTG on that run! Do you go to a gym?

  3. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    bahaha. That is seriously the funniest thing I have ever heard. Aram always buys me more and more stuffed penguins and I have yet to find out what to do with them all…

    • Holly Says:

      I have a friend who collects penguin stuff — in high school she had tons and tons of stuffed animals and ornaments — now I’m pretty sure they are all in a box stored away!

  4. Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin Says:

    Hahaha how funny that you guys hide the bear on each other! I agree with your sentiment about stuffed animals though – where DO they go?

    • Holly Says:

      Yep, when you’re young you can put them on your bed or keep them on your dresser or something — I just don’t think they “go” in my house at all!

  5. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    OMG..this is frickin’ hilarious. That must bring a smile to your face every day when you discover it somewhere new. Love it!

  6. Gabriela @ Fro-Yo Lover Says:

    Hahahahaha – you guys sure know how to make the most out of “tricky” situations, hahaha!
    I just can’t stop laughing, hahahaha 😉

  7. retzersintexas Says:

    holly… terrifying. now do a blog about don.

  8. Jess Says:

    i loved stuff animals when i was little, so i still like to cuddle with them now (i’m a bit of a 5 year old). i love how you are hiding him on each other- so funny!

  9. purplebirdblog Says:

    This is so funny. I love the bear hide and seek! I am actually a sucker for cute stuffed animal dogs, and they reside on top of the bookshelf in my office. Yes, I’m 5 and proud of it. 😉

  10. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    hahahaha!! That’s hilarious! So cute!

  11. Cathy K Says:

    i have a few stuffed animals that i kept from childhood, but i’m with you…really not into them now. if the husband gave me one now, i’d likely give him “a look!”
    that being said, very funny that you guys are hiding the bear for each other – love it!
    my mom and i have done that kind of thing in the past with a realllly tacky china knickknack that one of us received…we’d hide it in the other’s house…sometimes, it wasn’t found for quite a while!

    • Holly Says:

      That is hilarious about the knickknack thing. We usually put the bear in an easy to find place — but I can see us losing him for a day or two. Sometimes when I clean the house I find random birthday cards/anniversary cards hidden (Jason hid them and forgot about them apparently!)

  12. Allie (Live Laugh Eat) Says:

    So cute!! I love that the bear is growing on you. The jacket spot is the funniest one. I wish I could see Jason’s face after he parks the car. You should set up a hidden camera there 🙂

  13. Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down) Says:

    The bear is too cute. I love that you both find hiding places to surprise the other. 😀

  14. Alaina Says:

    Those are so freakin’ cute! Haha. Love the bear sticking out from under the seat.

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