Recipe Fail: Eggs to the Rescue

Hi Friends 🙂

The weekend is almost here!

Have you ever seen someone that you SWEAR you know – but you can’t figure out from where? There is a girl at my gym that I have seen twice now – and I know I know her, but I can’t place her. Did I work with her? Is she one of my sisters’ friends? Or does she just look like someone I know? If I see her again I will ask her, even though I feel really creepy just thinking about doing that.

Has this happened to you? How did you deal with it?

Since I’m trying to keep track on the blog, here are my treadmill stats for the day:

On Wednesday night the plan was to make dinner incorporating a new recipe from this cookbook:

The recipe is called Roasted Cauliflower with Dates and Pine Nuts.

Sounds good, right? Here is the picture. I thought it looked really delicious:

And here is how my attempt turned out:

It turned out horrible. I burnt most of it because a glass fell (as I was putting clean dishes away) and a piece of glass fell near my foot, cut through my sock and into my foot. At first I thought I only cut my sock but then I looked down and saw my bloodstained sock and ran upstairs to get a bandaid – it took me a while to hop on one leg up the stairs (didn’t want to stain the carpet, but I did anyway) and then by the time I got downstairs the sauce had burned and there was nothing I could do. AAHHHHH!!

I needed something for dinner, so I turned to my stand-by: EGGS. I made a eggs benedict type of dish, almost like a deconstructed spinach omelet (who has been watching too much Top Chef? ME!) It only used 4 ingredients:


Garlic Gold Olive Oil



Salt/Pepper (on the show 5 Ingred Fix, salt/pepper is a freebie, so it doesn’t count!)

First I roasted up my tomatoes in the Garlic Gold oil:

Then I wilted my spinach and cooked my egg. All together now:

I love eggs and I love any excuse to make them. Even if it involves wasting forty minutes on a recipe that ends up burning on the stove. 😦

What do you do when a recipe doesn’t turn out quite right? Do you try to fix it or do you pitch it and move on? For me, if it burns or way overcooks, I pitch it. Otherwise, I put on a happy face and eat my meal anyway.

Have a great day!


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30 Responses to “Recipe Fail: Eggs to the Rescue”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Awww, so sorry about the cauliflower. I hope you’ll try the recipe again! I’ve been known to create some pretty vile dishes. If my husband is around, I make him eat it. If he isn’t, then I stick it in my fridge for a week before throwing it out. See? I always have a plan!

  2. blackhuff Says:

    I never try to fix a recipe that did not come out righ. My patience for that is just not enough. I just throw it away and make something else, just like you, something fast and healthy.

  3. Fit Chick Britt Says:

    Sounds like you had a rough night! I love eggs too. If i see someone that looks familiar I usually don’t say anything until I can remember where I know them from 🙂

  4. IHeartVegetables Says:

    Oh no! Your poor foot! I hope you’re ok 😦

    At least your “Stand by” dinner looks delicious!

  5. Beth Says:

    Ugh what a nightmare! I haaaaaate breaking glass, but I do it way too frequently, and pieces always end up all over the kitchen. Too bad about that dish not working out – it sounds fabulous! Eggs are always a good backup, in my opinion. I love them any time of day!

    • Holly Says:

      I was so bummed — and even though I cleaned the floor really really well, I keep thinking I missed a piece of glass and either Jason or I will step on it 😦

  6. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle Says:

    If I see someone I think I know, sometimes I will approach them, if I can do it without seeming like a stalker…and I usually start out with normal conversation and then say “do I know you from somewhere?”

    With meals, I will usually eat it unless it’s so completely ruined the sight of it gags me. I hate wasting food!

    • Holly Says:

      This has happened before — where I saw someone I thought I knew. For that instance, I was able to check around on facebook — she was a friend of a friend. Then next time I saw her I was able to talk to her. This girl though? No clue!

  7. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    It’s nice to see we all make mistakes ;-P I’ve had recipe fails as well and will do my best to salvage, but usually end up eating popcorn 😉

  8. Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh, I am a total creep with seeing people that I know I know from somewhere. My problem is that I have a great (or maybe not so great…) memory for faces. As in… I will see you at the grocery store and then see you later somewhere else and be convinced that I know you because I’ve seen you before.

    Creepy story: I went to a mom’s stay and play at a local kids play place (O2B Kids… don’t know if they have that in other states) and there was this woman there who had these awesomly toned arms. I guess I must have stared at her for awhile (jealous of those arms) because a few weeks later I ran a half marathon and she was there… I KNEW I had seen her before but could not place her at all.

    The following weekend she called me (got my number from another woman I babysit for) and asked me to babysit for her. Later when I checked out the results from the half marathon I recognized her name and was finally able to place her and realize why I had recognized her at the half marathon. She’s even in the background of one of my pictures. How creepy.

    • Holly Says:

      This is a hilarious story. I also usually remember EVERYONE — cashiers, sales people, friends of friends, who is in what movie, etc. But your story is over the top — did you ever explain the whole story to her?

      • Sharon Says:

        I love your new trick with the email when you reply! So handy!

        I did end up telling her. Thankfully she didn’t find it too creepy, she says she has a great memory for faces too and has had similar experiences. I left out the part about my toned arm jealousy 😉

  9. AllieNic Says:

    I’ve had many a recipe FAIL lately– I usually pretend that it’s fine…and force myself to eat some…and then realize that’s actually not fine…in fact, it’s disgusting…and toss it…or try to make it into something else.

    I always see people that I think I know from somewhere…college and high school friends blend together these days…I usually pretend I don’t see them unless they see me…because I’m socially awkward like that.

    • Holly Says:

      I’ve done that too — where we’ll sit down to eat and we’ll both take a few bites and Jason will express that he doesn’t like it, but I am determined that it taste good. After a few more bites I realize how awful it is, pitch it, and make something else.

      That is my reaction too! I pretend I don’t see them or I pretend I’m looking at something beyond where they are. Ha!

  10. purplebirdblog Says:

    I’ve taken to pitching stuff I’m not pleased with (taste-wise, not presentation-wise) instead of trying to force my way through it… too many good foods out there to waste tastebuds on something nasty! 😉 And I ate scrambled eggs over a salad for dinner last night… eggs rule my world.

  11. Jess Says:

    I LOVE eggs. They are such a GREAT source of protein (and yummy-ness) 😀

  12. leashieloo Says:

    It’s a shame about your foot (and burnt food), but I must admit those eggs look extremely appetizing. So you kind of won in the end?

  13. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    I will try and fix a recipe if it doesn’t come out..but if it’s just not happening, I cry and lock myself in the bedroom (kidding).

    Eggs would probably b my go to, or peanut butter and jelly!

  14. Amanda Says:

    Sorry about your recipe disaster, I love that 5 ingredient fix show, I watch it all the time while I work out LOL. But your egg dinner looks yummy!

    I totally pitch it when a recipe turns out horrible unless it can be recycled into something else, like a couple weeks ago, some coconut macaroon cookies didn’t hold together, so I just used it as yogurt and oatmeal toppings.

  15. 1970kikiproject Says:

    ouch on your flying glass and foot fiasco!! glad you’re ok. broken glass just goes EVERYWHERE and you keep finding shards for days…be careful!!!
    i love eggs for dinner – in fact, scrambling one and throwing it on a salad beast as we speak (late dinner tonight)!

  16. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    omg the glass!!

    jessica/how sweet (a dear friend) just had that happen to her w/ a pyrex baking dish and blogged about it.

    thank god your ok but holy hell and what a nightmare to cook a recipe. That ended up being a dud.

    In cases like that, i would have thrown the whole thing just b/c it seemed like a bad karma situation all the way around. Most other things, i.e. desserts, i somehow try to salvage.

    Girl at your gym, just ask her, hey i swear i know you, where did you go to h.s./college/etc. and that will open the door 🙂

    • Holly Says:

      As silly as it sounds, what I hated most about that recipe being ruined is that there were dates involved. I love dates and to see them spoiled just sucks. Plus medjool dates around here are not super cheap!

      I agree with you about desserts — they seem to always turn out ok, you just might have to add a ton more sugar to make it work!

  17. Jo Says:

    if it’s burnt, there’s no salvaging it, in my opinion. best to just toss it. eggs are fantastic! my favourite eggs side? chopped tomatoes with oregano, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. although winter tomatoess = blah, so maybe not right now. 🙂

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