Success in the Kitchen: Salmon Patties

Hi Friends!

Well I’m not technically starting Marathon training until next week, but I am already skipping workouts! But, I have a good excuse. With that cut on my foot from Wednesday, I really don’t want it to get infected, so I skipped my Thursday run in hopes of the wound healing properly. Ok it was Jason’s idea. And I was ok with having a reason to not go to the gym!

So instead, I worked on making a delicious dinner. I had a large salad with some roasted veggies on top along with:


I found the recipe on The Non-Dairy Queen’s site a few days ago and it looked so easy and yet so delicious that I knew I had to try it. Plus I had a can of salmon in my cupboard just begging to be used.

You can find the recipe here. The only change I made was adding some Old Bay seasoning.

Sarena these were delicious! I had one crumbled on my salad and one with a big blob of ketchup.

One of my goals for February was preparing two new recipes each week. Wednesday night was supposed to be one of my new recipes 😦 But it burnt, remember? I’m still kind of upset about that cauliflower dish being ruined — I was so looking forward to it. But these salmon patties totally made up for it!

But I already have a recipe picked out for tonight and it involves:

An ingredient I have used only once before!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Are you a salmon fan? What about quinoa? Any guesses as to what I’m making?

29 Responses to “Success in the Kitchen: Salmon Patties”

  1. blackhuff Says:

    I have no guess as to what you are planning to make but I am burning of curiosity.
    I am a big fan of salmon, just a pity that it is so damn expensive here in South Africa.
    I am buying some Quinoa this coming weekend which will be the first time. Very interested in tasting it though.
    Weekend plans is to visit some friends 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate Says:

    Totally making those patties ASAP 😉

  3. Katherine: Unemployed Says:

    this is the best recipe I have ever seen with pattie in the title! I would love to test this out sometime

  4. Jen @ keepitsimplefoods Says:

    Love salmon cakes (patties) for dinner. They whip up fast and are always super tasty!

  5. Beth Says:

    I loooooove quinoa and salmon, both. I got some salmon burgers that are frozen the last time I was at Trader Joe’s! Are you making quinoa burgers?? 🙂

  6. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) Says:

    Yay! You liked them! They are so freankin’ easy and good for you too! I love it! Quinoa is one of my favorite ingredients, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  7. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    Love quinoa..super versatile. You can make pretty much any “salad” out of quinoa as a base or use it as a filling in stuffed peppers. Possiblities are endless.

    Nay to salmon..yuck 😉

  8. Christin@purplebirdblog Says:

    Mmmmm, salmon patty dipped in ketchup sounds just about perfect right now. 🙂

  9. Parita@myinnershakti Says:

    Hi! I LOVE quinoa! I usually combine it with veggies like I would rice, or I add Indian spices to it and eat it with yogurt. Yum! Are you making…stuffed peppers???

  10. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    I live TJ’s quinoa!! And quinoa in the midst of creating a sweet recipe with it now 🙂

    I hope your foot heals soon!! You were smart to lay off. Have a great weekend!

  11. emily (a nutritionist eats) Says:

    Salmon is my favorite fish/protein.
    I did have a not so good can experience (I was NOT expecting the bones) and have been terrified of it ever since!

    • Holly Says:

      I wasn’t expecting the bones either! I was definitely grossed out for a while. But I just picked them all out (there was some skin in there too).

  12. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    I used to LOVE when my mom made salmon cakes when I was growing up! So tasty 🙂 And I’m a huge fan of quinoa–my favorite way to eat it is as a salad base with lots of veggies and toasted nuts. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  13. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    Holy Moly, those look delicious and not too difficult to make. I really might have to give that a try. I’m pretty basic in cooking, grilled salmon and then steaming some veggies ha.

  14. 1970kikiproject Says:

    the salmon patties look and sound delicious! i DO like salmon so i am intrigued! never tried quinoa…i am going to guess a casserole?! really have no clue! can you do a pilaf?!
    good call on resting the foot and not taking chances…those husbands just come through with the commonsense ideas sometimes!

  15. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    I’m definitely a salmon fan!! These patties look amazing, too.
    Hope your cut heals alright..that definitely reason enough to skip the gym. Better to let it heal then having to mess with it during training. :/

  16. Jess Says:

    Those sound AMAZING!!

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    I love salmon, I just dont eat it anymore. I ate it while I was pregnant and that’s the last time. I am halfway allergic to fish…sometimes I get reactions, sometimes I dont. Who knows but it’s not worth chancing it.

    Scott would LOVE these. I love the things Sarena (and you) make!

    And quinoa…a fan to an extent. I never just sit down to a bowl of quinoa, but it’s a versatile GF grain to cook with IN recipes.

  18. Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel Says:

    could it be that ur body is sort of rebelling before u know u have to train for the marathon? at least thats what happened to me lol.

    sarena rocks with her gluten-free recipes, and even if they werent gluten-free they would still be as popular as they are! these patties look exquisite !!! ❤

  19. simplynutritiouskate Says:

    ooh yuum I love salmon patties and yours look amazing

  20. Kate Says:

    i love quinoa and am kind of hit and miss with salmon. the bones in a canned variety sketch me out a bit.

    plan for the weekend? selling snot loads of chocolate to the citizens of st paul. yehaw!

  21. leashieloo Says:

    I’ve eyed that quinoa before, but also have never made it in my life! Post any successes, I’d love to try them!

  22. February Goals Update « The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […]                 Salmon Patties […]

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