Saw-weet Pah-tay-toes and Keen-wah

Hi Friends!
After a long week of work, it is finally the weekend! Today Jason and I are going to my niece’s 3rd Birthday party – we are having a Tea Party (with 40 people, eek!). I can’t wait to see her. She is such a sweetheart.
Seeing my niece (the daughter of Jason’s brother and his wife) immediately makes me think of my sister, my brother-in-law and their two children. They all live in Oklahoma (we live in Minnesota). I so wish I could see them more often, but it is a 14 hour drive and there are no direct flights (ok, no CHEAP direct flights) from MN to Oklahoma City. I stop and think about those kids every once in a while – Flora and Henry are so incredibly adorable and sweet.
As silly as it sounds, I always think of Flora when I have a sweet potato. My sister has a book about making your own baby food, and it shows pictures of the different vegetable and fruit purees you can make. When I saw Flora last June, she kept asking me to read her that page. I would read one, and then she would repeat it. She would enunciate each syllable. It was so cute.
Me: mashed potatoes
F: mashed Pah-Tay-TOES
Me: sweet potatoes
F: Sah-Weet Pah-Tay-TOES
Me: Parsnips
F: Pow-Snips
Last night I had a sweet potato with dinner and I immediately thought of Flora and I can’t keep my mind off of her. I love her so much!

I enjoyed my sweet potato with some quinoa…

Click here for the recipe at Beth’s Journey. I followed it exactly, except I used a smaller amount of cumin and added some garlic salt instead (I’m not a huge cumin fan)

Beth is so amazing – I have been reading her blog for a long time. And when I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it! Beth they turned out fabulous, thanks for sharing that recipe with us! Jason loved it — he said “I don’t know if these took a lot of time, but we need to eat more of these” – thankfully they were easy to put together, I think it took 35 minutes total from start to finish!

February Goal: Make at least 2 new recipes each week:
Recipe 1: The Non-Dairy Queen’s Salmon Patties on Thursday
Recipe 2: Beth’s Quinoa Burgers on Friday
Goal completed for this week! Woohoo!
*Did you make any new recipes this week that I *need* to try next week? I’m up for a challenge, so let me know!
*What are your plans for the weekend?
*Does your family live near you? Or do you have to travel often to see family members?

Have a great weekend!  ~Holly

11 Responses to “Saw-weet Pah-tay-toes and Keen-wah”

  1. Beth Says:

    Aww yay! So glad you liked these and that Jason did too! And I LOVE little kids. That list is adorable!

  2. Cathy K Says:

    ooo have fun at your niece’s bday party! that is going to be so cute!!
    i am seeing my nieces this aft, too, and also can.not.wait!! they are the apples of my eye.
    bummer about the expensive flights and long distance between you and your “sweet potato” niece – will you able to see them in summer holidays, maybe??
    i didn’t really cook at all this week, so nothing to share! i like the sounds of beth’s burgers, though!

  3. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate Says:

    You don’t like cumin? You might not like my recipes 😉

  4. Peggy Says:

    Great job on completing your weekly goal!

  5. Christina @ Food.Fun.Fabulous. Says:

    I made Holly’s Double Strawberry Muffins the other day – DELICIOUS! Not sure if you were only looking for dinner recipes but this was the only new thing I’ve tried this lately 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

  6. Jess Says:

    That is so adorable!!

  7. Parita@myinnershakti Says:

    I attended my cousin’s birthday party this weekend! So fun! Since I am moving around for work right now, family is never that close. And you’re right, it’s hard to find cheap tickets nowadays…you really have to look. Thank goodness for Skype, gchat, Facebook, etc. 🙂

  8. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    This weekend, I just had a swim meet. I did, however, get to see my dad who drove all the way from VA to NY to watch me swim. So much fun.

  9. Christin@purplebirdblog Says:

    My family is all up in Washington State, and I’m down here in Texas. I don’t get to see them near enough!

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