Results & March Goals

Hi Friends 🙂

Well I’ve finished Catching Fire and tonight I will start the 3rd book Mockingjay. I am in love with these books and you will not regret picking them up.

Anywho – I did pretty well with my February goals, here is a quick recap:

1. Follow Marathon training plan – CHECK!

I do need to continue to work on stretching/foam rolling each day. It does help me, I just need to do it!

2. Read 2 books – DOUBLE CHECK!

Love and Respect

In Defense of Food

The Great Fitness Experiment

The Hunger Games

3. Try 2 new recipes per week – CHECK

Microwave Banana Cakes

Spinach Pancakes

Orange-Cilantro Black Bean Salad

Salmon Patties

Quinoa Burgers

Strawberry Bread

Vegan Alfredo

Eggs baked in Tomato Sauce

Egg Souffle

Avocado Pasta

Tortilla Casserole

4. Stay on budget – CHECK!

Jason and I were able to save a good amount of money this month. By the way we use for budgeting/money planning purposes.

5. Blog more consistently – CHECK!

I think I missed 2 days of blogging in all of February which is definitely a success for me.


March Goals:

1. Get new blog up and running (!!!)

2. Continue with Marathon training & foam roll every day.

I have to do it – it helps my leg feel better while running and after running. Don’t worry, this is not something I will update you on every day!

3. Try 2 new recipes each week

I liked this one from February so I’m going to keep it going. As always, I will take suggestions on what to try!

4. Have at least one fun date night with Jason each week.

Don’t get me wrong – I love going out to eat once in a while or making a nice dinner at home – but this sounded like a fun goal to have, so we’re going for it. I also have seen some great Groupon deals lately (like scuba diving lessons and rock climbing!) and I thought it’d be fun to turn those into “date nights”.

5. Read these two books

Omnivore’s Dilemma

 Born to Run

(any other book on top of those coughtheothertwohungergamesbookscough is great, but I for sure want to get through those 2 books)

6. Stay on budget and save $XXX

I don’t want to get into specifics here, but I know what the X’s stand for and we will save that amount. One of our big goals for 2011 is building our savings, so every month counts!

And that’s it for now! I’ve got a book to go read.

What is one goal you are working on this week?

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19 Responses to “Results & March Goals”

  1. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    OOH I cannot wait to see your new blog design. That bread looks so good.

    My goal this week is to eat healthy and try to cross train since I can’t run right now (I obviously cannot eat like I’m running ha…).

  2. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) Says:

    I want to lower our outgoing bills. I am really going to work on getting things down so we can save money. Great job on the goals! I can’t wait to see the new blog design!

  3. Beth Says:

    This week I’m trying to figure out how to use my HD Flip video camera thing so I can start doing some vlogging!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Well, I have 3 goals…
    Wear something handmade everyday
    Join a gym and do 3 workouts(at least 1 spin class and 1 run)
    Eat 3 meatless non-breakfast meals

  5. Katie Says:

    Unfortunately, my only goal for March is to finish my dissertation. If I don’t, I won’t graduate this spring. That’s some serious incentive!

  6. 1970kikiproject Says:

    oh, i can’t wait to hear what you think of ‘born to run,’ holly! i loved parts and was bored in parts…see what you think!
    CONGRATS on all your february achievements! i love how you have a mix of goals – everything from the marathon to finances.
    your march goals sound very achieveable, too! i like the date nights, the foam rolling 🙂 and the book reading, esp! can’t wait to hear!
    this week i am madly trying to organize leaving for vacation this weekend!! please 24 MORE hours per day?!!
    have a great day!

  7. Heather Says:

    You did awesome with your February goals!! Congrats. Thanks for posting all of those recipes, I want to try the salmon cakes.
    My goal for this month is to be consistent with my running and weight training.

  8. Christin@purplebirdblog Says:

    Nice list! My major goal this week is to have a new job by the end of it! Waiting to hear back from one place I interviewed and I have another interview this afternoon! 🙂

  9. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle Says:

    My goal this week is actually STICK to my workout plan that I set for myself on Sunday. I very rarely stay on path and end up not getting certain workouts in, etc. I am doing good so far! Only 3 more days to go and Friday is a rest day so I’m looking good 😉

  10. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    You ROCKED your February goals! I’m so impressed! And such good book choices, too. I can’t wait to see the face of your new blog!

    My goal for this month is to drink 1 more glass of water each day and to integrate Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown into my workout routine at least 1 day a week 🙂

  11. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    Great job, Holly! You are so good with your goal setting!

    I need to get my tax stuff organized, that is one of my goals this week. Eeek….gives me anxiety!

  12. Holly@ChunkyMonkey Says:

    Love the goal setting and follow up. I need to try that kind of accountability myself. I loved that you posted Born to Run…I JUST ordered it this morning.

  13. bakebooks Says:

    Not eating a bag of chocolate every night.

    And not hating myself for it so terribly after I do…:(

    BUT – STRAWBERRY BREAD!! Holy smokes – love it – looks so moist. Going to check that out.

    I think I should make that a goal…to make different stuff (actually I don’t think, I KNOW).

  14. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    Good job on meeting all your goals!!

  15. Parita @ myinnershakti Says:

    I love setting goals and more importantly accomplishing them! Go you! My big goal for the week is to prepare for a new role I am starting at work next week. There is so much to do and I feel like there is so little time!

  16. mostlyfitmom Says:

    Good for you, Holly! One goal I have this week is to plan something fun for March, so that I have something to look forward to.

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    congrats on accomplishing all these goals!

    saving money
    blogging more consistently (and for dealing w/ the major headaches involved in migrating!)

    I think having a date nite sounds GREAT!

    I am working on sleeping more than 4 hrs a nite. 🙂

  18. Homemade Blueberry Pop-Tarts « The Couch Potato Athlete Says:

    […] been slacking with my March goals – one of them being “try 2 new recipes per week”. I just couldn’t decide on what to make! A […]

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