Homemade Blueberry Pop-Tarts

Hi Friends!

I think next week will be Paying off Debt/Budgeting week – I’ve been working on a few posts but I keep adding more info, so maybe on Monday I’ll finally have one of those posts up. Believe me I love talking about budgeting, I just want to make sure I’m explaining everything in the best way. If you have any questions that you want covered, you can email me at couchpotatoathlete (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a question in the comment section below. 🙂

I ran 3 miles yesterday and it felt good – my knees are feeling good and the 30 minutes or so flew by pretty quickly. Maybe it was because I was going to go home and make homemade pop-tarts!

 I’ve been slacking with my March goals – one of them being “try 2 new recipes per week”. I just couldn’t decide on what to make! A few days ago I got an email from Jason while I was at work – it was about making homemade pop-tarts.

Let me explain. Jason loves pop-tarts. I’m sure at his office he has 2-3 boxes of pop-tarts. I love them too – but I don’t eat them anymore. They don’t fill me up and the ingredient list is ridiculous.

The website made it sound so simple: make a pie crust, divide it up and roll into squares, place filling on top, place another square of dough on top of that, bake and enjoy.

I used Martha’s recipe for pie crust (who better than the master?) and made ½ batch (enough for 1 pie crust) and I used whole wheat flour. The dough was a little tough to work with, but it ended up alright. For the filling, I used 1 cup frozen blueberries and 2 TBSP brown sugar – I microwaved that in a bowl for about 1-2 minutes stirring every now and then. You could also heat them on the stovetop. The funnest part was putting them together and crimping the edges together (to make them more authentic, dontcha think?). They are so cute!


I’m sure you could just call these mini blueberry pocket pies, but I’m sticking with calling them pop-tarts. I think if I had used all-purpose flour they would have turned out a little better – not so thick perhaps. Either way they tasted amazing. I wouldn’t put one in the toaster though – I’d end up with blueberry goo all over my poor toaster.

These tasted so good and seriously — Martha’s recipe for pie crust is so delicious. There is a ton of butter in there so obviously it tastes good 🙂

*What are your plans for the weekend?

*What is your favorite flavor of pop-tarts? And if you don’t like pop-tarts, what is your favorite pie flavor? and if you don’t like pie, what do you like?!?!


Spiderman Bread

*Happy Birthday to Jason! *

I’m only working a ½ day today, then I’m heading down to Jason’s work (about 30 minutes south of where I work) to meet him for lunch. Hopefully he’ll get out of work early – if not, I’ll hang out at a coffee shop and finish up

I’m kind of surprised that this book is taking me so long to finish – The Hunger Games took me 2-3 days to finish? And same with Catching Fire? No matter, I will finish Mockingjay soon enough 🙂

I baked some cookies for Jason to bring to work– please tell me that you used to bring treats for your classmates when it was your birthday. I was just remembering that for years we were able to bring in homemade treats and then suddenly you had to bring in storebought, prepackaged items.

I used Phoebe’s Grandmother’s recipe  🙂  and these chips (milk chocolate/PB swirled chips??? yes please)

They turned out so good – not one of them burned or fell apart and when I removed them from the cookie sheet. I mean, how can you go wrong with the Nestle Tollhouse cookies?

And because I have no way to smoothly transition into this next part of the post, here it is.

Jason loves Spiderman – as evidenced by the gift bag from his Mom (given to him over the weekend) — and you don’t even want to know about all of the Spiderman stuff in our house!

And check out the piece of bread that I made into toast (ta-da!) as part of Jason’s breakfast:

Are you kidding me?!?!?! That piece of bread was MADE for him!!!

Peanut Chocolate Souffles

Hi Friends 🙂
Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? Did you go anything exciting? Jason loved his giant Reese’s Heart:

And he got me a new Blu Ray player!!! Our old one crapped out a few weeks ago — so this was such a nice surprise!

The Vegan Alfredo was so good that we had it again on Valentine’s Day. 

We had the rest of the Alfredo from yesterday, but I added some chopped chicken breast and sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast on top. For dessert we had Peanut Chocolate Souffles! I bought these little ramekins from Target on Sunday and then I stumbled across a Souffle recipe on the Weight Watchers site. I switched up a few things so here is the recipe:

Peanut Chocolate Souffles (serves 2)

1 TBSP peanut flour (you could use regular flour, it would be a chocolate souffle instead)

1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder

3 TBSP sugar (divided)

3 TBSP soy milk

1 egg white

powdered sugar to sprinkle on top

In a small saucepan, whisk together flour, cocoa powder and 2 TBSP sugar. Stir over medium heat and slowly add milk. Whisk/stir for about 2 minutes, until ingredients are well mixed. Set aside to cool for 5 minutes. Whisk the egg white until soft peaks form, then slowly add the sugar. Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg white carefully. Pour into 2 greased ramekins (just use cooking spray) and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

My souffles didn’t really rise — I’m not sure if I didn’t stir the egg white enough, or if peanut flour didn’t work well, or if the soy milk didn’t work well. Either way, it didn’t look the best, but it sure tasted good. Kind of like a gooey peanut butter brownie 🙂

I also finished one of my books last night!

I really enjoyed reading this book. For anyone who is interested, please recognize that this is a Christian book about marriage. All of the principles reviewed in the book relate to Bible passages or stories. The author’s website explains it this way:

 “We believe love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man. Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband most often reacts when feeling disrespected and a wife reacts when feeling unloved. “

The principles are pretty simple if you think about it, and the author sure repeats himself over and over to get his point across. I think the book could have been half as long and just as effective. Maybe it is because the author is a man, but I felt as though the author tended to “blame” wives for issues in marriages moreso then the husbands. Honestly the best point in the book is to communicate with your partner — don’t go to bed angry, don’t be afraid to disagree, don’t hold back your feelings, and show your partner love and respect — these are things most people know already, but sometimes we all need reminders! I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading books about marriage and how to better communicate with your partner.

Now I am moving onto In Defense of Food  I have 14 days to get through it!

*How was your Valentine’s Day?

*How do you like to revamp leftovers? Or do you even like leftovers?

Enjoy your day!


Easy Peasy Pumpkiny Muffiny

Hi Friends 🙂
Well, it only took me an hour and a half to get to work on Monday (usually it takes me 25-30 minutes…) It seems the amount of snow + budget cuts (?) equals terrible driving conditons, roads not paved well and tons of cars (and semi trucks!) in the ditch and blocking complete roads. Hopefully within a day or two things will be better!
Yesterday I was reading Shanna’s blog – and I saw the super easy fudge recipe she used — and it made me think of an old favorite: cake mix + can of pumpkin + chocolate chips = easy muffins.
I have been a baking fiend lately, and yesterday was no exception.
Easy Peasy Pumpkiny Muffiny
1 box cake mix (spice cake, yellow cake or devils food cake would work well)
1 15oz. can pumpkin
1/2 bag chocolate chips (or maybe pecans?)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees (or whatever the box mix specifies). Combine the cake mix with the pumpkin — keep stirring, it WILL eventually combine 🙂 Throw in chocolate chips and fold together. Drop by spoonfuls into prepared muffin tins (or muffin liners) – batter will be pretty thick. Bake for 17-20 minutes (or whatever the box mix specifies).
Out of the oven:
As you can see, they don’t “rise” much — but they are pretty dense little muffins.
I want to say thank you to Katie for sending me this adorable prize (I won her blogiversary giveaway):
Can you tell what it is? (not the chocolate bar…) It is a CUPCAKE HAT!!!
Katie I absolutely love it — and I have worn it every.single.day since I got it!
Question: What is your favorite muffin? Banana nut is my favorite, and Averie’s recipe is really really good 🙂

Chocolate Dipped Holiday Pretzels

Hi Friends 🙂
Here are a few more snow pictures from over the weekend:
Look at all the snow on our roof!!!
On Saturday Jason decided to go see how deep the snow was: (over his knees!!!)
On Sunday we were basically snowed in again, but I (foolishly) drove to Walgreens to pick up our Christmas photos — and got stuck on the way 😦 Thankfully a few people stopped to help push my car — that was so nice of them! I was planning on going to a Cookie Baking party, but that got postponed until next weekend…so I decided to do more holiday baking on my own.
Chocolate Dipped Holiday Pretzels
Here is what you need: pretzel rods, chocolate chips and candy. I used white chocolate chips, M&Ms, peanuts and candy canes.
The “recipe” is so simple: crush M&M’s, peanuts and candy canes (or whatever candy or nuts you are using). Melt chocolate in the microwave, roll pretzels in the chocolate and dip in the candy (or sprinkle the candy on, either would work) and set on parchment paper to dry. After a few minutes I moved them all into the freezer to chill for an hour or so.
Do you like my cute Mason jars? I bought them to use as candleholders, but they seemed like a good idea to hold my pretzels for a while 🙂
Jason was my taste tester and he liked the pretzels very much! The salty/sweet taste was apparently very good! You can check out the Christmas Crack I made on Saturday if you want another salty/sweet treat idea.
Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Are you finished with your holiday shopping?
Have a great day!

Chocolate Covered Holly

Hi Friends 🙂

Yeah, yeah, I swiped my name from Chocolate Covered Katie – and after tonight you could maybe mistake me for her! Check out the treats I made:

Peanut Butter Melties

I made some with regular old PB, Barney Butter AB and others with Nuttzo. The Barney Butter ones took FOREVER to freeze.

Once you click on the recipe you will see why this is the easiest treat you can make. 🙂 The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze!

Also in CCK’s honor, I decided to try her Single Lady Cupcake, with a few modifications. I used TJ’s Peanut Flour in CCK’s original recipe, and I also added some mashed banana and a few pecan pieces as well.

And since I’m not a single lady, maybe this is the Married Lady Who Wants to Make One Cupcake for Herself and Not Share Cupcake?

Well I did share – Jason had half and I had the other half. I would have had more but I had Peanut Butter Melties in my freezer 🙂

I think the peanut flour made it really dense — but the inside was still gooey and tasted really good. More like a muffin than a cupcake, which is fine with me!


I’ve been spending a ton of time packing and planning our trip:

I cannot wait until we leave on Thursday 🙂


1. The Peanut Butter Melties are seriously a super quick little treat – what is your favorite quick treat?

2. How do you prepare for trips? Do you make lists? Do you pack a few days ahead of time or do you pack last minute?

Costumes Fail & P.P.Pudding

Hi Friends 🙂
Well, do you have a costume picked out for this weekend? What are your plans?
Jason and I have a pumpkin carving party to go to on Saturday and then later that evening we have a Halloween party to go to. My costume making skills are not the greatest, and as I work more and more on our costumes I am getting more and more frustrated 😦

Here is the lump of fabric that SHOULD BE a nice long cloak for Jason to wear as Obi Wan Kenobi.

So after hours of work, it doesn’t really fit right — and now I just want to throw the whole thing away. I have 2 days to really get that thing put together! Wish me luck!
Workout of choice for Wednesday night was my beloved TurboFire 45EZ:

It isn’t EZ, let me tell you that much. As silly as some of the moves are, it gets my heart pumping and I can always feel it the next day.
For my post workout meal I had some Pumpkin Peanut Pudding. I got the idea from Katie, on her blog Making Food and Other Stuff.

The recipe calls for a mixture of pumpkin, peanut flour, pumpkin pie spice, ice and a bit of sweetener. I used a sprinkle of brown sugar and it seemed to do the trick! It tasted like cold pumpkin pie — without the crust obviously. Thank you Katie!
I *love* pudding. A few days ago I made this Chocolate Avocado Pudding for Jason:

I don’t remember which recipe I used, but I’ve tried both Averie’s Chocolate Mousse and Gina’s Chococado Pudding and they both taste amazing. I think I used a mixture of these recipes? Jason loved it.
1. Are you a pudding lover? What is your favorite flavor?

2. Did you watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday? Or have you ever? Do you find it to be motivating or are you just sick of it? I personally find it motivating to see the contestants working out and losing weight – although I wish it were in a more healthy way and not so drastic. I also *hate* the game play – the alliances, lying, etc. I wish the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss each week was kicked off. Keep it simple and keep the drama out of it. But then maybe no one would watch it. And don’t get me started on the product placements…those are super annoying.

3. What are your plans for Halloween? Do you hand out candy or do you go party?
Enjoy your day!

Count Choco-cado-ula

Thank you everyone for your support on taking weekends off of blogging. I want to enjoy this and I don’t want to stay up late working on a post. I’m not saying that my job and home life are suffering NOW, but late nights do take their toll on me, so I’m doing what is best for me. But who knows, maybe a weekend post will slip in now and then 🙂

Let’s just get right to the goods:

As I was picking out avocados at the store over the weekend I remembered seeing a recipe for Choco-cado pudding on Gina’s site. I knew I had to try it, so I did! I followed her recipe, but made only a ½ serving and lessened the amount of almond butter and agave.

Believe me, it still had plenty of chocolatey goodness. It made me think of this guy:

I *almost* bought of box of this cereal over the weekend but I knew I would eat all of it in one sitting so I resisted the urge. If only it came in single serving boxes! Then I could maybe trust myself. Someone PLEASE make a healthy version of Count Chocula!

I finally finished one of my Sept goal books: The Dance of Fear and I have to say I really enjoyed the last chapter:

Ha! It’s true, we all have our fears and what is important is to know that it’s ok! I am still normal! The book concluded by talking about courage: that if you are afraid of something – you need (and HAVE) courage to deal with that issue. The author writes “Everything in this world that is truly worth doing takes practice. Courage is no exception”. To me, she once again is saying “fake it til you make it”. You may not feel/be courageous right away, but with time and practice, you will be!

For me, I get anxious and nervous (and fearful many times) when I am invited to a social event: birthday party, holiday party, bonfire, out to dinner, etc. I struggle because I am introverted and yet feel the need and desire to be a part of the party – I want to be seen as friendly and fun to be with. But I don’t feel that way since I can be so shy sometimes. I seclude myself in order to keep myself from being uncomfortable and nervous. But The Dance of Fear has helped me to see that I will not wake up one day and exclaim “I love parties and I can’t wait to go to the next one!” Instead, I need to go to these situations and practice. I need to take the courage I have and use it to face my fears. And with time, I will get more comfortable and less nervous. It won’t be easy, but like the author wrote: Anything worth doing takes practice!

Sorry, just had to throw him in there 🙂


  1. Do you like those Halloween cereals? What was your favorite? Count Chocula, BooBerry or Frankenberry? My favorite has always been and always will be COUNT CHOCULA!
  2. What are you afraid of? I am afraid of many many things: spiders, snakes, rats, SHARKS, plus many other creepy crawly things!
  3. Do you dress up for Halloween? What was your favorite costume? Do you have a costume picked out for this year? My favorite costume EVER was when I dressed up as a hillbilly – I had a mullet wig, “Billy Bob teeth”, I wore a torn flannel shirt with long john bottoms and big boots. I carried a 12 pack of beer with me and it was hilarious. I was comfortable (hello long johns!) and it cost maybe $20 (mostly for the wig and beer!). I’ve been trying to come up with a good idea for Jason and me. Any ideas?

Did anyone watch Hoarders last night? The woman with all of those cats in her house made me so sad. Those poor animals! I’m glad they were able to save so many.


Almond Butter Chicken Cookies

It is almost the weekend, how exciting is that?
I’m looking forward to more Craigslist sales this weekend (hopefully) – last night we had a buyer pick up our roaster (a gift we never used and has been sitting in the box for almost a year!) and he was so excited about it! And the night before a buyer picked up our juicer (again, a gift that I used once) and she ended up emailing me later that night that they used it and loved it! It felt so good to get rid of stuff AND to give someone a good deal on good stuff 🙂

On Tuesday one of my coworkers casually mentioned how his birthday was earlier in September – and I told myself that I need to make him some cookies or something. I didn’t have time to go to the store so I tried to think of a recipe that I could make with what I had on hand. I remember seeing SOMEONE (who? I don’t remember) making Peanut Butter Finger’s flourless PB cookies and I figured that was a great choice!
I used some of the Barney Butter I won from Lindsey:

I mixed up the almond butter with an egg and 1 cup of sugar (I could have tried to make them with less sugar, but I had no time!). I baked them up and they turned out wonderful:

The best part was giving them to him. He was so happy and kind of embarrassed. Oh well. Later that morning he came to my office and here is our conversation:
Coworker: What kind of cookies were those?
Me: Um, almond butter cookies. Did you like them?
Coworker: Yes, they were great but I was wondering what you put in them.
Me: The recipe is easy: almond butter, an egg and sugar
Coworker: Oh, I thought you put chicken boullion in there because they kind of tasted like chicken.
What a hilarious thing to ask!!! I asked Jason if he could taste chicken and he said no, so I’m not sure what was up with my coworker! Ha! My coworker did tell me that they tasted good, but he just thought he had figured out the “great cookie secret”. 
As you may have noticed, my blog has something new on the sidebar. I am a Wellsphere “Top Health Blogger”. TRY TO CONTROL YOUR JEALOUSY 🙂
1. Have you ever had a recipe turn out terrible?
I think my Chicken Cookies actually taste fine…But other than that I have made cookies without flour of any kind which resulted in a pan of burnt liquidy cookie dough. What I scraped off actually tasted kind of good! And basically anytime I cook fish it is either raw on the inside or completely overdone.

2. What is your favorite nut butter? I have quite the collection now:

But I have to say that my favorite (taste wise) is Jif creamy. I know, its full of hydrogenated oils, but it tastes the best. Other than that I love Maranatha no stir natural PB. Barney is pretty good too 🙂
3. Did you watch the Top Chef reunion last night? What did you think?


September Update & Office Sabotage

Hello Friends!
Can you believe that September is half over already? No wonder if feels like Fall!
I thought this would be a good time to check out my September goals and see where I’m at:
1. Exercise consistently: Incorporate TurboFire, running and FBB workouts throughout the week, including at least one rest day and lots of foam rolling.
*I have been working out using TurboFire and FBB workouts pretty consistently, and as of a few days ago I was running as well. Now that I’m not focusing on running, I can add other activities instead. I’ve been foam rolling and resting regularly as well. GOOD
2. Continue to eat well: focus mostly on lean proteins/produce at each meal, with a sprinkle of healthy fats and carbs and a small indulgence here and there.
*My food intake has been good this month – I don’t post much of my daily food each day, mostly because that would be incredibly boring for you as a reader and me as a blogger. I’d rather write about life and other subjects! GOOD
3. Participate in Tina’s 30 Days of Reflection for Self-Love. I have been loving her series so far and I can’t wait to see the rest of the topics to unfold.  I have battled with low self esteem and self image as long as I can remember, and any guidance is appreciated!
*I have been loving Tina’s posts! The daily reflections on having confidence, appreciating our bodies and changing our perspectives have truly helped me in gaining more self confidence. When I look in the mirror I now see some good things before I notice the imperfections. I can’t say I ONLY see the good in me after only 15 days, but each day I feel a little chunk of my poor body image is being chipped away! GOOD
4. Read at least 2 non fiction books. I read plenty. Unfortunately, I have only been reading the Sookie Stackhouse books (trash!). Here are my two books that I plan to read: Dance of Fear and Love & Respect.
*I have been reading…more Sookie Stackhouse. I am halfway through Dance of Fear but I have yet to start Love and Respect. I also picked up The Highly Sensitive Person on Monday, but I will get to that book once I finish my first 2 choices. OK…
5. Attend church. I haven’t gone to church in months. I think I have a strong faith in God, but I am missing that weekly dose of worship. I plan on attending church every weekend in September.
 *To be honest, I haven’t gone to church once this month. I’ve made excuses every weekend to not attend. This is my #1 focus for the rest of the month – I feel so much better and more connected to God after attending church. I definitely need that weekly worship! NOT GOOD
6. Clean and organize. You’ve seen my garage. This month it goes away. I’m either donating or selling stuff. I need to get my car back in the garage!

*I have sold a few things on Craigslist (woohoo!), but my garage is still pretty full. My mom is coming over this weekend to pick through for good items for a work fundraiser (Hi Mom, Thanks for reading!), and then the rest will be picked up by a “we will pick up your junk” person from Craigslist. GOOD
7. Stay within our budget! Jason and I are in the process of building our savings, and that means not spending a ton of money at Target and Trader Joes. We’ve made our budget and now we just have to stick to it.
*Our budget has been great this month! We are well on our way for having extra money at the end of the month to go to savings. I encourage you to check out Dave Ramsey if you are looking into how to budget. Following his plan has helped us get on the same page with money, how to save, buying insurance, saving for retirement, saving for anything! GOOD
Everything seems to be going well this month, except I need to pick up a BOOK instead of turning on the tv and I need to get to church.
Did you make goals for September? How are you doing?
So…we had this sitting in the cupboard…
I know, I know, they are processed junk with empty calories and hydrogenated oils. But they taste great. I baked them up and they will make an awesome treat to bring into work tomorrow. I used to think that my coworkers were trying to sabotage me by bringing in treats — but I have always been able to say “yes” or “no” without any backlash. I think as long as you stick to your answer and not let yourself be swayed into saying “well, maybe I’ll have a little, ok a whole piece”. If you don’t want any, say “no thank you” and thats it! Stand your ground! I understand there are people out there who will literally shove the food in your face, or bring it to your desk, etc. When I don’t want something (either while I was in “losing mode” with Weight Watchers or if I had already had too many “treats” that day) I take it and bring it home to Jason. I usually took a picture and sent it to him to keep myself  accountable and not eat it! Worked every time 🙂
  1. How do you feel about office treats? Do they annoy you? Do you wish people would only bring in healthy foods? Do you feel pressure to eat what other people bake? I used to dread office treats, but I don’t mind them anymore. My coworkers are nice enough to not shove them in your face. Some people eat them and others don’t. We respect each other. I like to bring in treats for the warehouse employees – they love whatever I bake for them! So it’s a win-win for me, I get to bake (which I love) and I get a self esteem boost listening to the guys butter me up about my excellent baking!
  2. If you could go anywhere in the US for a vacation, where would you go? I’ve asked you all this before, but I love hearing more and more ideas. Jason and I are planning a vacation for next Spring. We have never taken a true vacation together and I’m excited about the planning!
  3. Are you going to watch the Top Chef finale tonight? Who do you want to be the winner? I hope Ed wins it all! I recently watched an episode of Iron Chef and Ed was Cat Cora’s sous chef – it was so funny to see him on another show!
Enjoy your Wednesday!