Perfection & Protein Bars

Good Morning!

I am up early to go to the St. Paul Farmers Market. I know niece F and nephew H will have a lot of fun seeing all of the fruits and veggies. They are too cute.

I’m so glad so many of you are excited about Tina’s 30 Days of Reflection plan. I love any opportunity to build others up and to learn more about myself. Please check it out if you haven’t already.

Tina posted a question yesterday that really hit home with me:

“Have you ever felt that you have to reach a certain goal or become something in order to achieve happiness?”

I have felt that way for so many years. I thought that once I achieve certain goals, that I would become a happier, more accomplished, more worthwhile person. I remember wanting to lose 20-30 lbs, be incredibly fit and toned, have a great job, have a great boyfriend/husband, have x amount of dollars in the bank, have a certain kind of car, have a certain kind of house, have great friends, be super smart, have money to travel around, etc. I wanted all of those things right away and I felt like once those goals were accomplished that I could finally start LIVING.

Well guess what. Out of that list I for sure have a great husband 🙂 but the rest of my list is not complete. And you know what? I’m ok with that. It has taken me a long time to get rid of this all-or-nothing attitude, and it still shows itself at times. I feel like my attitude has taken a turn for the better and I couldn’t be more happy about that.

How did I change my thinking? Well, it is still a constant struggle, but what helps me is staying positive. When negative thoughts enter (such as “if only I’d lose more weight, then I would be pretty, happy and people would like me more”) I immediately replace them with a positive thought (such as “I am beautiful. I am worthwhile. I have a wonderful life. I am so blessed”). And you know what? I feel better. I look at myself in the mirror differently. Instead of noticing the imperfections in the mirror, I see the positives: my strong legs, my sculpted arms, my long hair, etc.

That is a very sensitive topic for me because for so long I filled my head with negative thoughts and thought that until I was “perfect” I was worthless. Instead of practicing moderation in eating and exercise, I was either eating everything in sight and not exercising, or I was eating very little with too much exercise. Where is the healthy balance? I am by no means there, but I am working each day towards that, and each day I feel more confident in myself.

OK, lets talk about some food here 🙂

I received a lovely package in the mail yesterday from the folks at PureFit. Purefit was voted the “Nutrition Bar of the Year” by Bike magazine.

Here are just some of the highlights of PureFit bars:
-High in protein
-Non-GMO soy
-All natural
-Kosher & vegan
-Low glycemic
-No hidden carbs
-No artificial sweeteners
-No trans fatty acids
-No wheat or gluten
-No hydrogenated oils

Today I sampled the Berry Almond Crunch bar:

This tasted delicious. It was pretty smooth, and there were little chunks of granola crunch mixed in. It wasn’t chalky like some nutrition bars and it was very satisfying!  The bar was the actual size of the wrapper (you know how Larabars are about half the size of the wrapper). Check out the little chunks of berry and granola. (this is only half of the bar by the way):

Here are the other flavors:
-Granola Crunch
Almond Crunch
-Chocolate Brownie
-Peanut Butter Crunch
-Berry Almond Crunch

Please check out for more info. I was most impressed with the fact that PureFit tastes great and has no wheat, gluten or dairy! If you are interested in trying PureFit, I recommend ordering the Sample Kit – which includes 5 full size bars – one of each flavor. There are some stores that carry PureFit. Click *here* to find a location near you!  I’ll be sampling the rest of the flavors over the next few days – thanks PureFit!


Do you have an all-or-nothing attitude? What do you do to overcome that?

Here’s Tina’s question again: “Have you ever felt that you have to reach a certain goal or become something in order to achieve happiness?”

What is your favorite granola bar/protein bar?

What are your weekend plans?

Have a great day!


Chocolate Shakes & 30 Days of Reflection

Good Morning!

I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed Wendy’s post yesterday! Be sure to check out Seriously Sassy if you haven’t already!

I haven’t been getting my workouts in hardly at all this week. It is tough with family here. I had planned on getting up early in the morning to workout, but my nephew has been waking up very early – and what would I rather do: go run outside or play with my adorable nephew? Sorry, the baby always wins! Next week I’ll get back into it. I know I will.

Have you heard of Shakeology? My friend Nicole sent me a few samples to try:

Thanks Nicole! I was really excited to try these out. Check out the stats:

Wait, the nutrition is so amazing that it barely fits on the package! Here is some info from the website:

  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build long, lean muscles and reduce food cravings
  • Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases
  • 23 Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for
    optimal health
  • 140 cals per serving, 17 g protein, no refined sugars, no artificial sweeteners, gluten free, caffeine free
  • I mixed up the chocolate flavor with some almond milk and some ice. Check out how thick and delicious it turned out:

    Holy moly. That is so delicious I can barely stand it!!! It was like a chocolate milkshake. If you are interested in purchasing Shakeology, please click here.

    One last thing. I was reading Tina’s blog yesterday, and I loved her idea of 30 Days of Reflection for Self-Love.

    Her idea is to have a short post each day published with a message to reflect on each day. Here is Tina’s reason for doing this:

    To help us all learn to love ourselves more and to uplift one another in the process. To begin to realize our true beauty and value. To battle the inner dialogue that strives to bring us down.

    How awesome is that? Please check out Tina’s blog if you are interested, and leave me a comment if you are going to participate!


    1. Have you tried Shakeology? What is your favorite protein powder?

    2. Will you participate in Tina’s 30 Day Challenge?

    Have a great day!


    Guest Post: Healthy, Filling Foods

    Good Morning!

    Thank you so much for all the advice on vacations — I am so excited to look into these places to figure out the best place for us to visit! And I will certainly post a longer version of my random facts — hopefully including a video of my taser experience!

    Since I’m a little busy with my family visiting, I thought I’d ask my friend Wendy from Seriously Sassy to write a guest post for me! Be sure to check out her blog and leave her a comment letting her know that you came from here!


    Dearest Couch Potato Athlete, thank you for allowing me to be a guest blogger for you, my new friend. I am tickled pink!

    You KNOW the feeling. You’ve eaten a meal, you’ve eaten a snack….but you’re still SO hungry.
    I’m assuming most of Holly’s blog readers already understand that the more processed, carb-loaded, empty calorie foods you eat, the hungrier you get. But what are we healthy eating devotees supposed to do on those days when all that nutritious fare we’ve enjoyed is simply leaving us….hungry for more?
    I’ve been doing a bit of research on HEALTHY, FILLING FOODS and this is what I’ve found.
    * POTATOES are delicious and filling!
    Remember that all potatoes are not created equal.  Obviously fries are not nearly as filling (or nutritious) as a baked potato with a little Earth Balance and pepper.
    * OATMEAL – the farmer’s best friend
    True story: A lot of European farmers start their morning with a bowl of oatmeal because they need their bellies to be filled and satisfied for several hours at a time. An Egg McMuffin would have them running back to the farmhouse in half an hour for more food. And there are so many wonderful things you can add to your bowl of oatmeal – cinnamon, a little maple syrup, fresh fruit, dried cranberries.  Some bloggers I know even love adding a scoop of almond butter. Yum!
    * ORANGES AND APPLES are packed with fiber
    We know that fiber takes up a lot of room in your stomach. Get this: You can eat two apples or oranges for the same amount of calories as a banana. So if you’re trying to fill your belly, the round fruit is what you should reach for. (But ohhhhh, how I adore my bananers!)
    * AIR-POPPED POPCORN – the hunger-filling trick that keeps on working
    This trick has been well known for ever and ever, but it bears repeating. You don’t even need butter to make it yummy. I, personally, love the clean, simple taste of plain popcorn but why not try adding cinnamon, dry dressing mix, or garlic powder for a flavorful treat?
    * WALNUTS – satisfy hunger AND protect your ticker!
    These crunchy nuts are full of protein (without saturated fat) and healthy omega 3s.  Almonds and sunflower seeds are fabulous belly-satisfying snacks, too.  I just finished a little bowl of pomegranate Greek yogurt, a handful of dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Perfect!
    * RAW VEGGIES – the more organic, the better!
    Raw veggies contain more vitamins and nutrients than cooked ones, and also seem to be more filling because of their water content. If plain raw veggies don’t float your boat, dip them into some light ranch or French dressing or in salsa. (Mmmmm, have you ever made your own fresh salsa? I’d dip just about ANYTHING in that stuff!)
    KEEP IN MIND: Often when we feel hungry, we are really just thirsty.
    If you know you’ve eaten enough but are still hungry, try drinking a glass of ice water with some fresh lemon or lime squeezed into it. Wait ten minutes or so and if you’re still hungry, grab a hunger-busting bite from this list!
    Let me leave you with a recipe for a little snack I devised a few couple weeks in the lab that I call my kitchen. Do you ever have those moments when you just need a little bit of chocolate – and if it’s WARM chocolate then it’s even better?  Me too. My gift to you:

    2 Tbs oats
    2 Tbs natural applesauce
    1 tsp water
    About 12 chocolate chips
    Blob of almond butter
    1 tsp flour
    In small bowl, stir together oats, applesauce, water, chocolate chips and almond butter.
    Microwave for 25 seconds.  Stir in flour and nuke for 60 seconds.
    Out comes a mini chocolate cake just for you! You could add a bit of ground flax or a blobette of Greek yogurt.  Enjoy!
    Thanks Wendy! I’ll be back in the morning with a new post. Have a great day!  
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    Okra Fries & Dream Vacations

    Good Morning! 🙂

    Thanks for all the lovely ideas for preparing okra. It seems the majority of people would roast okra or make okra fries. I looked online and found a recipe to follow. You can find it *here*.

    First I washed and dried my okra, then cut off the tops and cut the okra into 4 thin slices.

    Okra is pretty cute, with the little white seeds inside. Then I mixed the spices and canola oil in a large bowl and then tossed in the okra. Once the oven was preheated, I laid the okra on a prepared baking sheet and sprinkled on a little more sea salt:

    Ok, into the oven they go. The recipe claimed that okra burns really easily, and that 8-10 minutes is enough time. It wasn’t. My okra “fries” were slimy and limp. So I baked them for a few more minutes. Still slimy and limp. Finally they ended up baking for 20 minutes total, so I took them out, thinking they would “crisp” up eventually.

    Nope. Still slimy and limp. Gross texture and gross taste. Where did I go wrong? The recipe’s picture looked so good: crispy and crunchy baked okra fries. I’ll try again. Maybe I’ll try roasting them whole next time?

    Ok, now a fun topic. What is your dream vacation? J and I have decided to take a trip next Spring. We’ve never taken an actual vacation together. Sure, we’ve traveled before, but it was for work or to visit family/friends. I want to take a vacation where it is just us! Some ideas:

    An all inclusive resort I loved all of Gina’s posts about her honeymoon trip. I would love to go to a place like this, with white sand and turquoise water, good food and good drinks. 🙂

    A cruise – where? What cruise line? I have no idea about these things, have any of you taken a cruise? Any tips on what to look for?

    Washington DC J has never been here and I’ve been here twice. I think he would love to see the memorials, monuments, museums and all of the history. This would be a fun trip, but maybe not as romantic as the others 🙂

    Disney World Neither of us have been here before, and I’ve always wanted to! We would definitely need tips on where to stay, which parks are the best, etc.

    (Although I’d love to go to Europe one day, I think we want to stay in the US or close by in the Caribbean – at least for this vacation)

    We have plenty of time to plan and prepare, but I’m excited and want to get it all ready NOW. Any suggestions, tips, ideas are welcome. Bring them on!

    Swim with the kiddos (2 nieces and my nephew!)
    Run a few miles
    Make Pecan Pie Babies and maybe some other treats
    Read a little OB before bed


    Any idea where I went wrong with the okra? Should I just roast it whole?

    What are your suggestions for our dream vacation?

    Pancake Fail

    Good Morning!

    I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the house and getting ready for my sister, niece and nephew to come and stay with us. I did squeeze in some time for TurboFire 45, cooking and a little reading. 🙂

    Plus we went to Best Buy and Home Depot to look at washers and dryers. We also looked at cameras – we are thinking of getting one for J’s mom for her birthday. She is taking a trip to Italy in October and we think she could use a better camera! J really liked this one: 🙂

    I finished The Lovely Bones! To be honest it was a very depressing book. What I didn’t like was the description of Heaven – it sounded like a sad place. If you’ve read the book, do you agree? I wanted to finish it because I want to move onto a new book:

    I’ve had it since Tuesday but I haven’t had a chance to open it up. The Lovely Bones was pretty depressing, so I am looking forward to reading a much more positive book.

    Here are some of my favorite OB posts from last week:




    There were more, but these three stood out to me, in the best way possible. Thanks ladies for the great posts!

    Today I used up some Farmers Market goodies while making lunch. I wanted to celebrate Pancake Sunday in honor of HEAB. 

    I made Potato Pancakes.

    I used a recipe that you can find *here*. But I didn’t fry them in oil, and I used oat flour instead of regular flour.

    Here is the “batter”:

    In the skillet:


    And the final product, topped with eggs:

    The verdict? They were ok. Once J and I dumped salt on top of these babies, they were ok, but they really lacked flavor. Next time I will add more seasoning, and I will make them thinner – the outside was nice and crunchy (like hashbrowns) but the inside was pretty soggy 😦

    So I threw them out and we had some cinnamon toast instead. 🙂

    So I’ve been totally putting my 10 mile training plan to the side and only using TurboFire. Why? Because TurboFire is fun and running just hasn’t been as much fun. This week I need to start focusing on running more, or that 10 mile is going to feel like a marathon.

    You know what might help? Compression socks. 🙂

    Good thing I won a pair from Shelby’s giveaway on Eat, Drink, Run! I hope to get a pink pair just like Shelby:

    Thanks again Shelby!

    Don’t forget that my OpenSky shop opens tomorrow – woohoo!


    Did you write an OB post? Tell me and I’ll go check it out!

    What do you do when you lose motivation to workout?

    Do you wear compression socks?

    Beautiful Zucchini Scuffins

    Hi Readers!
    Do you ever just want to bake? I can go months without baking and then I will bake every night for a week. I read Angela’s blog and saw her Scuffins last week and knew I wanted to make them. Then, I read Janna’s blog and saw her remake of the scuffins with zucchinis – guess what, I have a bunch of zucchinis to use. Guess what: I made zucchini scuffins.
    I used the same recipe Janna used, with a few changes. (original recipe)
    “Healthy Zucchini Power Scuffins”
    1 cup oat flour
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp fine grain sea salt
    1.5 tsp pumpkin pie spice (OR: 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/4 tsp ginger)
    2 tbsp canola oil
    1/2 cup pure maple syrup
    1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    1 egg
    1/2 cup regular oats
    1 cup shredded or grated (approx 2 medium) zucchini
    1/4 cup golden raisins – all I had in the cupboard, you could swap for craisins, regular raisins, etc
    1/4 cup toasted, chopped walnuts – mine we just chopped, nothing fancy!
    Directions: Preheat oven to 350F. In a large sized bowl whisk together all of the dry ingredients. Using a food processor or grater, process/grate the zucchini. In a medium sized bowl mix together the wet ingredients (carrots, vanilla, oil, maple syrup, egg). Add wet to dry and mix until just incorporated. Stir in the walnuts and raisins. Scoop mixture onto a baking sheet lined with foil or greased with oil. Scoop about 1/4 cup for each Scuffin to make 6 large scuffins. Wet hands and shape into a circle if desired. Bake for 25 minutes at 350F.
    Into the oven they go:
    They were huge! I probably used too much zucchini and should have made more smaller scuffins, but it is too late for that now. They turned out really good:
    Look at those big shavings of zucchini! Baked goods are so beautiful, aren’t they? Speaking of beautiful…(nice transition, right???)
    I picked up Caitlin’s book on Tuesday night and I was so excited to read it. If you haven’t picked it up yet, do it!!!
    All through high school (and the years leading up to it) I was consumed with thoughts about my size. I felt “big”. I was uncomfortable with being in a skirt or a dress (I couldn’t even THINK about a swimsuit much less wear one). I wasn’t severely overweight, but I wasn’t at a healthy weight. I thought I was ugly, unpopular, gross, out of shape, unhealthy, undesirable, unworthy. Where did these feelings come from?
    I don’t know. I can’t remember a specific instance that made me feel that way. But I have been working on getting rid of those negative feelings and replacing them with positive ones.
    I am beautiful.
    I am fit.
    I am strong.
    I am worthy.
    I feel good.
    I look good.
    I take care of myself.
    I am a good wife.
    I am a hard worker.
    I am a loyal friend.
    I tell myself these things whenever those nasty, negative thoughts pop into my head. Do I still think negative thoughts? Yes. Am I getting better and learning to love myself more? Yes.
    To me, this is what Operation Beautiful is all about. Getting positive thoughts and feelings out there – on bathroom mirrors, in dressing room stalls, on car windshields, in our hearts and in our minds.
    Change the way you see – see yourself as a friend. A friend would never call me ugly, fat, pathetic, lazy, etc. But I have called myself all of those things. It is time for ME to be MY best friend. It is time to treat myself right with respect and with love.
    I wish I had Operation Beautiful when I was a young girl. Instead, I had thin models and unhealthy/unrealistic actresses to admire and aspire to be. I would constantly compare my body to others’ bodies. If only I could have seen how beautiful and special I was already. I didn’t need to change to “be” anything else, but myself.
    Please share a positive thought about yourself. I shared plenty of mine – feel free to choose one or make up your own. Most importantly — BELIEVE IT!

    Smart Dough

    Good Morning!

    I feel so privileged that I got to share Zubaz with so many of you! I remember at one point in my childhood seeing almost every 30-40 year old man wear a pair of purple/gold Zubaz with a Vikings jersey or sweatshirt. Yikes.

    Tuesday morning I got in a great 3 mile run with J – it is so hot in the morning (we got up at 5:30am!) but we got through it. I saw a 8 wild turkeys all huddled together too – not something you see every day! I only wish I had my camera with so you could see them all.

    For dinner I really wanted pizza. Normally we order from Papa Murphys (where you pick it up fresh and then bake it at home), but I wanted to make my own. So, I got some help from Bob:

    I really wanted this to work, since it is dairy free (for J) and had decent ingredients. I started by mixing up the crust dough. I was bummed to see that I had to let it rise for 20 minutes (I know, I know, I’m not much of a baker and forget that you have to do these things!) I followed the instructions, divided the dough in two and let it rise.

    Meanwhile, I busted out a TurboFire HIIT workout (20 minutes long!) – I think the dough “knew” I needed to workout and the timing was just right.

    After 20 minutes I was covered in sweat. The dough had risen quite a bit in just a short time. I pressed the dough in a cookie sheet (no pizza pan here, folks!) and baked it for a few minutes. Meanwhile, I chopped my veggies and shredded my soy cheese:

    Red pepper, orange pepper, onion, spinach

    I took the crust out of the oven and saw how amazingly thick this crust is. YUM! I threw on the tomato sauce, veggies, some cooked Italian sausage and the soy cheese:

    And after 15 minutes in the oven:

    Delicious pizza. The crust was so thick and crunchy (and soft at the same time) – it was just perfect. I wasn’t expecting much from a dairy free/wheat free/gluten free crust, but it was awesome!

    I did look for some new shoes, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Where do you like to buy shoes?

    I did find something to buy:

    I can’t wait to read it!

    Question of the day: What are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you prefer to make your own, or do you have a favorite pizza place?

    A Zubaz Tutorial and Zucchini Chips

    Good Morning!
    There were a few comments about not knowing what Zubaz are? Maybe it is a regional thing (MN thing?), I’m not sure. Here is a Zubaz advertisement:

    Zubaz are athletic pants with crazy zebra stripes in odd colors. They were really popular 15-20 years ago? Everyone in my school had them and recently they’ve been popping up again. Honestly, Google Zubaz for more information. You won’t be disappointed!
    I was really dragging all day Monday, I think lack of sleep and not working out on Sunday kind of slowed me down. Do you get that way when you skip a workout? Exercise gives me so much energy and when I take unplanned days off it kind of throws my whole week off. But Monday night I got my TurboFire workout in and holy cow do I feel better now! I did Fire 45 – which has 3 fire drills (HIIT drills) that really get my heart pumping. I felt great afterward.
    Dinner was the always popular tilapia and green beans. I pan fried the tilapia with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper. But the green beans were the star of the show.
    Remember these babies from Saturday?

    Yep, I got these precious treasures from the Farmers Market and I couldn’t wait to roast them up with some garlic sea salt, pepper and canola oil. They turned out great.
    My plate: 
    Afterward, while I was packing my lunch (boring Minestrone soup w/extra kidney and black beans added and a small salad) I decided I needed something more. So I went through my Farmers Market produce again and pulled one of these guys out:
    I figured my kale chips turned out well, so why not try zucchini chips? I found some recipes online, and combined a bunch of them.
    Zucchini Chips
    Combine in a small bowl: ¼ cup crumbled bread crumbs ( I used a toasted piece of Ezekial bread), ¼ tsp seasoned salt, ¼ tsp salt, 1/8 tsp black pepper. Put 2 tbsp almond milk (or milk of your choice) in another small bowl. Chop up your zucchini into thin slices.
    Dip the zucchini into the milk and then into the bread crumb mixture:
    Place chips on an oven safe wire rack (a basic cookie sheet might work fine too). Bake for 30 minutes at 425 degrees.
    I also made some chips seasoned with only salt, pepper and rubbed with canola oil. Before the bake:
    After the bake:
    Delicious. The perfect addition to my lunch! This morning they shriveled up even more and were much more crunchy.
    Run 3 miles before work (done!)
    TurboFire HIIT workout after work
    Dinner: pizza?
    Look for Operation Beautiful at B&N!
    Laundry (ugh)
    Buy new work shoes – on Wed I’ll show you the sad shoes I’ve been wearing lately and (hopefully) some new ones.
    Question of the day: What is your favorite, easy meal to make for dunner? I love making chicken breasts/veggies or fish/roasted veggies. They are both quick and easy, and we eat that 2-3 times per week!

    Burgers & Pancakes

    Good Morning Readers!

    Last night J and I had a great time at the Twins game! We are not baseball fans, but somehow going to a game to watch it live is different, you know what I mean? The ballpark is absolutely beautiful.

    There you can see TC Bear our mascot!
    The Twins won 4-0, and 3 of the runs happened in the first inning, so it wasn’t the most exciting game. However, the FOOD was the exciting part. Here is what we all shared:
    The Vincent Burger: a beef patty with braised short ribs and smoked gouda stuffed in the center:
    It was worth the $12 for only a few bites! Yes we paid $12 for a burger!
    J had a steak and onion sandwich:
    I’m still dreaming of the Vincent Burger. It was named the Minneapolis Best Gourmet Burger in 2007. How could I ever eat another burger after that? It will pale in comparison.
    This morning we got up and I had one thing on my mind: pancakes. But I really didn’t want to bust into the Bisquick mix, I wanted to make my own. Here they are:

    Quick Banana Oatmeal Pancakes
    Throw into blender:
    ½ cup oatmeal
    ½ cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
    1 scoop whey protein powder
    1 banana
    ¼ tsp vanilla

    Place skillet on stove and turn burner onto medium heat. Use a ¼ cup measuring cup to measure batter for nice sized pancakes. I added a few walnuts to mine:

    When edges start to brown, flip and cook about 1 minute on the other side. You know how you like your pancakes, so cook them that way! I like mine with a slightly doughy/mushy center, so I didn’t cook them completely. There aren’t any raw eggs in the batter so I wasn’t worried!

    I topped mine with more sliced banana and a dribble of maple syrup. J thought they tasted chocolatey – even though there isn’t any chocolate in them.

    Workout: TurboFire Fire 55 EZ, Stretch 40 (didn’t get to this yesterday)
    Read The Lovely Bones
    Watch the local parade (and maybe visit the beer garden)
    Clean kitchen
    Watch TV: anything good on today?
    QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite breakfast?

    Engine 2 Blueberry Cobbler

    Hi Friends!

    I am getting ready to head to the Twins game (will take lots of pics to post tomorrow), but I wanted to see if anyone has heard of/read this book:

    It is written by a firefighter/triathlete who lives “plant strong” – a 100% plant based diet: fruits, vegetables, legumes, buts, seeds. I am not interested in living this lifestyle, but he has alot of good research in his book, as well as lots of good recipes. Including this one:

    Blueberry Dumpster Fire Cobbler (found in The Engine 2 Diet book)

    I used oat flour instead of whole wheat and frozen blueberries instead of fresh. Check it out before it went in the oven:

    And after it was finished baking:

    Look at all those delicious blueberries. Oh it was so delicious. I had a small piece and shared the rest with friends.

    Question of the day: What was the last health/diet/fitness/cook book you read? What did you like about it?

    Have a great night,