In Hog Heaven


This morning J and I got up early to run 3 miles. After training and running our marathon a few months ago, I am LOVING these low mileage days. We are in week 1 of training for our 10 mile race in October.
Then I went to the St. Paul Farmers Market. I have been to smaller Farmer Markets before, but St. Paul is pretty large. I was in hog heaven. Check out what I got:
 Beautiful flowers
 Green and yellow zucchinis
 Green beans
 Swiss Chard
 Sweet Onions
All of this totaled $20. My wallet was as pleased as my belly will be!
I didn’t buy any, but I saw big bundles of Bok Choy for $1. I recall buying that same amount at Whole Foods for over $10. I know I’m late getting on this Farmers Market bandwagon, but I am hooked!
Now I need to figure out what to make with these wonderful veggies. Those potatoes look so good, they might get eaten first!
TurboFire 20 min abs, 40 min stretch: one of my favorites, the stretch feels so good!
Twins game tonight with friends
Hopefully catch up on some Real Housewives of NJ!
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you having for lunch today?
Have  a great day,