Taco Pizza

Hi Everyone 🙂
Thanks for your nice comments yesterday – little Holly is pretty cute if I may say so myself. It seems as though most of you agree that thinking of yourself as a child is a good reminder to treat yourself well, and that we need to not talk negatively about ourselves. Check out Katie’s post from Monday if you didn’t get a chance yet. When I was searching for the perfect photo to post, I also found this treasure:
Yes I still have my first pair of glasses from 2nd grade! The pink hearts in the corners with the little fake diamond are too precious!
For the past few days I have been waiting until I had the time to make a pizza. I know they aren’t super time consuming, but just waiting 30 minutes for the dough to rise is too much for me! But I had time on Tuesday 🙂
It was so good! I used Matt’s Spelt Pizza Dough, again subbing agave for honey since I didn’t have any honey. I decided to make it a Taco Pizza. The toppings included:
Refried beans (the pizza sauce)
Black beans
Soy cheese
Sliced green pepper (from the Farmers Market)
Sliced black olives
I used this salsa as recommended by The Fitnessista, and let me tell you, this is awesome salsa! And I crunched a few tortilla chips on top:

Last night was The Biggest Loser premiere – what did you think?
I didn’t sit down and watch the whole show. I wish it was only an hour long. Two is too much. I keep the tv on but I do other things, so I missed most of it. I really like a few of the contestants and hearing their stories is always heartwrenching. But I do not like when the camera zooms in on certain parts of their body: like their stomach or their butt. We know they are overweight, THEY know they are overweight, so is this necessary? Do you think that more viewers take a look at their own bodies and make changes as a result of seeing that footage?
1. Do you like where you live? Would you ever want to move to a different city, region of the country or even a different country? I like where we live for now, but I do think it would fun to move somewhere else. I love MN for the seasons change, I can’t imagine not having feet of snow in the wintertime or the blazing hot summers (as much as I dislike them). I don’t think I could live in the south for fear of bugs L If anything I hope Jason and I get a chance to travel more in the coming years – there is so much of the country (and world!) that I have not seen!
2. Did you watch BL? What are your thoughts? Who is your favorite trainer on the show? I posted my thoughts above, I didn’t want to get too specific about contestants in case you haven’t watched it yet. My favorite trainer is Jillian. I dont’ like when she becomes a therapist to the contestants, I really wish they had a staff member to take care of that. But I love her training style and I would want someone tough like her instead of Bob (who, I think, comes off as too easy going).
3. Have you kept anything from your childhood? (like my old glasses) Is it something that you hope to give to someone else one day? (a child, a niece/nephew, a friend) What do you like about it?

Enjoy your day!




” It’s Friday night, and the mood is right…Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done, TGIF!”

I used to watch TGIF shows every Friday – anyone else? I’m trying to remember the lineup. I remember Family Matters:


Followed by Boy Meets World:


Followed by Step by Step:


And finally Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper


*edit: I remember the lineup changing frequently, with shows including Perfect Strangers, Full House and Dinosaurs (I think!)*

Oh this brings me back. Once Sabrina the Teenage Witch started, TGIF went downhill. What was your favorite show as a kid/teenager?

This morning I thought I’d try something different. I didn’t have a smoothie or a green monster this morning. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? I decided to try OIAJ. I prepared some oatmeal, poured it in the basically empty PB jar and added ½ sliced banana and a sprinkle of walnuts.

It was delicious. I got a nice scrape of PB in every bite. Thank you Kath!

I’ve got an egg salad sandwich for lunch today, thanks to this little guy:

He did great! The egg and the potato peeler from yesterday are both from HomeGoods – they have all sorts of fun, cheap kitchen stuff.

And, finally, to keep my promise from yesterday:

MAYOR McCHEESE! He is so distinguished and fancy.

Friday plans:
Dinner: ???
Keep reading The Lovely Bones (started it last night and am loving it so far – the author is wonderful)

Question of the day: What was your favorite TGIF show?
Have a great day,


Top Chef and Top Baker

Hi Readers!

Thank you so much for all the suggestions for what to do with my beautiful cucumbers! I will definitely try something new tomorrow night.

And for those that asked, I live near St. Paul, Minnesota and the weather is always crazy here – you never know what you’ll get. Lately it has just been HOT. I can’t wait for Autumn.

Dinner tonight was Chicken Fajitas.

On the stove:

Chicken breast, green pepper, red pepper, onion

Mashed avocado:

My plate — notice the nice globs of avocado on the side. Avocados were MADE for fajitas.

I love making a quick and easy dinner but I wasn’t done in the kitchen just yet.

The original recipe is taken from this book:

But I changed a few things which are noted below. Have you heard of this book? J and I followed our blood type diet for a few months when we first got married, and it wasn’t easy to eat dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free and have restrictions on certain fruits/vegetables. I really do admire those of you who do follow such dietary restrictions. I know it cannot be easy.

Banana Blueberry Oat Muffins

Makes 12 muffins
1 cup oat flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/3 cup canola oil
½ cup brown sugar
1 mashed banana
1 egg + 1 egg white
½-1 cup blueberries or ½ cup walnuts or both!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare pans with spray or muffin liners. Mix dry ingredients together in one bowl and all wet ingredients in another. Blend together. *Don’t overmix the batter like I did, the batter became very thin*Fill muffin cups half full and bake for 20-22 minutes.  

Check out the inside:

These are perfect treats for J because they are dairy-free and they taste delicious.

Tonight I felt like a Top Chef…and a Top Baker — dinner was great and the muffins were a success! I love how the whole house smells wonderful and warm. Yes, even when it is 90 degrees outside I like a warm house because of baking! (as long as the AC is working)

Are you going to watch Top Chef tonight?

Plans: Watch Top Chef (how many times can I mention this in one post?), say goodbye to M and T (moving to Texas tomorrow morning!) and get to bed early. J and I have a 5:30am running date!

Question of the day: Do you like to bake? What is your favorite cookie/bread/bar/pie/cake that you have made yourself?

Have a great night,


Clouds & Cucumbers

Hi Readers!

I’m so glad so many of you have been to a Mongolian restaurant before, it is such delicious food! When we were walking out to the car we saw a huge wall cloud:

Check that thing out! A big storm was headed right for us:

I sent them into our local news station, but I forgot to watch the news, so I don’t know if they included out photo (they usually show pics taken by residents). It ended up storming hard for most of the evening, the sky turned yellow/green for a while, it was crazy!

I stayed up way too late last night, so drinking a GM this morning was just what I needed:

Nothing special, same as every other day: almond milk, spinach, 1/2 banana, whey protein, chia seeds, peanut butter

What is your favorite smoothie?

Lunch is almost the same as yesterday too! I know I eat basically the same thing every day, but this is just getting old!

Romaine w/chicken breast, blueberries and almonds, with an Ezekial tortilla and carrots.

J brought these beauties home yesterday:

Here they are with a Larabar so you can see how thick they are!

So, I’m thinking we need to include a cucumber in tonight’s dinner. How do you like to eat cucumbers? Do you have a favorite recipe?

Plans for tonight:

1. Grocery shop
2. Laundry (ugh)
3. Clean kitchen (ugh)
4. Dinner: chicken fajitas
5. Bake blueberry muffins (recipe will be posted later tonight!)
6. Top Chef!

Question of the day: Do you plan your night ahead of time or do you like to go with the flow? I “need” to plan, I love to make to-do lists and plan ahead.

Have a great day!