10 Things & 2 Treats

Good Morning!

First of all, sorry I have not had a chance to comment on many blogs this week – I have family in town staying with us. But next week I will be back 100% commenting and posting. Thanks for understanding!

Last week Michelle challenged me to write 10 random things about myself. Here they are:

10 Random Things About Me

1. I can wiggle my ears.
2. I’ve worn glasses since the 2nd grade. My first pair was purple with pink diamonds in the corners.
3. I got my first cell phone in 2007. Yep, I lived that long without one!
4. I am terrified of swimming in lakes, the ocean and most swimming pools. When I took swimming lessons as a child, I would throw myself on the floor, kick, scream, anything to avoid jumping into the deep end. I was terrified! (and still am sometimes!)
5. I got kicked out of a basketball game in the 6th grade for bad sportsmanship. The ref called me for traveling (I think) and I got mad and pounded the ball in the court and it bounced all over the place. I stomped around and got kicked out.
6. I’ve been tazed. Yes, with a real tazer by a real police officer. I was a volunteer for a demonstration. Maybe I’ll post the video in the future 🙂
7. When I was young I wanted to own a B & B. I still do, most days.
8. My first job was scooping up poop at a petting zoo. The owner would scream at kids, parents and his employees. I didn’t last long there. The worst was llama poop. Don’t ask.
9. My favorite meal is a Big Mac, french fries and coke. Yes, this is true.
10. I always straighten the ketchup, mustard, salt/pepper shakers at restaurants. It is a habit and one that J likes to point out often. 🙂

I took the day off of work yesterday to go swimming (in a 4 foot pool, so not scary for me!) with my sister L, niece F and nephew H. It was so much fun!. They live in Oklahoma and are up here in Minnesota for the rest of the week. I love having those kids around.

Last night I was busy making little treats: Pecan Babies.  (treat #1!)I took Megan’s idea and made some with almonds – Almond Babies!!! (treat #2!!!) The basic idea is to mimic the Larabar flavor – with dates, nuts and sea salt. They turned out great! Thanks Megan for the idea:

Pecans and dates being ground up in the bullet:

They kept sticking to the outside of the cup, so I kept scraping them down and grinding them more:

Finally I flattened the dough out on a plate:

I threw them in the fridge to harden overnight, and then I rolled them into balls:

They turned out a little crumbly (I will add less nuts next time). But they were still delicious! You can’t go wrong with only a few ingredients — and the flavor was exactly like the Pecan Pie Larabars!


What is your favorite easy dessert/snack to make? These babies were super easy and tasted delicious. I also love HEAB‘s protein ice cream. 🙂

Tell me a random fact about yourself!

Have a good one!