World’s Almost Most Boring Dinner

Hi Friends 🙂
I hope my title intrigued you – I mean, who doesn’t want to see the World’s Most Boring Dinner, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, because I made dinner slightly LESS boring because of this impulse buy at Target last night:
The ingredients weren’t too shabby (especially compared to other BBQ sauces):
I went to Target to get a few apples and a few other things – I am really trying to not buy more food this week. We leave for our trip on Thursday night and I don’t want a fridge full of food over the weekend.
Monday dinner was originally the super boring chicken breasts and broccoli dinner – but I jazzed it up with the BBQ sauce. I swear – any meal that needs jazzing up just needs BBQ 🙂
It tasted so good – very smokey and brown sugary. Even the broccoli tasted good dipped in some BBQ.
After dinner I got a great cardio workout in, I used Jessica’s At Home Cardio Blast. It looks “easy” but it was not. I was sweating like a beast (how’s that for a visual) and I love the mountain climbers/pushups/plank moves because it makes my shoulders burn. Post workout I had a bit of fruit sorbet: blend frozen berries with almond milk:
After my workout  I went to the mall to meet my mom for another walk – it is so nice to get together with her a few times a week. We only live about a mile apart (pure accident, Jason happened to live close to my parents when we started dating) – but somehow if we don’t make “appointments” to see each other, we just don’t.  Plus, by walking at the mall I can scope out any sales 🙂
What is your favorite quick workout? I’m talking 20 minutes maximum, what do you like to do? I know Averie posted about her at home workouts, and I also like Jessica’s home workouts. I recently found Bodyrock.tvHolly (no not me, ha!) posted about it last week too. I’ve used a few of those workouts when I’ve been in a time crunch.
How do you eat on vacations? Do you eat the way you normally eat? Splurge a little? Bring all of your own food and keep it in the hotel? Does it matter WHERE your vacation is?