Water Cravings & Blog Love

Happy Friday!

I am so ready for the weekend. Thursday night after dinner (6pm?) I crawled into bed for a little cat nap. That nap turned into almost 2 hours! And I definitely could have kept on sleeping. The weird part was when I woke up, I was super hungry. I ran downstairs, grabbed a bowl of grapes/strawberries  out of the fridge and had a handful of grapes and a few strawberries. Then I realized what I was really craving: water. My throat felt so dry and I just needed water. Do you ever get that way? I usually drink a ton of water throughout the day, so rarely do I ever feel “thirsty” – I didn’t even recognize it, I thought it was hunger at first!

That old “drink a glass of water if you are hungry” thing actually has some truth to it – I thought I was hungry but I was just thirsty. The fruit sure was refreshing though!

On Wednesday I got my Barney Butter from Lindsey and on Thursday I got my Kroeger Herb supplements from Averie!

And its just what I need: Healthy Gut 🙂 I love the heart shaped vitamin holder too – usually I just use an old empty vitamin bottle. This will work way better. In Averie’s honor I decided to make a dessert from her blog:

Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls. I mean, who doesn’t love cookie dough? These will be perfect to bring to work, I know my coworkers will love them! I blended them up in my Magic Bullet which actually really struggles with blending up dates – but I figured out the secret: put the mixture (still in the bullet cup) and microwave for 10-15 seconds. It warms the mixture enough that the Bullet can cut right through and not get so stuck. After, I put the cup in the fridge for 30 minutes and then rolled out the balls.

And my winning streak continued! I won 3 blog awards this week. I received 2 “Happy 101” Awards :)Thank you Julia and Rachel!

10 things I like (copy and paste this into your post and list 10 things YOU like!):
2.My Family
3.My Sleep Number Bed
4. Bagging groceries — yes, I truly enjoy this!
5.Baking cookies, bars, cakes, brownies, etc
7.Watching Real Housewives of NY, NJ, OC, ATL…
8.Working out
9. Reading books on psychology, personalities, relationships and Sookie 🙂

10 Other Bloggers who deserve this award!

  1. Love, Veggies, Yoga
  2. 40 Apples
  3. Healthy Hoggin
  4. Snacking Squirrel
  5. All Kinds of Hungry
  6. Oh Healthy Day
  7. Eat Move Write
  8. Living With Healthy Hunger
  9. Spabettie
  10. The Fitness Dish

Thanks again Julia and Rachel! 🙂

AND my other award was from the lovely Leashie Loo:

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be? If I could somehow make myself more confident I would. That is something that I struggle with to this day and if I could go back and somehow HAVE it, that would be awesome!   

2. Nominate another 6 people for this award and let them know they’ve got the award.

A Healthy Slice of Life

Chronicles of a Diet Book Junkie

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Running to Slow Things Down

The Kitchen of a Runner

 3. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thanks Leashie Loo for this lovely award. I will treasure it always 🙂

I’ve got homemade chili in the crockpot for Friday night. My Mom is coming over to watch a movie with me – anyone have any suggestions? I have a Netflix account and we were going to pick something from their Instant Play library.


1.What is your favorite new-to-you blog? What do you like about it?

 I named a bunch of blogs above that I enjoy reading, for different reasons. Some take lots of pics of food, show recipes, etc. Others focus on exercise, and some do a bit of both a bunch of other topics too. Those are the ones I enjoy the most!

2. Any fun plans for the weekend? Tonight my Mom is coming over for chili/movie night, and then Saturday Jason and I are shopping for a storm door. How exciting, right? And I am supposed to have a blogger meetup on Sunday, I hope that is still going on! Anyone else in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area who would like to join in? Email me!

3.Money Question: How do you handle your money? Checking account? Savings account? Do you use credit cards? Why? For the convenience or for the rewards? If you are married/have joint finances with someone do you combine your money or do you keep it separate? I have seen a few blog posts where married couples have 6 accounts total: they each have their own savings/checking and then they have join accounts as well. How did you decide how to do it?

 Jason and I have 1 checking account and 1 savings account. Everything we have goes into those accounts. I cannot imagine figuring out who pays for what, etc. We just put our money together and pay for stuff together. It is what works for us. Oh and NO credit cards. Cash or debit card only.

 Enjoy your Friday!