Halloween Cookie Pizza

Hi Friends 🙂
Happy almost Halloween! I am finished with our costumes, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures. Today we have a pumpkin carving party at Jason’s mom’s house and then we have a Halloween costume party later tonight. It should be fun! I’m making cookie pizzas for both events. Before I baked, I whipped up some Almond Butter Chili that I cannot get enough of. I finally had a waning AB jar to eat it out of:

As always, it was delicious! And the AB jar had about 1 tsp of AB left — just enough to get a little swipe with each bite! Seriously, you need to try this chili!

I have everything I need for my cookie pizzas:

And I have the “crusts” baked and ready to go (I used 2 rolls of premade dough for each crust)

Now I just need to decorate my pizzas! *You’ll see the finished product tomorrow!
The recipe is listed on the Pillsbury website. Basically, bake a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and top with peanut butter, candies, peanuts and a drizzle of ready made frosting. Like yesterday’s recipe, this is not a “health” food – I needed something cheap, easy and fun to make for these parties. 
I’ve made fruit pizzas before and they are similar to this – only they have sugar cookie crusts with cream cheese/sugar frosting. 

I bought a bag of candy and a bottle of booze to bring to the pumpkin carving party as well:

Pumpkin Spice Kisses — I had never seen these before! And Hot 100 to mix with hot apple cider! Usually we get Hot Damn! (same thing, a cinnamon liqueur) because it has a much better name 🙂

1. What was (is) your favorite candy?
2. Do you get many trick-or-treaters at your house/apartment? 
3. What has been your favorite Halloween costume? Here is one of my least favorites (sorry Mom I know you worked hard on it):

But my sisters Myra (dice) and Kim (bunch of grapes) look adorable!!! I am supposed to be a headless person carrying her own head…
See you tomorrow!