Setting Goals

Hi Friends!

It has been a long weekend but a lovely one – getting out of town is always fun. And I still can’t get over our hotel room, the bright green wall and the crazy curtains – oh and did you notice this guy:

I have never stayed at a hotel that actually makes towel animals. So that was a first for me.

Now that I’ve had time to catch up on reading blogs laundry, cleaning, errands, grocery shopping, etc, I have had some time to dwell on the Leadership seminar. So I dug out the workbook that we each got and paged through it.

The seminar was broken down into smaller chapters, and my favorite was “Dreams, Visions and Goal Setting”.  Dave talked about how goals can have a long-term positive impact if they include these types of goals (not in this order)

  1. Career
  2. Social
  3. Family
  4. Intellectual
  5. Physical
  6. Spiritual
  7. Financial

I think that anyone can look at that list and see that they have strengths and weaknesses in each of those areas – for me, Career, Spiritual and Social goals are the ones I have to work on the most – they don’t come easily for me. Physical, Financial and Intellectual goals are “easier” for me – I’m not saying a super buff, financial savvy genius (or am I?) – but when I make goals in those areas I am easily motivated to reach them.

But perhaps I reach those goals because I make them too easy? I’m not sure. Regardless, Social goals are not ever high on my list, since to me, being social is not something I strive for. I am naturally introverted, shy and quiet. I would rather spend my time alone or with a very small group – so having a goal to be more social is something I definitely need to consider. Along with that, being social with the right people is important as well – am I surrounding myself with positive, uplifting people? People who will support my goals in the other 6 key areas?

*Looking at that list of goal areas, what is one area that you need to work on? And what area(s) are you naturally strong?

Freedom from Debt

Hi Friends 🙂

Are you having a lovely day?

I am, because I took the day off of work. Jason and I decided to take a little trip tonight/tomorrow down to Kansas City, MO – which is all part of his birthday gift. We are going to see Dave Ramsey speak:

(I realize that is a banner for a different date, I couldn’t find the correct one) It is a one day seminar about leadership. Although I am looking forward to the trip/seminar, this is totally more for Jason. He loves this sort of thing. The seminar is geared towards small business owners (which we are not) but the principles taught can apply to anyone.

We love Dave Ramsey, because it was his book The Total Money Makeover that helped us get our finances in order. Averie recently wrote a post about paying off debt, and to be honest, it is a subject that I have wanted to write about for a long time, but I felt so ashamed and there seemed to be this sense of guilt hanging over my head.

When Jason and I got married we had tons of debt – a mortgage, a car payment (thankfully my car was paid for), and credit card payments up the wazoo. I never told anyone (except for 1-2 friends who had as much if not more debt than we had) because I was ashamed. I felt like we had both been so terrible with money and I was embarrassed!  I also knew that if we had asked our parents for money they would have helped us in a heartbeat. But I didn’t want that. I wanted us to pay off the debt ourselves. And we did!

It took us about a year and a half to pay off 4 credit cards that totaled over $35,000. It was not easy. I am working on a few more posts detailing how we paid off that money, but basically we only bought what we absolutely could not live without and we budgeted every penny we earned. There were some months that we were able to pay lots of extra money onto the cards (garage sales, 3 paycheck months, tax returns), and some months we didn’t have as much extra money (car repairs, replaced washer/dryer, etc)

We still have some debt (mortgage and car payments), but it isn’t hanging over us and being such a stressor in our lives. We have built up our savings (and we are continuing to build it!) Our cars will be paid off before the end of this summer and what a relief that will be!

Seriously if you have debt (especially credit card debt!!!) I urge you to visit Dave Ramsey’s website – his Total Money Makeover book is usually only $10-$15 on his site and is well worth the money. I’ve heard Suze Orman is a good money/debt advice person as well, although I haven’t personally read any of her books.

Even though I still feel shame when it comes to having credit card debt, I feel so much better after sharing with someone how far we have come! You remember that we took a weekend trip to Las Vegas last November – that was to celebrate paying off the credit cards and saving enough money to pay for the entire trip with CASH. We haven’t charged ANYTHING in almost 2 years. It feels great!

If you have any questions that you’d like me to address in future Debt Relief Posts – feel free to email me at couchpotatoathlete (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hopefully our car trip will go quickly – have a great day!


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