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Thank you so much for all the advice on vacations — I am so excited to look into these places to figure out the best place for us to visit! And I will certainly post a longer version of my random facts — hopefully including a video of my taser experience!

Since I’m a little busy with my family visiting, I thought I’d ask my friend Wendy from Seriously Sassy to write a guest post for me! Be sure to check out her blog and leave her a comment letting her know that you came from here!


Dearest Couch Potato Athlete, thank you for allowing me to be a guest blogger for you, my new friend. I am tickled pink!

You KNOW the feeling. You’ve eaten a meal, you’ve eaten a snack….but you’re still SO hungry.
I’m assuming most of Holly’s blog readers already understand that the more processed, carb-loaded, empty calorie foods you eat, the hungrier you get. But what are we healthy eating devotees supposed to do on those days when all that nutritious fare we’ve enjoyed is simply leaving us….hungry for more?
I’ve been doing a bit of research on HEALTHY, FILLING FOODS and this is what I’ve found.
* POTATOES are delicious and filling!
Remember that all potatoes are not created equal.  Obviously fries are not nearly as filling (or nutritious) as a baked potato with a little Earth Balance and pepper.
* OATMEAL – the farmer’s best friend
True story: A lot of European farmers start their morning with a bowl of oatmeal because they need their bellies to be filled and satisfied for several hours at a time. An Egg McMuffin would have them running back to the farmhouse in half an hour for more food. And there are so many wonderful things you can add to your bowl of oatmeal – cinnamon, a little maple syrup, fresh fruit, dried cranberries.  Some bloggers I know even love adding a scoop of almond butter. Yum!
* ORANGES AND APPLES are packed with fiber
We know that fiber takes up a lot of room in your stomach. Get this: You can eat two apples or oranges for the same amount of calories as a banana. So if you’re trying to fill your belly, the round fruit is what you should reach for. (But ohhhhh, how I adore my bananers!)
* AIR-POPPED POPCORN – the hunger-filling trick that keeps on working
This trick has been well known for ever and ever, but it bears repeating. You don’t even need butter to make it yummy. I, personally, love the clean, simple taste of plain popcorn but why not try adding cinnamon, dry dressing mix, or garlic powder for a flavorful treat?
* WALNUTS – satisfy hunger AND protect your ticker!
These crunchy nuts are full of protein (without saturated fat) and healthy omega 3s.  Almonds and sunflower seeds are fabulous belly-satisfying snacks, too.  I just finished a little bowl of pomegranate Greek yogurt, a handful of dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Perfect!
* RAW VEGGIES – the more organic, the better!
Raw veggies contain more vitamins and nutrients than cooked ones, and also seem to be more filling because of their water content. If plain raw veggies don’t float your boat, dip them into some light ranch or French dressing or in salsa. (Mmmmm, have you ever made your own fresh salsa? I’d dip just about ANYTHING in that stuff!)
KEEP IN MIND: Often when we feel hungry, we are really just thirsty.
If you know you’ve eaten enough but are still hungry, try drinking a glass of ice water with some fresh lemon or lime squeezed into it. Wait ten minutes or so and if you’re still hungry, grab a hunger-busting bite from this list!
Let me leave you with a recipe for a little snack I devised a few couple weeks in the lab that I call my kitchen. Do you ever have those moments when you just need a little bit of chocolate – and if it’s WARM chocolate then it’s even better?  Me too. My gift to you:

2 Tbs oats
2 Tbs natural applesauce
1 tsp water
About 12 chocolate chips
Blob of almond butter
1 tsp flour
In small bowl, stir together oats, applesauce, water, chocolate chips and almond butter.
Microwave for 25 seconds.  Stir in flour and nuke for 60 seconds.
Out comes a mini chocolate cake just for you! You could add a bit of ground flax or a blobette of Greek yogurt.  Enjoy!
Thanks Wendy! I’ll be back in the morning with a new post. Have a great day!  
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