Revenge of the Introverts

Hi Friends 🙂

Thanks for all the nice words about me ditching running for a while. I really enjoyed it last spring and for most of the summer, but lately I just haven’t been feeling it. There are so many other activities I enjoy, like workout dvds 🙂 Last night I did this one:

I had to –  it was Monday night, which meant it was Thintervention night. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Last week I asked a lot of questions about whether you are introverted or extroverted, if you like social gatherings, how you talk to someone new, etc. I am definitely introverted and most of the time, down right shy. I always have been. I try to “come alive” when I need to (at work) or if I am meeting someone “important” (job interview, Jason’s family members, etc). But for the most part I tend to want to be by myself doing solitary activities. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and this caught my eye:

I had to buy it. The main article was so interesting. It talked about the main difference between someone who is shy (wants to connect with others but finds socializing difficult) and someone who is introverted (someone who prefers time alone). I actually think I am both, not one or the other. I struggle with getting to know new people, making new friends or having a good time at a party (whether I know people there or not!), but I do prefer time alone.

The article also explains that introverts may seem like poor communicators, but in reality they are actively engaged in the conversation…but in their own head. They are taking in information, thinking about it, waiting for a turn to speak, etc. I can’t tell you how many people in my life have said to me “do you just not talk?” – they don’t realize how difficult it is for some people (me) to say what they want to say. I want to make sure I say things right the first time.

My favorite part of the article (besides the pictures, like the one above) was this line: “we hate people telling us how to be extroverted, as if that’s the desired state”. Once again, I wish I could tell you how many times someone has tried to help me be more extroverted. How about everyone becomes more introverted, huh? What about that?

When I was at B&N I also picked up this book, after reading a review of Kelsey’s blog. I’m excited to dig into it:


  1. Are you interested in Psychology? If you consider yourself introverted, do you think you are shy as well? Are you a shy extrovert? I think I already explained that I am a shy introvert 🙂
  2. Do you like to buy books, borrow them from the library or do you have a Nook or Kindle? Or are you not much of a reader? I like to buy book and get stuff from the library, Jason has a nook and he loves it. Sometimes I wish I had a little electronic book thing, it would make reading in bed easier, plus for traveling I wouldn’t have to lug around any big books!
  3. Are you back in school? What class are you most excited to take? Thank God I am done with school! But my favorite class ever was Criminal Law — I loved reading old cases and briefs.

Enjoy your Tuesday!