Kickass TGIF

Good Morning!

Thanks everyone for your comments about weekly grocery costs, meal planning, dietary restrictions, etc. Budgeting and meal planning is one of my favorite things to doyes I said “favorite” – and I am looking forward to writing some posts on those topics.

I know everyone is so excited for the Nuttzo Giveaway:

But its not happening today! I will be posting the giveaway tomorrow, and yes it will be for one entire jar of Nuttzo! So check back in the morning 🙂

Speaking of giveaways, did I mention I won a giveaway? From The Healthy Apple? Check it out:

Justin’s Nut Butter: Chocolate Hazelnut. Check out the stats:

I thought I should eat it on an apple (in honor of The Healthy Apple) 🙂

This tastes like chocolate frosting. I am definitely hanging onto these little packets for traveling, etc. They are the perfect serving size and only 80 calories! Thanks Amie!

Thursday night J and I had date night. We have a super busy weekend and needed some time to relax and rewind. We had a gift card to TGIFriday’s and went to use it up!

I got the Caribbean Chicken with extra veggies:

J got the Captain Morgan Caribbean Conga-Line Chicken Sandwich (with huge pieces of avocado and sweet potato fries)

Same thing we got last time. This Captain Morgan rum glaze is seriously the best! Afterward I ran to the Redbox (are these a local thing? A vending machine for movies?) and was hoping to find The Lovely Bones (I just finished the book last week and still need to see the movie) but it wasn’t there. Instead, I picked up this:

I think we’ll watch it tonight. We’ve picked out such awful movies lately (The Professional — older movie with Natalie Portman and then recently Legion — horrible movie with Dennis Quaid). They were both pretty awful. Lets hope Kickass isn’t super lame.

I finished Thursday night with a haircut (just a trim). Am I the only one who loves the feel of someone else brushing your hair? I think it is so calming. I also soaked in our jacuzzi tub and read more Sookie. I think it is so important to spend some time on yourself every day. I need the relaxation! I try not to treat myself with food, so I do little things like taking a bath, reading my book, taking a walk, painting my nails, buying myself something expensive small. 🙂

Here’s our crazy weekend:

Saturday: Farmers Market, drive 2 hours to J’s family reunion, drive 2 hours to friend’s wedding, drive 2 hours home (ugh!)
Sunday: Drive 3 hours to BBQ/Picnic, then drive 3 hours home (ugh!)

So much time in the car. I am not looking forward to that!

What do you do during long car rides?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Did you answer my budget questions yesterday? If not, will you please?

Have a great day!