Breakfast for Dinner

Good Morning!
Yesterday J and I were at a local parade near our city. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Check out these great floats:
A huge mosquito – only in MN!
The “Up” house – it was a float for a guy running for Sheriff — the slogan was “things are looking UP in MN”. Dumb I know, but that movie makes me cry so I liked it.
This guy had a GREAT time — as you can tell.

hahaha – did you own Zubaz as a kid? I can honestly say I didn’t. Thank you Mom and Dad for never buying me any!
I was so tired from walking around at the parade (we walked non stop, back and forth for over 2 hours) – so I skipped my workout. I needed the rest, but today I am back to TurboFire.
Remember all of my Farmers Market veggies from Saturday? When I bought the kale I KNEW I needed to make my first batch of Kale Chips:
They turned out really well. Even J ate some! They really were crunchy and salty like good potato chips.
Last night at dinnertime I was craving breakfast foods — specifically this:
Denny’s Heartland Scramble: Two scrambled eggs with bacon, country-fried potatoes, green peppers and onions and Cheddar cheese
Instead, I made my own without all the cheese and deliciousness grease.
Couch Potato Scramble
Ingredients:  Italian sausage, eggs, onion, green pepper, red potatoes

Start by washing, cutting and roasting your veggies:
(I roasted them with canola oil, salt and pepper for 30 minutes at 350 degrees)
After veggies are done roasting, turn oven off, but keep veggies in there. Brown crumbled sausage pieces in a skillet, and cook eggs over easy in another skillet. Arrange ingredients this way in a bowl: first layer veggies, second layer sausage, third layer egg.
This was a really filling meal and very easy to make. Next time I’ll mix in some mushrooms and tomatoes. The best part was cutting into the egg and letting the yolk ooze out onto the veggies. Egg yolk is good on just about anything.
Question: Do you like parades? What is your favorite part? I love seeing the unicycles, or the little kids doing karate moves. I also love the food and beer gardens that usually accompany parades…