Chocolate Covered Holly

Hi Friends 🙂

Yeah, yeah, I swiped my name from Chocolate Covered Katie – and after tonight you could maybe mistake me for her! Check out the treats I made:

Peanut Butter Melties

I made some with regular old PB, Barney Butter AB and others with Nuttzo. The Barney Butter ones took FOREVER to freeze.

Once you click on the recipe you will see why this is the easiest treat you can make. 🙂 The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze!

Also in CCK’s honor, I decided to try her Single Lady Cupcake, with a few modifications. I used TJ’s Peanut Flour in CCK’s original recipe, and I also added some mashed banana and a few pecan pieces as well.

And since I’m not a single lady, maybe this is the Married Lady Who Wants to Make One Cupcake for Herself and Not Share Cupcake?

Well I did share – Jason had half and I had the other half. I would have had more but I had Peanut Butter Melties in my freezer 🙂

I think the peanut flour made it really dense — but the inside was still gooey and tasted really good. More like a muffin than a cupcake, which is fine with me!


I’ve been spending a ton of time packing and planning our trip:

I cannot wait until we leave on Thursday 🙂


1. The Peanut Butter Melties are seriously a super quick little treat – what is your favorite quick treat?

2. How do you prepare for trips? Do you make lists? Do you pack a few days ahead of time or do you pack last minute?