Fancy Salad & AM Workouts

Hi Friends 🙂
How is your day so far?
Poor Jason stayed home from work yesterday – I wonder if he got the “change of season” bug? I usually get it around this time of year but (knock on wood!!!) I have avoided it so far. Since I’m a nice wife I brought home Potbelly for dinner: 

I swear their chili has healing properties. Any time one of us is sick we usually go get a bowl of their chili – I think it burns all of the germs right out of your body!

I had one of their salads –I usually get their roast beef sandwich, but their salads sounded (and looked) good!

I had the Uptown Salad <— so fancy, right? 

Rewind to earlier Monday morning (much earlier…) – I had planned on getting up early and working out. I thought that would help with my sleep schedule (since I have been having trouble falling and staying asleep). Well, friends, the alarm went off at 5:45am and I got my workout clothes on (I had them sitting next to my side of the bed) and proceeded to stay in bed. I could not bring myself to get out! It was much too warm and cozy.
I figure I made some progress, since I was AWAKE that early and I was dressed. Next step: getting out of bed and exercising 🙂

1. Are you an AM exerciser? Tell me your secrets! And describe your schedule: when do you need to be at school, work, etc.

I’m sure I could force myself to get out of bed — but does it get easier? (please tell me for the love of God it gets easier…) I know I don’t *need* to exercise in the AM, but I think it would help me get to sleep at night. When I workout in the evening I’m just too energized to sleep!

2. What do you do when you start feeling sick?

I try to get as much rest as I possibly can. I also drink lots of water, drink Emergen-C ( I love this stuff — no idea if it actually helps or if I just *think* it helps)

and I try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But extra rest probably makes the biggest difference for me (and for Jason too — I think he slept the entire time I was at work!)

Enjoy your day 🙂