Smoothie Dinner & Book Signing

Hi Friends 🙂
I finally got to the gym last night, it has been almost a week since I cut my foot. It took a while to heal up and I didn’t want to risk reopening the wound and getting it infected. And since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to run outside!
The weather has been quite nice for the past few days – its in the 40s for now and this weekend it gets cold again. So I’m enjoying it while it lasts! I ran 3 miles in a little over 30 minutes. Running outside vs running on a treadmill is way different for me. But it felt good, no matter how long it was going to take!
After my run, I fixed myself a delicious smoothie for dinner. I had a bunch of errands so I wanted something quick and easy, and something I can take in the car with me!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Serves 1
Into the Magic Bullet cup:

1 cup vanilla soy milk

5 ice cubes

1 scoop protein powder

1 TBSP chia seeds

1 TBSP peanut butter

½ banana

4-5 sliced strawberries


After a few errands, I went to Barnes & Noble to get this book (downloaded it onto my Nook!)

And to meet the author!

I started reading Charlotte’s blog The Great Fitness Experiment only a few weeks ago and I wish I had found it sooner. She is hilarious and when I found out she lives in Minnesota (and also has a husband named Jason!), I knew I wanted to meet her! And her book signing was only a short drive from my house. Woohoo!

Charlotte: I am a huge cheeseball and I probably acted like a fool, but I was so excited to meet you. I can’t wait to read your book!

I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t want to post that picture of me. As I looked at it last night, I immediately saw things I didn’t like about it: I wish I had washed my hair after my run, I wish I had done my hair (!!!), maybe wear some makeup, dressed nicer, etc. And as I did so, I started to get so mad at myself for thinking those things! That is how I look — I don’t need to make excuses to myself or to anyone about why I looked the way I did. I had a great time at the book signing, I loved hearing Charlotte’s stories and I even got to see one of her sons pick his nose 🙂 I have no reason to feel badly about myself, and yet, when I looked at the picture, I considered not posting it. Why must these feelings still creep in? Why do I let them?
*What is the weather like around you? Are you experiencing a short heat wave like we are?

*Do you ever struggle with negative thoughts about yourself or your appearance? Have you figured out ways to conquer those bad feelings?

Enjoy your day!