Easy Guac Rocks!

Hi Friends 🙂
Thanks for all the nice wishes for Jason, I think he’s feeling much better! I swear, Potbelly chili is the ultimate healing food. It works every time!
It has been super gloomy here in MN. Raining off and on, cold, windy and gray. We have a high wind warning! It seriously sounded like the house was going to blow away last night — the wind whistled the entire time!

So instead of going with the regular hot soup/sandwiches (our go-to meal when it is cold and gloomy out) we went with Tacos! I had also read Averie’s blog yesterday and her quick guac recipe had me craving tacos 🙂 

I love that sticker!

I chose to have mine in lettuce cup form: romaine leaves held salsa, bell pepper, ground beef,  pinto beans and avocado. The salsa made it pretty messy, but it worked.

Usually I just go with mashed up avocado as our “guac” – but I tried Averie’s suggestion and mashed it with some seasonings. I used some Garlic Gold nuggets and Mrs. Dash spicy seasonings. It sure made it taste wonderful!

I had Jillian help me with my workout today:

This is definitely one of the better dvds I have – it is less than an hour long and it really “feels” effective. I like that she uses some Jane Fonda floor moves at the end. It brings me back:

1. Do you still have a VCR? Do you use it?

2. How do you make your guac? Or do you just use the quick method (mashed avocado) like me?

3. How is the weather near you? Is it still really warm or is Fall and Winter slowly moving in?
Happy Humpday 🙂

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Taco Friday

Hi Readers! I hope you’re having a great Friday!

I am really sore from my TurboFire Sculpt dvd that I did yesterday. It was only 30 minutes long and used a resistance band (which usually isn’t as effective for me versus hand weights), but holy moly my biceps and triceps are burning today. I love it!

Breakfast this morning was the usual GM:

Snack was mixed nuts and some strawberries, and here’s lunch:

Oh.my.gosh. These are the best steak tacos I have ever eaten. I have no idea where they come from. A co-worker of mine asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted tacos for lunch, I said yes, and then he left. He didn’t ask what kind I wanted, how many, nothing.

Fifteen minutes later, he emerges with a little bag for me and said the total was $3. I paid him and opened the bag and found the 2 most wonderful tacos ever. They come with lime wedges, greens (not sure what this is?), onions and sauce.

I have no idea about calorie content, fiber, fat, anything. I have no idea what the sauce is. I asked my co-worker and all I got back was a shrug. I asked a different co-worker (who also gets these tacos) and he told me that they are made by some woman who sells them from her house. You have to call and place an order and then go pick them up.

So I don’t know where these tacos are from, who made them or where to get them. All I know is that they are delicious and they are my way of celebrating Cookie Friday.

Tonight is date night so J and I are going to see Inception at the “really really nice movie theater” – I’ll take some pics so you can see what I mean. I need to get a TurboFire workout in after work and before we take off for dinner. Busy night!

Question of the Day: Do you celebrate Cookie Friday (or in a different form like Taco Friday)? Is there one meal/snack you really look forward to all day? I really look forward to my morning smoothie because I’m hungry in the morning!