The Hunger Games

Hi Friends!

I’m still working on my March goals, I should have them all ready by tomorrow morning. I thought about switching to weekly goals instead, but monthly ones have worked well for me so far, so why fix what isn’t broken?

Thanks for being patient with the blog changes – I feel like I should have kept my mouth shut in the first place but I was too excited to make the changes. I know your lives don’t revolve around my blog, but I wanted to let you know what was going on in any case.

I believe it was Cathy who suggested to me to read The Hunger Games – on Friday night I decided to download it onto my Nook and give it a go. I had already read my 2 books (plus 1 more) for February, so I was in no rush to get through another book.

February books:

Love and Respect

In Defense of Food

The Great Fitness Experiment

Little did I know that The Hunger Games would hook me in right away!!! I read almost half of the book on Friday and I stayed up late on Saturday night (2am!) finishing it up. I was thisclose to downloading the second book in the series Catching Fire but I restrained myself.

That is what I love about my Nook though – no waiting until a store opens, no waiting for a UPS package, no driving to the library, etc. And the books are cheap, so why not?

So about the book – here is a quick summary (but with NO SPOILERS, so don’t worry). The book takes place in the future – North America is divided into districts and the Capitol. Every year, the Hunger Games takes place – one boy and one girl (between the ages of 12-18) are chosen to represent their district in a televised survival-of-the-fittest contest. The children fight to the death and the last one standing is named the victor.

To be honest, when I read the summary I thought it would be a pretty lame book but I was so wrong. I love the characters and the entire book is fast paced.

As I write this post, I am halfway through the second book. The last time I read books this quickly was when I read the Twilight series. No I’m not kidding!

In between chapters of Catching Fire, I made the same Vegan Alfredo I made two weeks ago. I mixed in some cooked broccoli for some added nutrients. It was delicious!

Enjoy your Tuesday!