Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire Program

This is a Beachbody program which was developed by Chalene Johnson, who is probably most famous for the Turbo Jam series and the Chalean Extreme series. Turbo Fire features HIIT, kickboxing and aerobic exercises. It is a 12 week program with classes 6 times per week. As I am posting this, I am on week 2 of the program and I will add to this post as I continue the program.

After just 2 weeks I can notice a big difference in my body — it feels so strong! Even J told me (as he was giving me a back massage, ha!) that my back feels super strong. I can really see the changes in my legs — my inner and outer thighs are definitely tightening up. My upper body has always been pretty chiseled (ok not really, but my arms look pretty toned) but the punches in these TurboFire workouts definitely gave me an extra sculpted look.

****Update: 4 weeks of TurboFire results****

First, let me give you a little TurboFire update. I have finished a month of following the program, and here are my results:

Left Bicep – 1/ 8 inch lost
Bust – 1 inch lost
Waist – 1 ¾ inches lost
Hips – 1 inch lost
Left Thigh – 1 ¼ lost
Total – 5 1/8 inches lost
Total weight loss: 4 lbs

I wish I had gotten my body fat tested, but I used what I had: a scale and a measuring tape. I’m not trying to lose any more weight here, but I’m ok with losing more inches! I can definitely feel everything firming up – I can see it in my legs the most.

Conclusion: TurboFire is an awesome program! :) It has definitely been worth the cost – I love having a good mix of dvds that really challenge me! Plus, the workouts are fun and as corny as it sounds, they don’t seem like actual exercise some of the time. It is just dancing around and having fun.


Here are the dvds included in the set. The number (15, 55, 45, etc) is how long the dvd is (give or take 5-10 minutes)

Fire 30/Stretch 10: Much harder than I thought it would be! You have the choice of choosing “new to class”, which has you take a break every couple of minutes for Chalene to review the moves with you. It still felt like a great workout, even with those breaks.

Core 20/Stretch 40: AWESOME workout. The core part didn’t even feel like an abs routine! 10 minutes were for standing moves and 10 minutes were for floor moves. Using the resistance band made such a difference. The stretch part was a longer, yoga like, relaxation class. It definitely still worked your muscles, but helped achieve a more peaceful and relaxing feeling. If I had time I would do the Stretch 40 every day.

HIIT 15/Stretch 10: My first HIIT dvd. It felt great to finish the dvd strong. The HIIT is broken up into different quick circuits where you are going all out for 1 minute, then recover for a minute, then hit it again (hiit it again? hahahaha)

Fire 55EZ: I read online that I should not be fooled by the “EZ” part and boy were they right! This was still a tough workout, with a few “fire drills” which definitely kept the intensity high.

Fire 45: Same intensity as Fire 30, but longer. The fire drills definitely seemed harder than Fire 30. This is my favorite workout so far — lots of fun moves, good music and I work up a great sweat!

HIIT 20/Stretch 10: Now that I knew what to expect from the HIIT dvds, I felt more prepared. This was definitely tough and seemed to have more jumping moves? I didn’t feel tired until the end but I was covered in sweat after just a few minutes. It helps me to know that I only have to go 110% for 1 minute, because then I get 1 minute to relax and recover.


10 Responses to “Turbo Fire”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Hello there! Just stumbled across your blog. I just ordered Turbo Fire and I am anxiously awaiting it! Are you still enjoying it?

  2. Barbara Says:


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  4. Jenny Says:

    Are you a beachbody coach!?!

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