Okra Fries & Dream Vacations

Good Morning! 🙂

Thanks for all the lovely ideas for preparing okra. It seems the majority of people would roast okra or make okra fries. I looked online and found a recipe to follow. You can find it *here*.

First I washed and dried my okra, then cut off the tops and cut the okra into 4 thin slices.

Okra is pretty cute, with the little white seeds inside. Then I mixed the spices and canola oil in a large bowl and then tossed in the okra. Once the oven was preheated, I laid the okra on a prepared baking sheet and sprinkled on a little more sea salt:

Ok, into the oven they go. The recipe claimed that okra burns really easily, and that 8-10 minutes is enough time. It wasn’t. My okra “fries” were slimy and limp. So I baked them for a few more minutes. Still slimy and limp. Finally they ended up baking for 20 minutes total, so I took them out, thinking they would “crisp” up eventually.

Nope. Still slimy and limp. Gross texture and gross taste. Where did I go wrong? The recipe’s picture looked so good: crispy and crunchy baked okra fries. I’ll try again. Maybe I’ll try roasting them whole next time?

Ok, now a fun topic. What is your dream vacation? J and I have decided to take a trip next Spring. We’ve never taken an actual vacation together. Sure, we’ve traveled before, but it was for work or to visit family/friends. I want to take a vacation where it is just us! Some ideas:

An all inclusive resort I loved all of Gina’s posts about her honeymoon trip. I would love to go to a place like this, with white sand and turquoise water, good food and good drinks. 🙂

A cruise – where? What cruise line? I have no idea about these things, have any of you taken a cruise? Any tips on what to look for?

Washington DC J has never been here and I’ve been here twice. I think he would love to see the memorials, monuments, museums and all of the history. This would be a fun trip, but maybe not as romantic as the others 🙂

Disney World Neither of us have been here before, and I’ve always wanted to! We would definitely need tips on where to stay, which parks are the best, etc.

(Although I’d love to go to Europe one day, I think we want to stay in the US or close by in the Caribbean – at least for this vacation)

We have plenty of time to plan and prepare, but I’m excited and want to get it all ready NOW. Any suggestions, tips, ideas are welcome. Bring them on!

Swim with the kiddos (2 nieces and my nephew!)
Run a few miles
Make Pecan Pie Babies and maybe some other treats
Read a little OB before bed


Any idea where I went wrong with the okra? Should I just roast it whole?

What are your suggestions for our dream vacation?