I’m Getting Ripped!

Hi Friends 🙂

Thanks for the nice words about my 100 posts – and my clean garage! I can’t tell you how nice it is to park in there. No more “warming up the car” while I get ready for work. My car is already warm and waiting for me!

Normally after a hard workout I have a small protein shake mixed with some frozen banana and almond milk – but last night I had a really really good shake:

Perfect Fall Smoothie

1 banana

Blob of pumpkin butter

½ scoop vanilla protein powder

½ cup almond milk

Blend in a blender (or Magic Bullet) with 4-5 ice cubes.

This was obviously taken from Angela’s Pumpkin Pie Monster, but the pumpkin butter has the pumpkin pie spices and sugar all mixed in. It was sweet and really delicious. The banana gave it great texture and even more sweetness.

So why did I need such a wonderful post workout shake? One word: Jari.

Jari Love’s Get Ripped 1000!

Don’t mind the small hippo next to the tv. I swear it isn’t mine!

I honestly don’t remember where I heard about Jari Love – and the title alone was too hilarious. I was so happy to see it was available on Netflix. This is a really good workout – lots of strength training with small bursts (one minute or less) or cardio like jumping jacks, jogging in place, etc. I like the they use heavier weights (10 lbs +) than most other workout dvds (2-3 lbs). Jari is straight out of the 80s (even though the disc says 2006…) and the music is awful, but the workout is good and you definitely feel the burn! The workout itself was around 45 minutes long. I think I’ll keep this dvd for a while 🙂

My other favorite workout dvds:

Check out my Exercise DVD review tab for more 🙂

*What’s your favorite post-workout fuel?

*Do you like workout DVDs? What is your favorite? I like strength training ones the best – but I also like the dancey ones – it takes me a while to learn, but they are pretty fun too. TurboFire is dancey at times, but it sure makes me sweat like crazy.

*Have you carved a pumpkin yet? Don’t forget to submit your picture to The Great Blogger Pumpkin Carvgin Contest

Enjoy your day!


30 Responses to “I’m Getting Ripped!”

  1. eatmovelove Says:

    Hah – “Blob” of pumpkin butter! Great description. I don’t do measurements, so a “blob” of this and a “blob” of that might work for me…

    Jari looks scary…insanely scary…I’m jealous 😉

  2. Di @ http://thetreadmilldiaries.com/ Says:

    Workout DVDs are very convenient – especially when weather and daylight aren’t cooperating with getting outdoors.

    My favs are
    Denise Austin 3 Week Body Bootcamp
    Personal Training with Jackie Warner
    Jillian Michael Full Frontal
    Ellen Barrett Slim Sculpt

  3. Matt Says:

    Pancakes for me 🙂

  4. lizlivingvegan Says:

    Hahaha oh my gosh, that picture cracks me up. It’s one of those things where I’m like “Um, I don’t WANT to look like that!” haha. My favorite workout dvds are probably the P90x ones. I always feel the burn!! I’ve been wanting to trying those Jillian Michael’s dvds though. Let me know how it is!

  5. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    I’ve always been curious about Jari Love’s DVDs, but have yet to try one–it never occurred to me to use Netflix to order one! Thanks for the good idea 🙂

    My favorite workout DVDs are my Jillian collection, Jackie Warner’s power circuit training, and Bob Harper’s new cardio workout (just got it last week!). If you haven’t tried Bob’s DVD yet, it’s awesome and I definitely recommend it!

  6. Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) Says:

    I work out to fit tv most of the time and my favorites are Cathe, Gilad (new stuff), Sharon Mann and Core Fusion. I like changing things up. It makes me feel like I am working out different muscles and keeps me from getting bored. I do oats post workout! Best fuel ever!

  7. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    You are so disciplined with your DVDs! I go one day with Jillian and then I’m bored with her for a week! But I always go back, because it’s such a convenient and fast workout. Can’t wait to hear more about this one!

  8. Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) Says:

    I love the idea of work out dvds, but I never seem to stick with ’em 🙂

  9. Alyssa Says:

    I like lara bar bites or bananas with AB for post workout fuel!

    Fave dvds are insanity and p90x by far! 🙂

  10. thejoggingconcierge Says:

    I really like the p90x workouts. They definitely kick my butt and the results are great! 🙂

  11. Shanna, like Banana Says:

    I have a hard time working out at home…I want to try Insanity or P90X, but am not sure I’d go through with it.

    Pumpkin carving is Saturday..woohoo!

  12. Lauren @ 40Apples Says:

    Duuuuude! Jari Love!!
    haha HI HOLLY! 🙂 I’ve re-emerged for a quick comment, because I just HAD to re: Jari…. I didn’t think anyone else ever tried her dvds! I’ve been getting “ripped” with her for a while (via my friend’s dvd collection) – though I’ve not tried this one. I should, it looks rad. Remember her tagline “burns 100% carbs”?? Hahahaha I love it.

    aaaaanyway. just had to say hi. 🙂

  13. Jen Says:

    oh, nothing like a Jari workout! yes, she is all 80’s but she does a good dvd 🙂 Try Extremely Ripped 1000!! that’s a good one.
    I have all of Jillians & Jackies and just added Bob’s (A+ on his!!)
    My fav’s have to be Insanity though~gooood stuff!

  14. Nic Says:

    p90x is hands down my fav workout on DVD. I borrowed the set of DVDs from my sis (because they are super exepnsive!). P90x has a great variety of workouts and I’m always sweating when I’m done. Although, I would like to try Jillian Michaels, she looks pretty bad a$$!

  15. sarahsscrumptioussamplings Says:

    Since I belong to a gym I don’t do a lot workout videos but it would be nice to have a few in my dvd collection on days I don’t have time or just need a quick workout. I’m going to have to review your workout dvd tab 🙂

  16. Katie Says:

    I hope that you don’t mean to imply that 80s music is awful… 😉

    I used to hate exercise dvds, but after P90X and Insanity, I am into them. It’s nice to workout at home and they are really great in the winter when I am snowed in!

  17. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun Says:

    I don’t know if I could handle her! I’m so picky with workout DVDs. I think Chalene, Cathy, and Jillian are the only ones I will ever like.

  18. pjsweightloss Says:

    Another P90x here 🙂

    Also enjoy Insanity too!!

  19. Laury @thefitnessdish Says:

    That smoothie looks amazing!!! I have not carved my pumpkin yet…ugh…don’t even know what I’m waiting for???

  20. Jaime Says:

    I LOVE having a tortilla with almond butter and a banana in it. It’s yummy! I have 2 workout video favs! Pure Barre and Insanity. Both of them are not only fun but makes you sweat!

  21. leashieloo Says:

    I like the dancey ones, more fun 😉 Though I also do the 30 Day Shred when I’m feeling like getting my butt kicked.

  22. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    I never use workout dvd’s b/c….I dont own any..haha!

    I would like to try p90x, insanity, maybe turbofire although I am not too into dancey stuff when working out…but honestly I just use my own mix of yoga moves, inversions, balancing, lifting weights, using exercise balls…basically going balls out for a half hour and push myself really hard with whatever moves come to mind. I can’t follow a recipe; doubt i could follow a dvd. LOL


  23. Wendy Says:

    YAY for getting your car in the garage! That will be ESPECIALLY wonderful this winter when it’s freezing cold, snowy and icy and you won’t have to scrape the windshields!

    *What’s your favorite post-workout fuel?
    Usually just a glass of ice cold water.

    *Do you like workout DVDs? What is your favorite?
    Yep. Leslie Sansone’s are my favorite! Lately, though, I’ve been doing my workouts on the treadmill and really loving it!!

  24. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    i used to do Winsor Pilates on dvd and my core never looked better!! (then i switched jobs, my schedule got crazy, and my workouts fell by the wasteside. oh – and i also got lazy.) it really does impress me when someone can workout in their livingroom. i literally have to leave the house, otherwise the couch just looks too darn comfortable.

  25. Sara Says:

    I have Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones, but I just can’t get into it. I think I’d rather run on the elliptical.

  26. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    My favorite workout DVDs are all yoga/pilates ones..I know those P90x and Ripped DVDs are incredible, but I honestly don’t think I could stay motivated for something so tough while I was at home…that kinda stuff has to be in the gym for me.

    I haven’t carved one, but I just bought a pumpkin today! I probably wont carve one until Thanksgiving lmho. I plan on making a scratch made pumpkin pie and Michael’s gonna help me out, so we might do a little carving as well just for fun. 😛

  27. lisaou11 Says:

    I like the core fusion DVDS when Im looking for a less intense workout!

  28. Becky Says:

    I have never tried a workout DVD. I know. I’m under a rock. I just can’t get myself to workout at home, I guess.

    I love to eat Greek yogurt after a tough workout. It’s got the protein/carbs I need, plus it’s super tasty!

  29. Natalie Says:

    I have a BodyStep dvd that I love! It’s really intense for an at-home workout. I haven’t heard of Get Ripped 1000 but would like the use of heavier weights too. I also have a CorePower Yoga DVD that I like a lot.

  30. Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    I don’t have any DVD’s, but I do download yoga videos from YogaDownload 🙂

    I think I have never craved pumpkin in my life.. if you don’t count pumpkin seeds 😉

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