Christmas in July

Hey everybody!

I was so restless last night! I finally got my TurboFire workout in at 8:30pm – needless to say I was wired afterward and had a hard time getting to sleep. Then, my body woke up at 5am! I was planning on getting up at 5:30am to run with J, and I wanted/needed that half hour of sleep! At 5:30am the alarm went off and J and I got our running clothes on (I had set them out last night to save time) and hit the road.

We set out to run 3 miles, but it started to rain so we only ran 1.5. I’m ok with that. It is only the first week of our 10 mile training plan.

When we got home I whipped us up some green monsters:

I love the green and red together, it is like having Christmas in July!

Do you buy presents throughout the year (for Christmas, birthdays or other holidays)? Or do you wait until the last minute? Sometimes I buy gifts months ahead of time and then forget about them. But I usually wait until the last minute only because I seem to find good things when I am really looking!

Here’s lunch:

Romaine with chicken breast, almonds, blueberries and poppyseed dressing, with 2 big green pepper scoops on the side.

Tonight J and I are going out for dinner to Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque. They have the most delicious food. I’ll post about it when I get home tonight. We are going to say goodbye to my sister M and her husband T – they are moving to Texas on Thursday! M got a teaching job down there and they are so excited to move. I sure will miss them!

If you’ve checked out my Exercise DVD reviews, you know that I love Jillian Michaels. She is not perfect by any means, but I think as a whole she gives great fitness and health advice. I get email updates from her website and found the following article interesting.

“A Cheap and Easy Stress Reliever” explains how writing in a journal can be beneficial in relieving stress. I personally like to write/type out my problems and think about solutions, or how I could/should react to a specific situation/issue. Jillian gives some topics to write about if you are having trouble getting started:

  1. Your day.
  2. Your goals.
  3. Specific problems or worries
  4. Priorities and to-do lists. (lists help me tremendously!)
  5. What you’re thankful for (helps you to think more positively)


Question of the day: What do you think? Do you write in a journal? Does it help keep your thoughts organized? What do you do to relieve stress?

Have a great day!


7 Responses to “Christmas in July”

  1. rc1001 Says:

    I just journal on my blog for the most part!

    I never ever buy presents in advance! Only right before they are “due”. ha!

  2. spoonfulofsugarfree Says:

    Blueberries taste gooood in salads! But I don’t really write in a journal. I like to draw in it, though. Just little things that are graphic and have color (Like crayons!) It’s just a monotonous action that calms me.

    And thanks for looking for wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free recipes for my friend! I would love to know your blueberry muffin recipe!

  3. kaztronomic Says:

    I don’t journal, unless you count blogging. =)

    I…uhm…I don’t buy presents. >.>; At least, not for birthdays or holidays. I’m more of the spontaneous, “Lookit, see what I got you!” type of person. I get more excited about giving presents than getting, and it’s so bad that I can never wait until the day that I’m supposed to give them. xD

    • couchpotatoathlete Says:

      Blogging counts!!!

      I’m the same way. I’ll buy something but there is no way I can wait more than a few hours before giving it to the friend/family member. I love surprises like that!

  4. Wendy Says:

    I usually start Christmas shopping around October. Not too early, not too late. 🙂
    Your salad looks yum-o!!

  5. Nicole Says:

    Every year I say I’m going to shop early for the holidays, but lo and behold, I’m usually internet shopping 2 weeks before d-day! 🙂

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