Hugh Jass Burrito

Hi Friends πŸ™‚

How is your weekend so far? Anything fun going on?

Tonight Jason and I are going to a Murder Mystery DinnerΒ  — We are supposed to dress in Gangster Era dress (what will I wear???) and we will be figuring out who killed “Tony”. I am looking forward to it and will have (hopefully good) pictures to share tomorrow.

Last night Jason and I each had a Hugh Jass Burrito from this place:

I had already snarfed mine down before I could take a pic. I was a hungry beast! We had picked up Jason’s mom from the airport (she’s been in Italy for 2 weeks) and we grabbed food on the way home. Chipotle is the best and they opened one literally blocks away from our house.

Picking up my MIL and being at the airport made me super excited for our Vegas trip. We did change plans though, no Bellagio. Instead, we are going with the Trump Hotel:

The price was better which gives us more money to play with. But I’m still getting that hand/feet/scalp massage! I’m surprised that we didn’t think of Trump right away – I *love* The DonaldThe Apprentice is one of my favorite shows (I’ll be getting caught up on that this weekend hopefully) and Jason has a gazillion of Trump shirts and ties, so we feel like we know the guy πŸ™‚

Plans for the day:

*Figure out what to wear tonight…Jason has a pinstripe suit to wear tonight and I don’t know if I should wear some sort of “suit” with a pencil skirt or if I should have flapper type clothes? Any suggestions?


*Read Bree Tanner

*Murder Mystery Dinner!

*What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

*What has been the best hotel you have ever stayed at? What did you like about it? I haven’t stayed at too many fancy schmancy hotels, but my favorite so far would have to be the little cabin we stayed in for our Honeymoon.

If you click *here*, scroll down to the Beach House to see more pics. It doesn’t look like much, but it was so sweet and adorable — and it was nice to be completely secluded for a few days.

*Don’t forget to check out the Great Blogger Pumpkin Carving Contest — you have until Monday to submit your entries!

Enjoy your day! ~ Holly

17 Responses to “Hugh Jass Burrito”

  1. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) Says:

    Oh a pumpkin carving contest, how fun. I wish I was creative enough to carve pumpkins well.

    I haven’t stayed in too many fancy hotels myself. We normally just stay in Marriotts and Hiltons when we travel ha.

    I like the idea with the flapper outfit but that is just me. You could wear big pearls necklaces and earrings too.

  2. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    You’re going to have so much fun at the murder mystery dinner!! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those. πŸ˜›

    The best hotel I ever stayed at was the Luxor, like what I mentioned yesterday. The coolest thing about it was the whole Egyptian thing..and the fact the sides were titlted. The elevators even went diagonally! haha

  3. spabettie Says:

    I have been to a murder mystery party before… SO fun! πŸ˜€

    I’m excited to hear about your Vegas trip!! If you don’t have a spa picked yet, you should both book something at the Canyon Ranch at the Venetian… even if you each just book a massage or something, you both get access to the Conservatory (salt grotto, wave room, jacuzzi + sauna, etc…) ALL DAY. *treatment in the SPA… not nails – that’s salon… I don’t know if you get the conservatory then). Just sayin’… part of it is co ed and you guys can hang out in there together… seriously awesome stuff πŸ™‚

  4. Maria @ Oh Healthy Day Says:

    Ooh, I love Chipotle, but I have to agree, their burritos are insanely huge!

    I went to a Murder Mystery party a few years ago and it’s such a great way to get to know people, though I mainly wanted to people out of character when we were supposed to be “in character”. I’m so awkward πŸ™‚

  5. Katie Says:

    Wear a flapper dress for sure.

    I love Chipotle, and there isn’t one here. I go for the burrito bowl since I can’t have the gluten, and it is huge, but nothing compared to the burritos!

  6. Matt Says:

    I love Chipotle πŸ™‚ They use all natural ingredients!

    The best hotel I have ever stayed at was the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Our room cost more per night than I pay per MONTH in rent! Good thing my dad was paying πŸ˜‰

  7. grocery goddess jen Says:

    I definitely haven’t stayed in many fancy hotels…mostly when my boyfriend and I travel we rent a house or cabin. For my birthday a couple of years ago we did stay at a neat old inn in Chattanooga that had a fireplace and claw foot tub – not to mention fresh baked cookies in the hallway and the best stuffed french toast of all time.

  8. lizlivingvegan Says:

    I freakin love Chipotle. It’s ALWAYS good. Always.

  9. Jaime Says:

    Chipotle is my lover! Nothing too exciting over here. Just the normal tornado warning while you daughters playing soccer! CRAZY! Enjoy your bloody dinner. πŸ˜‰

  10. Jess Says:

    I’m obsessed with Chipotle πŸ˜€

  11. Natalie Says:

    It’s date night for me πŸ™‚ I think one of the best places I’ve ever stayed was the Armstrong Hotel in Ft. Collins, CO. It’s so charming!

  12. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) Says:

    The Hyatt Grand Cayman, the Hyatt Aruba, the Bellagio, the Westin St Thomas…those are some of the nicer places Ive stayed but they are not cheap! Sometimes it’s better to stay someplace a little more down to earth πŸ™‚ and have more money to play with…you are so right!

    Some of the best memories of my life are from a hut in the middle of the amazon rainforest in costa rica w/ no running water and monkeys throwing do-do at my hut all nite…but it was REAL traveling πŸ™‚

    And I also have some memories of some B & B’s in WI, MI, and MN that were quaint, and total throw backs…but I loved them all the same.

    Wear a flapper style dress tonite. And have a blast!!!!!!!!


  13. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    murder mystery sounds like so much fun!!! i love all things trivia and riddles. but my husband and i are pretty competitive, we can’t even watch Jeopardy without things getting heated.

    the best hotel i ever stayed in was in the Yarra Valley (wine country) in Australia. from our balcony, we had a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and it was BEAUTIFUL.

  14. Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon Says:

    Murder Mystery dinner sounds like so much fun! Hope you found a good costume to wear πŸ™‚

  15. Becky Says:

    Is it possible that I have never been to Chipotle?! We do have a new Mexican place near us, though, and we tried it last night. I dare say it rivaled the famous chain. I loved it!

    Hope you had a fun dinner! Sounds like a great time.

  16. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear Says:

    The cabin looks adorable! I think my best hotel experience was in Turkey when we stayed at a 5 Star all inclusive hotel, but then again I loved our shabby and rustic 2 Star hotel in Paris… it’s all about the atmosphere!

  17. leashieloo Says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner, please post pics! Do you have a fedora? Just rock one of those with something pinstripey πŸ™‚

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